Jewelry and Metal Arts Courses (Art and Art History) (MTLS)

This is the first version of the 2024–25 General Catalog. Please check back regularly for changes. The final edition and the historical PDF will be published during the fall semester.

MTLS Courses

This is a list of courses with the subject code MTLS. For more information, see Art and Art History (College of Liberal Arts and Sciences) in the catalog.

MTLS:2910 Introduction to Jewelry and Metal Arts 3 s.h.

Fabrication, hammer forming, hydraulic die forming, soldering, riveting, etching, texturing, anodization of aluminum and titanium, stone setting, and patination techniques; creation of jewelry, flatware, and other functional and nonfunctional sculptural objects using varied metals and other materials; emphasis on creativity, learning, and basic metalworking techniques. Prerequisites: ARTS:1520 and ARTS:1510. GE: Engineering Be Creative.

MTLS:3910 Intermediate Jewelry and Metal Arts 4 s.h.

Exploration of different applications with casting (mostly gold, silver, and bronze), enameling, and stone setting; combining all three processes to create artwork; may include introduction to other processes (e.g., photo-etching, 3D computer modeling); historical and current trends in craft. Prerequisites: MTLS:2910.

MTLS:3915 Fabrication and Finishing in Jewelry and Metal Arts 4 s.h.

Students further their conceptual development with intermediate-level skills in fabrication and surface finishing; builds on introductory skills with techniques in complex and larger-scale soldering and forming, as well as new techniques (e.g., chasing, repousse); exploration of finishing and surface treatments (e.g., aluminum anodization, etching, powder coating). Prerequisites: MTLS:2910.

MTLS:3920 Advanced Jewelry and Metal Arts 4 s.h.

Electroforming; production of hollow copper structures through prolonged electroplating on a nonmetallic form (typically wax) with a conductive coating; metal-forming techniques (e.g., raising and fold forming); emphasis on development of personal aesthetics, learning, and refining technical skills in metalworking and jewelry techniques. Prerequisites: MTLS:2910.

MTLS:4910 Mixed Media and Professional Practices 3-4 s.h.

Free exploration of all media and materials, including found objects; creation of conceptual and/or functional mixed media objects, jewelry, sculptures, installation pieces; pioneering use of new materials, development of new techniques, creation of diverse innovative artworks. Prerequisites: MTLS:2910. Recommendations: MTLS:2910 and MTLS:3920.

MTLS:4920 Mold Making 4 s.h.

All aspects of mold making, including plaster, rubber, and silicone. Prerequisites: CERM:2010 or TDSN:2210 or MTLS:2910 or SCLP:2810.

MTLS:4930 Experimental Casting with New Technology 4 s.h.

Students combine traditional casting techniques with new technology (e.g., ceramic shell, 3D printed models, 3D printed resin sand molds, casting simulation software) in pursuit of their creativity; emphasis is on vessels and hollow objects; examples of historical and current application of casting, especially in mixed media and cross-disciplinary approaches. Prerequisites: SCLP:2810 or MTLS:2910.

MTLS:4960 Project Design Hand-Made Bike II 4 s.h.

Builds on TDSN:3285; advanced concepts of bicycle frame design and fabrication; concept development, fabrication geometry and design, metal properties and selection, tool selection, brazing and welding including titanium milling and how to build a frame jig; emphasis on applying fabrication skills while situating frame-building project within context of a design problem. Prerequisites: TDSN:3285.

MTLS:4970 Project Design Hand-Made Bike III 4 s.h.

Builds on MTLS:4960; advanced concepts of bicycle frame design and fabrication; concept development, fabrication geometry and design, metal properties and selection, tool selection; brazing and welding including titanium-milling and how to build a frame jig; emphasis on application of fabrication skills while situating frame building project within context of a design problem. Prerequisites: MTLS:4960.

MTLS:4999 Undergraduate Individual Instruction 1-3 s.h.

Individual instruction in metalsmithing and jewelry for advanced students.

MTLS:6999 Individual Instruction in Metalsmithing and Jewelry arr.