Dental Public Health Courses (Preventive and Community Dentistry) (DPH)

DPH Courses

This is a list of courses with the subject code DPH. For more information, see Preventive and Community Dentistry (College of Dentistry) in the catalog.

DPH:5000 Introduction to Dental Public Health 0,2 s.h.

Science, philosophy, practice of dental public health.

DPH:5001 Literature Review Methods: Dental Public Health 0,2 s.h.

Concepts and process of literature review, particularly in area of student's interest.

DPH:5005 Administration of Public Dental Programs 0,2 s.h.

Application of general management concepts; practical aspects of planning, financing, staffing, implementing, operating, evaluating dental public health programs at federal, state, local levels.

DPH:5006 Preventive Programs in Dental Public Health 0,2 s.h.

Prevention and control methods for major dental conditions, primarily dental caries and periodontal diseases; clinical efficacy and cost-effectiveness; development of comprehensive preventive oral health plan for a community.

DPH:5008 Field Experience in Dental Public Health arr.

Arranged with public and voluntary health agencies according to students' and agencies' needs.

DPH:5009 Advanced Field Experience in Dental Public Health 1-3 s.h.

Opportunity to research, develop, and implement programmatic objectives with local, state, national, and/or federal agencies and organizations on an issue that is both relevant to the student and the agency; may require off-site visits to agencies or organizations. Prerequisites: DPH:5008.

DPH:5014 Dental Care Policy and Financing 0,2 s.h.

Dental financing and policy issues: payment mechanisms for health care service providers, third-party prepayment plans, salaried and public-financed programs, Medicaid and Medicare programs, dental insurance systems, and care of the underserved.

DPH:5016 Introduction to Statistical Computing arr.

Use of statistical packages on a personal computer for data management and analysis. Offered summer session.

DPH:5031 Geriatric Care 0,2 s.h.

Aging demographics; effects of aging on the human body with emphasis on the masticatory system; diseases commonly found among the elderly; and dental care for the elderly in different settings.

DPH:6002 Research Protocol Seminar 0,2 s.h.

Development of a master's thesis protocol; identification of thesis topic, review of relevant literature, development of research methods, writing.

DPH:6003 Independent Study: Dental Public Health 1-3 s.h.

DPH:6004 Principles of Oral Epidemiology 0-3 s.h.

Interpretation of scientific literature, with respect to the distribution and determinants of oral diseases and conditions, including caries, periodontal diseases, tooth loss, oral cancer, and more.

DPH:6011 Thesis: Dental Public Health arr.

Protocol preparation; data collection, analysis, organization; writing, defense of research.

DPH:6017 Teaching Methods and Evaluation arr.

Philosophies of dental education, teaching methodologies, evaluation; focus on learning to write educational objectives, writing and analyzing exam items.

DPH:6018 Clinical Teaching Practicum: Preventive Dentistry 0-3 s.h.

Teaching experience in preventive dentistry clinic setting with first-year dental students; outcomes focused on methods in clinical teaching, evaluation, and remediation.