This is a list of all University of Iowa Center for Human Rights courses. For more information, see University of Iowa Center for Human Rights.

HRTS:2115 Introduction to Human Rights 3 s.h.

Analysis and evaluation of the international human rights program; relationship between human rights and international law. Same as IS:2115.

HRTS:3905 Topics in Human Rights 1-3 s.h.

Examination of emerging human rights issues from an interdisciplinary and international perspective. Same as IS:3905.

HRTS:3906 Global Crises and Human Rights 3 s.h.

Exploration of human rights in context of global challenges; multidisciplinary; topics may include military conflict, nuclear war, human trafficking, environmental disasters, and other international human rights crises.

HRTS:3910 Human Rights Advocacy 3 s.h.

Theoretical foundations and critical issues for international human rights advocacy and international humanitarian movements. Same as IS:3910.

HRTS:3920 Seminar in Human Rights Praxis: Supervised Internship 3 s.h.

Supervised internship in human rights praxis; focus on field-based advocacy and human rights frameworks.