IWP Courses

This is a list of courses with the subject code IWP. For more information, see International Writing Program (Graduate College) in the Catalog.

IWP:1009 Undergraduate Internship arr.

Professional experience for students interested in arts management and international literature. Requirements: undergraduate standing, minimum of 36 s.h. of coursework, and consultation with IWP director.

IWP:1102 On Campus Independent Study arr.

Independent study arranged in collaboration with instructor.

IWP:3191 International Literature Today 1,3 s.h.

English majors and English and Creative Writing majors may apply this course to the following area and/or period requirement. AREA: Transnational Literature and Postcolonial Studies. PERIOD: 20th/21st-Century Literature. Same as ENGL:3595, TRNS:3191, WLLC:3191.

IWP:3201 Writing and Publishing for the Literary Web arr.

Technical aspects of web publishing, including step-by-step instruction on using content management systems (Drupal and Wordpress); specific stylistic and editorial protocols associated with contributing to literary websites; utilize and navigate a content management system; create a contributor portfolio of online work, including media items, reviews, interviews, and blog posts.

IWP:3210 Comparative Arts 3 s.h.

Cultural and aesthetic issues arising from side-by-side investigation of several art forms, including literature, cinema, painting, music, opera, architecture; periods, schools, styles, and their theories. Taught in English. Same as ASIA:3210, FREN:3210, SPAN:3211, WLLC:3210.

IWP:5205 International Translation Workshop 1,3 s.h.

International writers pair with University of Iowa translators to write new works of poetry and fiction in English; second-language fluency not required for international writers. Same as TRNS:5210.

IWP:5230 Writing Across Genres: A Workshop arr.

Writing across genres; exploration of modes and voices different from chosen genres (i.e., poets may test the waters of playwriting, nonfiction writers of translation, translators of fiction); rotations by guest faculty; workshop includes students from Writing University M.F.A. programs and International Writing Program residents.

IWP:6635 Crossing Borders Seminar 2-3 s.h.

Taught in English. Same as AFAM:6635, ANTH:6635, COMM:6635, ENGL:6635, FREN:6142, GEOG:6635, GRMN:6635, HIST:6135, POLI:6635, SPAN:6904.

IWP:7460 Translation Workshop 3 s.h.

Requirements: at least one foreign language. Same as TRNS:7460.