SRM Courses

This is a list of courses with the subject code SRM. For more information, see Health and Human Physiology (College of Liberal Arts and Sciences) in the Catalog.

SRM:1000 First-Year Seminar 1 s.h.

Small discussion class taught by a faculty member; topics chosen by instructor; may include outside activities (e.g., films, lectures, readings, visits to research facilities).

SRM:1046 Health for Happiness 3 s.h.

Recent research has discovered fundamental elements and mechanisms of human happiness and well-being; students review these discoveries in the fields of positive psychology, positive neurobiology, system theory, economics of happiness, and history; practical learning experiences that apply these findings to everyday student life; hands-on ways to improve both subjective well-being and individual character strengths and virtues.

SRM:1060 Contemporary Issues in Sports 3 s.h.

Basic philosophical, historical, scientific foundations and developments; function, settings of organized recreation.

SRM:1072 Leisure and the Liberal Arts 3 s.h.

Integration of the ideal of a liberal education with worthy, meaningful use of free time in contemporary society; classic writings in the humanities. GE: Values and Culture.

SRM:1085 Introduction to Travel and Tourism 3 s.h.

Nature, scope, and significance of fields of travel and tourism: their histories, theories and philosophies, current trends, issues and challenges; critical analysis of current travel and tourism practices; green alternatives that are more sustainable and in keeping with values the field of leisure studies has long placed on active participation and local, community development.

SRM:2065 The Experience Economy 3 s.h.

Introduction to emerging experience economy; just as manufacturing sector of economy supersedes agriculture and service economy supersedes manufacturing, how experience economy is now gaining ascendancy as the last, best hope for future economic growth; critical analysis of experience economy with discussion of ways in which experience economy may offer green, moral, and humane alternatives to previous stages of economic development; new opportunities for travel and tourism, sports settings, recreation and wellness services, possible applications in education and helping professions.

SRM:3020 Nutrition in Health and Performance 3 s.h.

Effects of exercise and nutrition on health- and sports-related fitness; for professionals in health and physical education. Same as INTD:3027.

SRM:3146 Sports Officiating: Rules, Theories, and Issues 3 s.h.

Fundamental principles of officiating sports at all levels; supervision and management of officials for sport and recreation administrators; rules and mechanics of sports officiating, general qualifications to be a sports official, philosophy of officiating, teaching and evaluation methods for officials, and application of principles through officiating intramural sports.

SRM:3147 Sport Event Management 3 s.h.

Current status, challenges, and opportunities in sporting event industry; sporting event planning, budgeting, marketing, sponsorship, and evaluation; development of event timelines and event management skills; introduction to networking and interaction with sporting events. Recommendations: SRM:3154.

SRM:3148 Interscholastic Activities and Athletics Administration 3 s.h.

Survey of activities administration foundations including philosophy, leadership, professional programs and activities administration principles, strategies and methods; understanding of the techniques and theory of coaching concepts and strategies for interscholastic budget and concepts and strategies for interscholastic fundraising; basics of assessment and evaluation of interscholastic athletic programs and personnel, dealing with challenging personalities, and administration of professional growth programs for interscholastic personnel.

SRM:3149 Coaching Theory, Body Structure, and Human Development 3 s.h.

Comprehensive introduction to the coaching profession and obtaining a coaching license in the state of Iowa; ethics, licensing, and body development.

SRM:3150 Recreation Administration 3 s.h.

Personnel, finance, budgets, liability, marketing.

SRM:3151 Liability in Sport and Recreation 3 s.h.

The legal system shapes the way sport and recreation professionals at every level perform their jobs, and a basic understanding of the law and its impact on sport and recreation industry can help practitioners operate in a legally compliant manner, seek appropriate legal counsel when necessary, and reduce potential organizational and individual liability; exploration of tort law, constitutional law, statutory law, and contract law as applied to sport and recreation industry, and risk management process; students develop the ability to identify and analyze legal issues and how the law affects the sport and recreation industry. Requirements: 30 s.h. completed.

SRM:3152 Design and Management of Sport and Recreation Facilities 3 s.h.

Facilities management, personnel assignment and evaluation, fee structures, maintenance, programming, compliance with regulations and standards. Requirements: must have 30 s.h. completed.

SRM:3153 Sport Business Practices 3 s.h.

Business of professional and intercollegiate athletics including league, team, and player-level issues; revenue generation and distribution; competitive balance issues; sport league structure strategies; business behind intercollegiate athletics and challenges facing NCAA structure; negotiation. Requirements: must have 30 s.h. completed.

SRM:3154 Foundations of Event Management 3 s.h.

Large, major special events, professional meetings, and conferences; development and planning, implementation of events, management and evaluation of events; development requirements of planning events, development strategies, budgeting, staffing requirements, resource allocation, site planning, basic risk management requirements, emergency procedures; event implementation policy and procedures; relationship to elements within development stages; event management and evaluation procedures.

SRM:3155 Prevention and Care of Athletic Injuries for Coaches 3 s.h.

Comprehensive introduction to the sports world in relation to obtaining a coaching license in the state of Iowa in regards to first aid, injury prevention, and care.

SRM:3157 Managerial Operations in Sport and Recreation 3 s.h.

Introduction to the operation of a private or nonprofit sport-related business.

SRM:3158 Sport and Recreation Promotion 3 s.h.

Foundations and principles of recreation sport promotion and sales operation; application of foundations and principles to sport and recreation industries; historical aspects; current and future trends of sport and recreation management as it relates to sales and promotions; sales management, marketing, financial/economic, legal, and ethical principles related to sport management. Requirements: must have 30 s.h. completed.

SRM:3172 Finance in Sport and Recreation 3 s.h.

Capital funding and revenue acquisition for funding public and private sport and leisure service organizations; contemporary sport and leisure service; financial and economic issues. Requirements: 30 s.h. completed.

SRM:3175 Sales in Sport 3 s.h.

Fundamentals of business development and sales management; incentivizing sports consumers, direct and indirect sales strategies, brand communications, atmospherics, technology in sports sales, ticket sales, licensing products, negotiating sports sponsorships, and brand building. Recommendations: health and human physiology major.

SRM:3176 Sports Analytics for Coaches, Managers, and Other Decision Makers 3 s.h.

Data management, analytic models, and information systems; how sports analytics are used to make decisions for structuring athletic departments, develop in-game competitive strategies, and improve player performance; analytic examples applied to professional sports, college sports, high school sports, and fantasy sports; experience with statistics or computer science not required.

SRM:3178 Communications and Public Relations in Sports 3 s.h.

How public relations is used to promote service products, demonstrate social responsibility, and communicate with consumers and investors; campaigns, customer service, legal and ethical considerations in promoting service products, media events, information services, public relations in strategic management, atmospherics, critical service moment, social media. Recommendations: health and human physiology major.

SRM:3200 Topics in Sport and Recreation Management 3 s.h.

Exploration of various issues shaping the future of sport and recreation industries; in-depth focus on a specific topic within sport or recreation utilizing the expertise of the instructor.

SRM:3210 Event Bidding: Processes and Strategies 3 s.h.

Event rights holders—such as the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA)—use a competitive bid process to select a location, venue, and host committee to plan and execute their sport events; non-sport organizations also use the bidding process to select hosts for exhibitions, conferences, and workshops; students learn the processes and strategies used by event rights holders and event hosts in event bidding process.

SRM:3300 Writing for Sport and Recreation Managers 3 s.h.

Students discover their unique writing style and routine; areas of weakness in writing process; necessary tools to become more efficient, clear, and effective writers; discussion, practice, and review of important writing skills; writing skills of diverse professional situations; proper mechanics of persuasive, informative, and factual writing; styles applied to document formats (e.g., press releases, résumés, cover letters, emails, memos, marketing messages, interviews, crisis management); guest speakers provide unique expertise and insight; student-centered, workshop format.

SRM:3700 Ethics in Sport 3 s.h.

Ethical development and decision making processes in the sport and recreation industry including personal development, educational focused programming, and other types of ethics-based program development.

SRM:3800 Sport Law for Interscholastic Athletic Directors 3 s.h.

Part of the Interscholastic Athletic Director certificate; content includes sport unintentional torts, intentional torts, constitution, legislation, and risk management.

SRM:4190 Preinternship 0-1 s.h.

Orientation to internship process. Requirements: sport and recreation management major.

SRM:4194 Honors Readings arr.

SRM:4195 Honors Problems arr.

SRM:4196 Interscholastic Athletic Administration Field Experience 1-9 s.h.

Students complete 360 contact hours of practical experience with private or nonprofit recreation or sport-related enterprise; supervision by an agency mentor and a university representative.

SRM:4197 Sport and Recreation Field Experience arr.

Educational opportunity involving a small group of students in a unique sport business experience; students serve as consultants for a sport or recreation organization; in-class preparation prior to off-campus work with designated agency; sport or recreation enterprise vary according to faculty expertise and agency availability.

SRM:4198 NCAA Rules Compliance and Enforcement 3 s.h.

Rules that govern NCAA athletics, rules compliance function on campuses of member institutions, and enforcement of rules by NCAA; essential legislation in NCAA Manual, including bylaws covering recruiting, eligibility, and amateurism; history of NCAA as related to organization's current structure and activities; summer session capstone experience includes attendance at NCAA Regional Rules Seminar in Indiana and participation in educational sessions conducted by NCAA staff.

SRM:4199 Independent Sport and Recreation Field Experience arr.

Educational opportunity involving an independent study of students in a unique sport business experience; students serve as consultants for a sport or recreation organization; in-class preparation prior to off-campus work with designated agency; sport or recreation enterprise varies according to faculty expertise and agency availability.

SRM:5065 The Economy of Experience 3 s.h.

In-depth analysis of emerging experience economy; just as manufacturing sector of economy supersedes agriculture and service economy supersedes manufacturing, how experience economy is gaining ascendancy as the last, best hope for future economic growth; exploration of current research in positive psychology and sociologist findings on evolution of post-materialist values as related to experience economy; evaluation of current trends; critical analysis and theory development; case studies; original research and investigation of novel marketing possibilities and experience design.

SRM:6251 Risk Management 3 s.h.

Legal knowledge necessary for effective management of sport, recreation, and physical activity programs, avoidance of legal problems; strategies for addressing issues such as right to participate, liability for injuries, risk management; legal statutes that govern sport, health, recreation organizations.

SRM:6252 Economics and Financing 3 s.h.

Economic issues for sport/leisure services in nonprofit, private/commercial, and public sectors; strategic financial analysis for the nonfinancial manager; principles, issues in financing sport/leisure organizations.

SRM:6253 Sport Administration 3 s.h.

Overview of various segments that constitutes the role and function of a sport administrator (i.e., planning, organizing, leading, controlling); focus on ways in which sport administrators and their subsequent organizations influence and are influenced by the link between sport and globalization; sport administration encompassing services provided within an organizational context; administration viewed as the coordination of production and distribution of those services.

SRM:6254 Marketing and Sport Promotion 3 s.h.

Overview of varied segments that constitutes sports business practice, including marketing, data-based marketing, sales, promotion, sponsorship; varied segments that make up the sport industry, including the mass media, infrastructure, stadium building, consumer behavior; readings and discussions consider the development and structure of each segment, interactions between segments, planning, policy implications; focus on the United States, professional team sports, comparisons to other sports.

SRM:6255 Capstone Project 3 s.h.

Development of a project applying expertise acquired through required coursework to an area of interest fitting student's career ambitions; includes final presentation to a faculty committee and written paper to support the presentation. Prerequisites: SRM:5065 and SRM:6251 and SRM:6252 and SRM:6253 and SRM:6254.