SDG Courses

This is a list of courses with the subject code SDG. For more information, see Sustainable Development (Graduate College) in the Catalog.

SDG:4000 The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals: A Blueprint for a Sustainable Future 3 s.h.

Establishment of baseline competencies among students from diverse backgrounds; introduction to the United Nations sustainable development goals framework; foundational concepts for sustainable development (e.g., life-cycle analysis, systems thinking, data processing, visualization). Same as GEOG:4000.

SDG:5100 Building Future Leaders in Sustainable Development 3 s.h.

Focus on competencies needed to translate training and research into action for social good; topics include ethics, cultural competency, collaboration and team science, use-inspired design, and engagement.

SDG:5225 Communicating Data Through Stories 3 s.h.

How to communicate science effectively and responsively with multiple audiences from peers and professors to potential employers, policymakers, and the lay public; focus on speaking about science clearly and vividly in ways that can engage varied audiences, especially those outside the student's own field; connecting and finding common ground with an audience, defining goals, identifying main points, speaking without jargon, explaining meaning and context, using storytelling techniques and multimedia elements. Same as CEE:5225, GRAD:5225.

SDG:6000 Sustainable Communities Lab I 3 s.h.

Experience working on a two-semester project involving a current planning issue, usually for a client. Requirements: urban and regional planning graduate standing. Same as URP:6209.