Design Courses (Art and Art History) (DSGN)

This is the first version of the 2024–25 General Catalog. Please check back regularly for changes. The final edition and the historical PDF will be published during the fall semester.

DSGN Courses

This is a list of courses with the subject code DSGN. For more information, see Art and Art History (College of Liberal Arts and Sciences) in the catalog.

DSGN:2500 Graphic Design I 3 s.h.

Basic concepts and principles that can be applied to all modes of contemporary visual communication. Prerequisites: ARTS:1510 and ARTS:1520. Corequisites: DSGN:2600. GE: Engineering Be Creative.

DSGN:2600 Graphic Design II 3 s.h.

Fundamentals of typography as a core element in visual communication; introduction to historical typographic practices as well as modern modes of designing with type. Prerequisites: ARTS:1510 and ARTS:1520. Corequisites: DSGN:2500. Same as UICB:2600.

DSGN:3500 Graphic Design III 4 s.h.

Focus on browser-based user interfaces and user experiences; builds basic HTML and CSS knowledge base; skills. Prerequisites: ARTS:1510 and ARTS:1520 and DSGN:2500 and DSGN:2600.

DSGN:3600 Graphic Design IV 4 s.h.

Implementing the fundamental knowledge and skills gained in previous design courses to explore the interaction of typography and visual image. Prerequisites: DSGN:2500 and DSGN:2600. Corequisites: DSGN:3500.

DSGN:4000 Graphic Design V 4 s.h.

Critical theory and professional practice of branding and identity design; topics range from icon development to packaging design and prototyping. Prerequisites: DSGN:3500 and DSGN:3600. Corequisites: DSGN:4700.

DSGN:4199 Undergraduate Individual Instruction 1-3 s.h.

Individual instruction in design for advanced students.

DSGN:4700 Graphic Design VI 4 s.h.

Advanced exploration of contemporary and experimental user interface and user experience design methodology; topics include design for mobile devices and wearables, as well as immersive environments. Prerequisites: DSGN:3500 and DSGN:3600. Corequisites: DSGN:4000.

DSGN:4800 Graphic Design VII 4 s.h.

Concentrated semester-long opportunity for students to investigate a design project driven by their own personal research interests; projects closely guided by faculty and are critiqued throughout the semester; critical theory readings and discussion. Prerequisites: DSGN:4000 or DSGN:4700.

DSGN:6175 Graphic Design VIII 4 s.h.

Introduction to complex problems in graphic design; planning, development, and organization of integrated design programs; activities include research and studio assignments, individual presentations, discussions, demonstrations, and critiques.