This is the first version of the 2021-22 General Catalog. The final edition and the historical PDF will be published during the fall semester.

This is a list of all interdepartmental studies courses. For more information, see Interdepartmental Studies.

INTD:3005 Professional and Creative Business Communication 3 s.h.

Solid foundation for creative and professional communication in today's modern work world; exploration of techniques, strategies, and craft of writing résumés, letters of interest, email and its related etiquette, and organization of ideas into presentable form; semester-long creative project that builds a bridge between office and the world using modern technology and social media; readings and discussions of literature to better understand issues of ethics, leadership, conflict, moral judgment, decision making, and human nature; how to navigate and succeed in business or any professional field. GE: Engineering Be Creative. Same as CW:3005, WRIT:3005.

INTD:3027 Nutrition in Health and Performance 3 s.h.

Effects of exercise and nutrition on health- and sports-related fitness; for professionals in health and physical education. Same as SRM:3020.

INTD:3030 Lifestyle Medicine 3 s.h.

Overview of influences of lifestyle medicine on chronic disease treatment and prevention; understanding evidence-based lifestyle medicine factors on holistic well-being; development of communication skills to support behavioral and lifestyle medicine changes for treatment and prevention of chronic conditions. Prerequisites: HHP:2200 and HHP:2310. Same as HHP:3030.

INTD:3107 Creative Writing for the Health Professions 3 s.h.

GE: Engineering Be Creative. Same as CW:3107.

INTD:3200 Creative Writing for New Media 3 s.h.

Prepares creative writers for evolving marketplace of electronic text and media; experience writing in varied media (e.g., internet, e-books, video games, mobile devices, emergent social narratives). GE: Engineering Be Creative. Same as CW:3218.

INTD:3210 Creative Writing and the Natural World 3 s.h.

How humans tether to their environment through stories; students write stories and through writing explore if there is a new tie to sustainable history. GE: Engineering Be Creative. Same as CW:3210.

INTD:3250 Fieldwork in Social Innovation 3 s.h.

Entrepreneurial skills necessary to actualize ideas in the community; students work with local partners to brainstorm, prototype, and build an original community-based venture involving needs assessment, social history of problem, and concept mapping; students learn soft skills such as interviewing, networking, collaboration, and building trust. Requirements: enrollment in engaged social innovation plan of study and honors program membership in good standing. Same as HONR:3250.

INTD:3300 Creative Writing and Popular Culture 3 s.h.

Creative writing through the lens of popular culture; topics include television, film writing, adaptations, commercials, advertising, magazines, newspapers, comic books, song lyrics, billboards, and backs of cereal boxes. GE: Engineering Be Creative. Same as CW:3215.

INTD:3510 Introduction to Arts Management 3 s.h.

Nonprofit performing arts management and administrative principles; practical applications, trends in the field; focus on arts organizations and their key administrative positions. Same as DPA:3510, THTR:3510.

INTD:3520 Starting Up the Arts Start-up 3 s.h.

Arts administration principles and trends as applied to creation of an arts-related enterprise; case studies; students create business plan for a new arts organization. Duplicates ENTR:2000 and ENTR:3350. Corequisites: ENTR:1350 or (ACCT:2100 and MKTG:3000). Same as DPA:3520, ENTR:3520, THTR:3520.

INTD:4098 Independent Study arr.

Individual study of issues or topics related to a specific interdepartmental focus chosen by the student.

INTD:4099 Interdepartmental Studies Practicum arr.

Opportunity to relate a student's chosen area of study to practical application. Requirements: interdepartmental studies student.

INTD:4510 Arts Leadership Seminar 3 s.h.

Performing arts management and administrative principles, practical applications, trends in arts leadership and advocacy. Prerequisites: THTR:3510 or ENTR:2000 or THTR:3520. Same as DPA:4510, ENTR:4510, THTR:4510.