This is a list of all Portuguese courses. For more information, see Spanish and Portuguese.

PORT:1000 First-Year Seminar 1 s.h.

Small discussion class taught by a faculty member; topics chosen by instructor; may include outside activities (e.g., films, lectures, performances, readings, visits to research facilities, field trips). Requirements: first-semester standing.

PORT:2000 Accelerated Elementary Portuguese 5 s.h.

First-year course in one semester; comprehending, speaking, reading, writing modern Portuguese; emphasis on speaking; previous knowledge of Portuguese not required. GE: World Languages Second Level Proficiency.

PORT:2010 Elementary Portuguese I 3 s.h.

Emphasis on oral and written skills; first in a series; no previous knowledge of Portuguese necessary. Recommendations: no previous study of Portuguese. GE: World Languages First Level Proficiency.

PORT:2015 Elementary Portuguese II 3 s.h.

Emphasis on oral and written skills; second in a series. Requirements: PORT:2010. GE: World Languages Second Level Proficiency.

PORT:2500 Accelerated Intermediate Portuguese 5 s.h.

Second-year course in one semester; reading comprehension, oral and writing skills; grammar review. Requirements: PORT:2000. GE: World Languages Fourth Level Proficiency.

PORT:2700 Introduction to Latin American Studies 3 s.h.

Cultures of Latin American countries with emphasis on cultural history and cultural production; interdisciplinary survey. Taught in English. Same as COMM:2800, IS:2700, LAS:2700, SPAN:2700.

PORT:2850 Brazilian Narrative in Translation 3 s.h.

Representative readings of modern and contemporary novels, short stories, and other narrative forms; cultural background; focus on major writers. Taught in English. Prerequisites: ENGL:1200. GE: Literary, Visual, and Performing Arts. Same as LAS:2850, SPAN:2850.

PORT:3050 Intensive Portuguese for Spanish Speakers 4 s.h.

Systematic differences and similarities between Spanish and Portuguese; emphasis on reading, writing. Requirements: graduate standing or undergraduate Spanish heritage speaker.

PORT:3100 Writing and Speaking 3 s.h.

Speaking and writing skills through discussion, oral presentations, grammar and vocabulary review, composition. Requirements: PORT:2500.

PORT:3150 Topics in Portuguese Language 3 s.h.

Various aspects of Portuguese language use. Requirements: one course numbered PORT:2500 or above.

PORT:3400 Brazilian Literature After 1900 3 s.h.

Modern and contemporary representative readings from all periods and genres; focus on works of major Brazilian authors. Taught in Portuguese. Requirements: one course numbered PORT:2500 or above.

PORT:3850 Topics in Cultural Studies 3 s.h.

Specific topics; interdisciplinary approaches; cultural relations of different parts of Portuguese‑speaking world, cross‑regional or cross‑national discourses. Taught in English. Same as SPAN:3850.

PORT:3999 Major Ambassadors 1 s.h.

Students serve as representatives for Spanish and Portuguese majors during class visits and recruiting events; course format includes instruction for presentations and answering questions. Same as SPAN:3999.

PORT:4000 Topics in Luso-Brazilian Literature 3 s.h.

Study of genres, themes, and movements. Taught in Portuguese. Requirements: one course numbered PORT:2500 or above.

PORT:4100 Topics in Luso-Brazilian Culture 3 s.h.

Study of past, present, and future of Portuguese-speaking countries; interdisciplinary. Taught in Portuguese. Requirements: PORT:2500.

PORT:4700 Latin American Studies Seminar 3 s.h.

Examination of past, present, and future of Latin America; interdisciplinary. Taught in English. Same as ANTH:4700, HIST:4504, LAS:4700, SPAN:4900.

PORT:4995 Portuguese Senior Project 3 s.h.

Voluntary student-initiated projects outside the classroom; designed or executed during senior year; similar to independent study, but based on research and completed in close consultation with a faculty mentor. Requirements: at least one course taught in Portuguese numbered PORT:4000 or above.

PORT:4998 Special Work 1-3 s.h.

Independent study arranged between student and a faculty member to complete requirements for the major in Portuguese.

PORT:4999 Honors Research and Thesis 2-3 s.h.

Requirements: honors standing.