UICB Courses

This is a list of courses with the subject code UICB. For more information, see Center for the Book (Graduate College) in the Catalog.

UICB:2100 Creative Writing for Book Arts 3 s.h.

Creative writing in context of book arts; text and image, typography, visual sequence, graphic narrative; zines, chapbooks, broadsides, and artist's books.

UICB:2110 Introduction to Book Arts 3 s.h.

Topics related to artist books, hand bookbinding, letterpress printing, papermaking, and lettering arts. GE: Engineering Be Creative. Same as BKAT:2110.

UICB:2190 Global Print Cultures 3 s.h.

Introduction to history of the book and book arts in diverse global contexts; histories of visual and verbal media, cross-cultural exchange, and the book's impact across time and space; hands-on work with historical books and book arts including papermaking, woodblock and letterpress printing, and binding. Same as ENGL:2901, HIST:2190.

UICB:2600 Graphic Design II 3 s.h.

Fundamentals of typography as a core element in visual communication; introduction to historical typographic practices as well as modern modes of designing with type. Prerequisites: ARTS:1510 and ARTS:1520. Corequisites: DSGN:2500. Same as DSGN:2600.

UICB:2900 Book Design for Publishing 3 s.h.

Introduction to the major aspects of book design, including typography, layout, standard industry software, discussion of trends in the field. Same as ARTS:2900, ENGL:2900, WRIT:2900.

UICB:3140 Literature and the Book 3 s.h.

English majors and English and Creative Writing majors may apply this course to the following area and/or period requirement. AREA: Literary Theory and Interdisciplinary Studies. PERIOD: Varies by semester. Same as ENGL:3140.

UICB:3142 Topics in Book History 3 s.h.

Authorship, publishing, and so forth within specific historical and cultural contexts. English majors and English and Creative Writing majors may apply this course to the following area and/or period requirement. AREA: Literary Theory and Interdisciplinary Studies. PERIOD: Varies by semester. Same as ENGL:3142.

UICB:3280 Elements of Book Art 3 s.h.

Overview of book art process and techniques for nonmajors; introduction to traditional bookbinding skills, nontraditional book structures, and content development for artist books. GE: Engineering Be Creative. Same as BKAT:3280.

UICB:3380 Letterpress 3 s.h.

Introduction to letterpress printing; metal type, relief printing, page layout, and basic typography; basic use of Vandercook Proof Press; experimentation with diverse letterpress techniques. GE: Engineering Be Creative. Same as BKAT:3380.

UICB:3900 Special Project for Undergraduates arr.

Independent study.

UICB:3980 American Print Culture 3 s.h.

Exploration of a wide range of imagery printed and published in the United States during 19th century (1776-1900); fine art original prints, popular imagery in periodicals and illustrated books, scholarly literature, history of evolving technologies, variety of printed work; shifting reputation of printed art and its makers. Same as ARTH:3980.

UICB:4100 Paperworks 3 s.h.

Conceptual and methodological approaches to 2D and 3D paper works; creation of works that couple unique properties of paper-pulp medium with personal visual ideas and clarity of intent; contemporary issues in paper pulp, medium's relationship to larger art and craft contexts. GE: Engineering Be Creative. Same as BKAT:4100.

UICB:4150 Introduction to Book Studies 3 s.h.

Theory and practice of book studies; meanings of word and image in the book format; comparative study of other media, applied study of the codex as physical artifact. English majors and English and Creative Writing majors may apply this course to the following area and/or period requirement. AREA: Literary Theory and Interdisciplinary Studies. PERIOD: Varies by semester. Same as ENGL:4150, SLIS:4150.

UICB:4205 Bookbinding I: Materials and Techniques 3 s.h.

Hands-on introduction to materials and techniques commonly used in bookbinding. Same as BKAT:4205.

UICB:4210 Boxes and Enclosures 3 s.h.

Hands-on techniques for a variety of book enclosures; appropriateness, aesthetic issues concerning box design; Japanese wraparound case, drop-spine box, hinged and lidded boxes, slipcase; technical skill development. Prerequisites: UICB:4205. Same as BKAT:4210.

UICB:4270 Bookbinding II 3 s.h.

Builds on skills acquired in UICB:4205; projects to complete six bindings based on historical and contemporary models; sewing styles, board attachments, endband types; nonadhesive and case-bound structures, varied materials and binding styles, their effects on structure, aesthetic considerations, further development of solid binding skills; historical development of particular binding practices. Prerequisites: UICB:4205. Same as BKAT:4270.

UICB:4280 Artists' Books 3 s.h.

Exploration of the book as a form for artistic expression; emphasis on conceptual development; relationship between content, form, and structure; how a book's structure and design can enhance and integrate part of the work's meaning. Prerequisites: UICB:4205 or BKAT:4205. Same as BKAT:4280.

UICB:4290 Historical Book Structures 3 s.h.

Historical development of book structures examined through surviving examples, construction of historical models. Prerequisites: UICB:4205.

UICB:4300 Letterpress I 3 s.h.

Mechanics of letterpress printing, typography, and design as applied to hand set metal type and edition printing; printing on a Vandercook proof press; introduction to photopolymer plates and methods of illustration related to edition printing, historical aspects of printing technology, typecasting, type classification; role of letterpress in modern private press and contemporary artist books. Same as ARTS:4300.

UICB:4340 Digital Design for Artists' Books 3 s.h.

Introduction to concepts, techniques, and technologies used to design and produce artists' books with personal computers and graphic design software. GE: Engineering Be Creative. Same as ARTS:4340.

UICB:4380 Letterpress II 3 s.h.

Builds on skills acquired in UICB:4300; students produce an editioned letterpress printed chapbook or artist book, a poster for a public event, and an image built from metal type; exploration of hand-set metal, digital typesetting, printing from photopolymer plates, and pressure printing; press mechanics and operation; publication philosophies, manuscript acquisition, and topics specific to literary fine press and artist books; historical and contemporary context for literary fine press publications and artist book work. Prerequisites: UICB:4300. Same as ARTS:4380.

UICB:4390 Book and Publication Design 3 s.h.

Students plan, design, and produce a book using Adobe Creative Suite; page layout software, typography, page layout and design, book formatting, handling of image files, preparation of materials for print and other contemporary book media; history of book design, book design in contemporary publishing; visit to University of Iowa Libraries Special Collections. Prerequisites: DSGN:2600 or UICB:4300. Same as ARTS:4390.

UICB:4400 History of Western Letterforms 3 s.h.

History of Western letterforms, with focus on tools, materials, techniques; the major hands, their place in history, their influence on modern times; creation of letterforms using appropriate tools; hands-on approach with emphasis on understanding rather than mastery. Same as ARTS:4400.

UICB:4405 Introduction to Calligraphy Intensive 3 s.h.

Intensive, basic broad pen calligraphy; Roman capitals, lowercase Roman and italic lettering.

UICB:4415 Calligraphy I: Foundational Hands 3 s.h.

Intensive, basic broad pen calligraphy; Roman capitals, lowercase Roman and italic lettering. GE: Engineering Be Creative. Same as ARTS:4415.

UICB:4420 Calligraphy I: Blackletter Hands 3 s.h.

Explores some of the many calligraphic forms known collectively as blackletter hands (medieval introduction to calligraphy); study of various hands from the heavily vertical Textura to the floridly expressive Gothic Cursive, and the distinctive connotations these unique letterform carry; emphasis on exploring the creative process while refining calligraphic skills and understanding the historical and social connections this hand has with other disciplines.

UICB:4490 Advanced Studies in Letter Arts 3 s.h.

Special topics and advanced projects in calligraphy and letter arts. Prerequisites: UICB:4400 or UICB:4415 or UICB:4420. Same as ARTS:4490.

UICB:4910 The Book in the Middle Ages 3 s.h.

Relation of text, decoration, function, creators, and audience in different genres of medieval manuscript books 400-1500 A.D. Same as HIST:4910, SLIS:4910.

UICB:4920 The Transition from Manuscript to Print 3 s.h.

History of the book and communication in Europe 1400-1800; production, distribution, and use of texts in cultural context. Same as HIST:4920, SLIS:4920.

UICB:4930 Topics in Material Analysis 3 s.h.

Analysis and description of physical book artifacts and their component parts (parchment, paper, bookbinding) and allied specialties (the lettering arts, printing and illustration techniques); reading, writing, presentations. Same as HIST:4430.

UICB:5110 Islamic and Asian Papermaking 3 s.h.

History, technique, and aesthetics of traditional Islamic and Asian hand papermaking. Same as BKAT:5110.

UICB:5130 European Papermaking History and Technique 3 s.h.

History and technique of traditional European hand papermaking and related aesthetics; students gain confidence in pursuing independent production of handmade papers or undertaking related research in their own particular areas of interest; fiber preparation, sheet forming, and drying/finishing methods; concurrent readings and discussions of related history and aesthetics; special projects selected by student with instructor approval. Same as BKAT:5120.

UICB:5140 Contemporary Papermaking 3 s.h.

Contemporary papermaking studio practice and conceptual considerations; focus on nontraditional techniques and cross-disciplinary use of paper fibers and handmade paper; handmade paper as a form of artistic expression. Prerequisites: UICB:4100 or BKAT:4100 or UICB:5110 or BKAT:5110 or UICB:5130 or BKAT:5120. Same as BKAT:5140.

UICB:5160 Studies in Papermaking arr.

Topics in the history and technique of papermaking. Prerequisites: UICB:4100 or UICB:5110 or UICB:5130.

UICB:5170 Advanced Papermaking Production 3 s.h.

Independent Western- or Japanese-style projects undertaken at UICB Research and Production Paper Facility at Oakdale Campus under faculty guidance; plan, implement, and evaluate professional scale production runs using full-scale equipment. Prerequisites: UICB:5110 or UICB:5130 or BKAT:5110 or BKAT:5120. Same as BKAT:5170.

UICB:5180 Advanced Projects in Paper 1-3 s.h.

Advanced independent projects undertaken in a classroom setting; collaborative group discussions to plan, implement, troubleshoot, and evaluate student projects. Prerequisites: UICB:5110 or UICB:5130 or BKAT:5110 or BKAT:5120. Same as BKAT:5180.

UICB:5210 Bookbinding III 3 s.h.

Bookbinding structures based on historical and contemporary models; differences in various binding practices, how these differences affect function, why the styles developed; experience choosing appropriate structures for particular uses; emphasis on fine tuning skills and techniques required for advanced binding practices; sewn endbands, rounding and backing, sewing on varied supports, board attachments, and covering methods. Prerequisites: (UICB:4205 or BKAT:4205) and (UICB:4270 or BKAT:4270). Requirements: for UICB:5210UICB:4205 and UICB:4270; for BKAT:5210BKAT:4205 or BKAT:4270 or UICB:4205 or UICB:4270. Same as BKAT:5210.

UICB:5220 Book Conservation 3 s.h.

Practical methods, materials assessment, conservation history and evolution. Prerequisites: UICB:4270. Same as SLIS:5535.

UICB:5260 Studies in Bookbinding 3 s.h.

Topics related to hand bookbinding. Same as BKAT:5260.

UICB:5280 Bookbinding IV 3 s.h.

Advanced studies in bookbinding; fine binding styles, leather paring and tooling, advanced finishing techniques, refining skills; continued look at differences in regional binding practices, how these differences affect function, and why particular styles developed. Prerequisites: UICB:5210.

UICB:5330 Letterpress III: Imagemaking arr.

Advanced work in alternative and innovative letterpress technologies as they apply to imagemaking processes for fine press printing; topics include pressure printing, photopolymer from nondigital negatives, explorations of type-high surfaces, monoprints on the Vandercook, and applying hand work to editioned prints; students complete a series of print exercises for each process, a small printed book sketch, and a longer format editioned artist book. Prerequisites: UICB:4380. Same as ARTS:5330.

UICB:5340 Letterpress III: The Handprinted Book 3 s.h.

Advanced work in fine press book design; exploration of problems in hand-printing books, choice of manuscript, editing, design, typesetting, proofreading, printing and binding; histories of printing and of the book, emphasis on 20th- and 21st-century book design and literature; issues of book design and production related to letterpress printing. Prerequisites: UICB:4380. Same as ARTS:5340.

UICB:5370 Studies in Printing 1-3 s.h.

Development of individual book projects and production of one substantial project or several smaller ones; focus on acquiring or creating a text and/or other content; project development; range of print techniques available in letterpress printing; issues involved in producing editioned artist books or fine press work; opportunity to expand on existing printing; classroom setting used to augment work sessions with in-progress critiques, readings, and visits to special collections.

UICB:5380 Letterpress IV: Advanced Projects 3 s.h.

Development and/or production of one substantial project; focus on acquiring or creating a text and/or other content; project development; range of print techniques available in letterpress printing; issues involved in producing editioned artist books or fine press work; opportunity to expand existing printing; classroom setting augments work sessions with in-progress critiques, readings, and visits to special collections. Prerequisites: UICB:5330 or UICB:5340.

UICB:5520 Studies in Book History and Technologies 0-3 s.h.

Topics related to production, distribution, and consumption of books through history and into the future. Same as SLIS:5520.

UICB:5530 Preservation Management 3 s.h.

Responsible stewardship of collections, integration of preservation into libraries and archives systems, maximizing limited resources, establishing preservation priorities, and advocacy; appropriate care of books, paper, photographs, time-based media (e.g., audio, video, film), and born-digital objects; lectures, discussions, student presentations, and hands-on activities; for students who will be responsible for managing collections. Same as SLIS:5530.

UICB:5540 Topics in Book Arts 1-3 s.h.

Focus on particular techniques and concepts in the book arts and related fields.

UICB:5550 Special Project for Graduate Students arr.

Independent study.

UICB:5600 Reading Culture: History and Research in Print and Digital Media 3 s.h.

What reading means, and what it means to read, have changed with time and place; cultural study of books and reading to evaluate strategies and resources involved in crafting historical interpretations of books and their readers; consideration of ways that reading has always been interdependent with other media, from needlework to social media; how researchers locate and interpret primary source material to study reading culture, and how cultural heritage organizations promote their holdings to researchers. Same as SLIS:5600.

UICB:6100 Book Studies Proseminar 1-3 s.h.

UICB:6370 Topics in Book Studies 3 s.h.

Topics relevant to book studies and special collections. Same as SLIS:6370.

UICB:6510 Book Art Seminar: History, Practice, and Critique 3 s.h.

Art-historical introduction to book arts (printing, bookbinding, papermaking and paperworks, artist bookwork, lettering arts, literary fine press and fine press artist books); influences and origins, contemporary practice, critical considerations; locating field through lenses of fine art, craft, and book history; weekly readings, observational analyses, hands-on exercises; archival research in the University of Iowa Libraries Special Collections; final research, analytical, and/or critical project.

UICB:6520 Graduate Book Arts Workshop 3 s.h.

Development of artwork and studio practice; readings and research in contemporary theory and practice; analysis of visual language; integration of creative activities and critical thinking in student's own art practice and analysis of contemporary work in book arts; group and individual critiques, studio assignments, presentations, discussions.

UICB:6540 M.F.A. Thesis Hours arr.