Pediatrics Courses (Stead Family Department of Pediatrics) (PEDS)

This is the first version of the 2024–25 General Catalog. Please check back regularly for changes. The final edition and the historical PDF will be published during the fall semester.

PEDS Courses

This is a list of courses with the subject code PEDS. For more information, see Stead Family Department of Pediatrics (Carver College of Medicine) in the catalog.

PEDS:6101 Primary Care: Infants, Children, and Adolescents II 3 s.h.

Enhancement of clinical knowledge and skills for infant, child, adolescent care; development and refinement of knowledge and skills in primary health care delivery. Prerequisites: NURS:6100. Corequisites: NURS:6702. Same as NURS:6101.

PEDS:7264 Clinical Applications of Applied Behavior Analysis 1-3 s.h.

Experience behavioral observations, consultation, and/or conducting behavioral assessments (including preference assessments and functional analyses), matched treatments; interviews with care providers, collect behavioral data, conduct behavioral assessments, matched treatments; follow-up with care providers.

PEDS:8301 Clinical Pediatrics 6 s.h.

Principles, practices of health maintenance and treatment of acute and chronic illnesses in children; emphasis on diagnosis and evaluation, nutrition, behavior problems, disorders affecting children; patient care, daily rounds, ward work. Requirements: third-year MD enrollment.

PEDS:8401 Advanced Inpatient Subinternship in Pediatric Care arr.

Experience on pediatric inpatient team caring for patients ranging from infants through adolescents; evaluation, formulation of differential diagnoses, diagnostic workups, appropriate therapy programs. Requirements: fourth-year MD enrollment.

PEDS:8402 Advanced Inpatient Subinternship in Pediatrics: Blank Children's Hospital, Des Moines arr.

Experience in the care of general pediatric inpatients; daily rounds and teaching by senior residents and faculty members; daily didactic conferences. Requirements: fourth-year MD enrollment.

PEDS:8403 Neonatology (NICU) arr.

Experience caring for ill neonates, proficiency in using diagnostic tests and procedures; responsibility for care of several infants; reference and literature review, conferences, teaching, clinical rounds. Requirements: fourth-year MD enrollment.

PEDS:8404 Critical Care (PICU) 4 s.h.

Direct care of critically ill children in a multidisciplinary medical/surgical/cardiac intensive care unit, under supervision of pediatric residents and staff; participation in educational activities and formal clinical rounds. Requirements: fourth-year MD enrollment.

PEDS:8405 Emergency Room Blank Children's Hospital, Des Moines arr.

Pediatric emergencies and urgent care, proficiency in pediatric medicine procedures; expansion of basic knowledge. Requirements: fourth-year MD enrollment.

PEDS:8406 Pediatric Pulmonary 4 s.h.

Extensive opportunity to learn clinical assessment of respiratory diseases and complaints including physical exam, history taking, and interpretation of ancillary study (e.g., lung functions, allergy testing, blood gases); diagnosis, management, and follow-up for common chronic respiratory conditions in pediatric population. Requirements: fourth-year MD enrollment.

PEDS:8407 Pediatric Cardiology arr.

Participation in clinical activities; observation of cardiac catheterization; experience in cardiac auscultation, ECG, radiography; emphasis on physical diagnosis, approach to heart disease and murmurs in children. Requirements: fourth-year MD enrollment.

PEDS:8408 Pediatric Gastroenterology arr.

Diagnosis, management, treatment of diseases of gastrointestinal tract, liver, pancreas in children; ward rounds, consultations, clinics, diagnostic procedures, conferences. Requirements: fourth-year MD enrollment.

PEDS:8409 Pediatric Hematology/Oncology arr.

Basic concepts of clinical approach to hematologic and oncologic problems in children and adolescents; primarily outpatient experience. Requirements: fourth-year MD enrollment.

PEDS:8410 Pediatric Neurology arr.

Participation in outpatient and inpatient activities, teaching, morning ward rounds. Requirements: fourth-year MD enrollment.

PEDS:8412 Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics 2,4 s.h.

Normal developmental sequence of gestation and early childhood, impact of environmental influences; antecedents of developmental disabilities; methods to detect cognitive and motor delays in preschool children; long-term consequences of developmental disabilities for children, their families; advantages of interdisciplinary teamwork. Requirements: fourth-year MD enrollment.

PEDS:8415 Medical Genetics for the Senior Student arr.

Participation in diagnostic, therapeutic problems; techniques for evaluation, appropriate counseling in genetic cases; conferences. Requirements: fourth-year MD enrollment.

PEDS:8416 Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, Blank Children's Hospital 4 s.h.

Experience equivalent to intern on neonatal intensive care unit teaching service at Blank Children's Hospital, Des Moines; four-week rotation.

PEDS:8417 Community Pediatric Outpatient Elective 2 s.h.

Opportunity to participate as active members of a community-based general pediatric office; work directly with community-based faculty and non-physician team members; build on clinical skills developed in M3 pediatric clerkship. Requirements: MD enrollment.

PEDS:8418 Pediatric Intensive Care Unit, Blank Children's Hospital 4 s.h.

Development of knowledge and clinical skills in recognition of critical illness in children; basic strategies of initial resuscitation and management.

PEDS:8419 Pediatric Rheumatology, Allergy, and Immunology 4 s.h.

Introduction to fields of rheumatology and allergy/immunology; utilization of self-reflection to guide self-directed learning; identification of knowledge and performance gaps and address those gaps; demonstration of ability to use evidence-based medicine in production of an evidence-based project; understand how socioeconomic factors affect patient populations through observed patient interactions. Requirements: MD enrollment.

PEDS:8420 Pediatric Palliative Care 2,4 s.h.

Palliative medicine as a specialty which enhances quality of life, reduces suffering for patients with serious illnesses, and provides education and support for their families; interdisciplinary consult teamwork with patient's primary medical providers for inpatient or outpatient management of symptoms, goal setting, and decision-making; introduction to pediatric palliative care with option to be involved in adult palliative care and local hospice services. Requirements: MD enrollment.

PEDS:8421 Pediatric Endocrinology 2,4 s.h.

Diagnosis, management, and treatment of pediatric endocrine diseases: growth disorders (short stature, tall stature, delayed puberty, precocious puberty), thyroid disorders (hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, thyroid nodules), diabetes mellitus, diabetes insipidus, dysgenetic syndromes, ambiguous genitalia, adrenal insufficiency or adrenal steroid excess, and hypopituitarism. Requirements: MD enrollment.

PEDS:8431 Pediatric Nephrology 2,4 s.h.

Introduction to general pediatric nephrology cases and management. Requirements: MD enrollment.

PEDS:8450 Continuity of Care in Outpatient General Pediatrics 4 s.h.

Work with experienced general pediatrician in a longitudinal clinical experience for the academic year; paired with faculty pediatrician to see patients in a weekly clinic, provide clinical care to a defined patient population; growth and development, health supervision, and management of common acute and chronic clinical problems. Requirements: fourth-year MD enrollment.

PEDS:8495 Pediatric Intensive Care Off Campus arr.

Arranged by student and department. Requirements: fourth-year MD enrollment.

PEDS:8497 Research in Pediatrics arr.

Medical research, clinical or laboratory projects; individual study.

PEDS:8498 Pediatrics On Campus arr.

Requirements: fourth-year MD enrollment.

PEDS:8499 Pediatrics Off Campus arr.

Requirements: fourth-year MD enrollment.