This is a list of all honors program courses. For more information, see University of Iowa Honors Program.

HONR:1100 Honors Primetime 1 s.h.

Preparation for honors opportunities, especially activities and courses; teamwork on projects that develop skills of invention and communication; presentation of products and performances; connect honors students, honors teachers, and staff members.

HONR:1300 Honors First-Year Seminar 1-2 s.h.

Small discussion classes taught by faculty members on special topics; may include outside activities (e.g., films, lectures, performances, readings, visits to research facilities, field trips). Requirements: first- or second-semester standing.

HONR:1350 Honors Seminar for Presidential Scholars 1 s.h.

Through self-discovery, students learn to know themselves and one another better while participating in selected events and structured experiences (e.g., readings, in-class discussion, small-group work, guest presentations, event attendance); students take time to reflect on interests, experiences, and knowledge, and have an opportunity to explore and integrate skills and resources in a way that helps develop the personal and academic self while also considering knowledge and experience of other individuals and groups; students are provided with tools to seek out academics and activities related to their interests and pursuits to better connect with development resources. Requirements: Presidential Scholarship award received when admitted to the University of Iowa.

HONR:1610 Honors Seminar in Historical Perspectives 3 s.h.

Small-class learning with a faculty member to explore and explain historical developments. GE: Historical Perspectives.

HONR:1620 Honors Seminar in International and Global Issues 3 s.h.

Small-class learning with a faculty member to introduce perspectives of other nations and cultures through international or global issues. GE: International and Global Issues.

HONR:1630 Honors Seminar in Literary, Visual, and Performing Arts 3 s.h.

Small-class learning with a faculty member to appreciate, analyze, create, or perform art. GE: Literary, Visual, and Performing Arts.

HONR:1640 Honors Seminar in Natural Sciences 3 s.h.

Small-class learning with a faculty member on natural science topics. GE: Natural Sciences without Lab.

HONR:1660 Honors Seminar in Social Sciences 3 s.h.

Small-class learning with a faculty member on social science topics. GE: Social Sciences.

HONR:1670 Values and Culture 3 s.h.

Asking fundamental questions about human experience and its meaning while becoming more aware of what, exactly, defines culture and values; students have a chance to consider their own values and beliefs, and the importance to their lifelong goals. GE: Values and Culture.

HONR:1680 Honors Seminar in Diversity and Inclusion 3 s.h.

Small-class learning with a faculty member to broaden student perspectives on social and cultural differences and introduce concepts in the structural bases of inequality and the benefits of diversity. Requirements: member of the University of Iowa Honors Program.

HONR:1850 Honors Seminar in Communication and Literacy 3 s.h.

Small-class learning with a faculty member; focus on writing, speaking, and critical reading skills or analysis of fiction, poetry, drama, essays.

HONR:2600 Honors Special Topics 1-3 s.h.

Small-class learning with a faculty member on special topics.

HONR:2700 Seminar for University of Iowa Honors Program Fellows 1 s.h.

Scholar development that challenges students to develop self-knowledge that enriches their intellectual life, increases their academic engagement, and deepen their sense of community. Requirements: second-year UI Honors Program fellowship recipient.

HONR:2800 The Green Room 1-3 s.h.

Exploring and broadening interests outside of one's academic discipline; follow innate curiosity and go beyond the traditional boundaries of the college curriculum. Requirements: member of the honors program and in good standing (UI cumulative g.p.a. of 3.33 or higher).

HONR:3050 Honors Studies arr.

Independent studies arranged with faculty members who certify satisfactory completion of study plans and performance for topics not covered by other UI courses.

HONR:3100 Honors Teaching Practicum 1-3 s.h.

Teaching internship in first- and second-year courses; may include providing tutorial assistance, conducting review sessions, aiding course organization.

HONR:3150 Honors Service Learning arr.

Service learning projects arranged with faculty members who certify satisfactory completion of study plans and service.

HONR:3160 Honors Internship 0-3 s.h.

Independent service internship arranged with faculty members, who certify satisfactory performance and completion of project.

HONR:3170 Honors Outreach Ambassadors 1-2 s.h.

Experience sharing knowledge and experiences of the honors program with other students in meetings during office hours, online chats, other venues; outreach ambassadors; answer questions, provide information, help students find honors opportunities in and out of class.

HONR:3210 Honors Policy Research Practicum 1 s.h.

Theory and practice of public policy research; development of policy-research skills; production of policy-research papers. Requirements: sophomore or junior standing.

HONR:3220 Honors Writing Fellows: Writing Theory and Practice 3 s.h.

Preparation of honors students selected as writing fellows to serve as peer tutors in writing-intensive courses; theories of writing, evaluation of drafts, peer tutoring with students.

HONR:3250 Fieldwork in Social Innovation 3 s.h.

Entrepreneurial skills necessary to actualize ideas in the community; students work with local partners to brainstorm, prototype, and build an original community-based venture involving needs assessment, social history of problem, and concept mapping; students learn soft skills such as interviewing, networking, collaboration, and building trust. Requirements: enrollment in engaged social innovation plan of study and honors program membership in good standing. Same as INTD:3250.

HONR:3994 Honors Research Practicum 1-3 s.h.

Individual research performed in conjunction with a faculty member's research.

HONR:4990 Honors Thesis or Project 1-3 s.h.

Culminating project of research or artistic creation; preparation and completion of the final product associated with graduation with honors in the student's major. Requirements: member of the University of Iowa Honors Program and junior or senior standing.