This is a list of all Portuguese courses. For more information, see Spanish and Portuguese.

PORT:1000 First-Year Seminar1 s.h.

Small discussion class taught by a faculty member; topics chosen by instructor; may include outside activities (e.g., films, lectures, performances, readings, visits to research facilities, field trips). Requirements: first-semester standing.

PORT:1800 Contemporary Brazilian Narrative3 s.h.

Novels, short stories, other narrative forms, beginning with neorealists of 1930s; cultural background of different periods, innovative literary approaches of writers through films, other media. Prerequisites: ENGL:1200. GE: Literary, Visual, and Performing Arts.

PORT:2000 Accelerated Elementary Portuguese5 s.h.

First-year course in one semester; comprehending, speaking, reading, writing modern Portuguese; emphasis on speaking. GE: World Languages Second Level Proficiency.

PORT:2010 Elementary Portuguese I3 s.h.

Emphasis on oral and written skills. Taught in Portuguese. Recommendations: no previous study of Portuguese. GE: World Languages First Level Proficiency.

PORT:2015 Elementary Portuguese II3 s.h.

Continuation of PORT:2010; emphasis on oral and written skills. Taught in Portuguese. Requirements: PORT:2010. GE: World Languages Second Level Proficiency.

PORT:2500 Accelerated Intermediate Portuguese5 s.h.

Second-year course in one semester; reading comprehension, oral and writing skills; grammar review. Requirements: PORT:2000. GE: World Languages Fourth Level Proficiency.

PORT:2510 Intermediate Portuguese I3 s.h.

Communication in speaking and writing; cultural topics. Taught in Portuguese. Prerequisites: PORT:2000 or PORT:2015. GE: World Languages Second Level Proficiency.

PORT:2515 Intermediate Portuguese II3 s.h.

Continuation of PORT:2510. Taught in Portuguese. Prerequisites: PORT:2510. GE: World Languages Fourth Level Proficiency.

PORT:2700 Introduction to Latin American Studies3 s.h.

Cultures of Latin American countries with emphasis on cultural history and cultural production; interdisciplinary survey. Same as COMM:2800, IS:2700, LAS:2700, SPAN:2700.

PORT:2800 Topics in Cultural Studies3 s.h.

Specific topics; interdisciplinary approaches; cultural relations of different parts of Portuguese‑speaking world, cross‑regional or cross‑national discourses. Taught in English.

PORT:3050 Portuguese for Spanish Speakers3 s.h.

Systematic differences and similarities between Spanish and Portuguese; emphasis on reading, writing. Requirements: nine courses numbered SPAN:2000 or above.

PORT:3100 Composition and Conversation3 s.h.

Speaking, writing skills through discussion and oral presentations, grammar and vocabulary review, composition; materials from current Brazilian newspapers, magazines, short fiction, telenovelas and films. Requirements: one course numbered PORT:2500 or above.

PORT:3130 Business Portuguese3 s.h.

Clear, concise business writing; emphasis on linguistic and cultural proficiency. Requirements: PORT:2500 or PORT:3050.

PORT:3150 Topics in Portuguese Language3 s.h.

Various aspects of Portuguese language use. Requirements: PORT:2500 or PORT:3050.

PORT:3350 Brazilian Literature Before 19003 s.h.

Beginnings through end of 19th century; representative readings from all periods and genres; focus on works of major Brazilian authors such as Gonzaga, Alencar, Castro Alves, Machado de Assis, Cruz e Sousa. Taught in Portuguese. Requirements: PORT:3050 or PORT:2500.

PORT:3400 Brazilian Literature After 19003 s.h.

Twentieth-century poetry, novels, short stories; modernism, regionalism, generation of 1945, concretism; works of principal figures behind these movements; focus on major writers of modern period, such as Lima Barreto, Mário de Andrade, Drummond, Jorge Amado, Cabral de Melo Neto, Guimarães Rosa, Lispector, and contemporary writers. Taught in Portuguese. Requirements: PORT:3050 or PORT:2500.

PORT:3500 Introduction to Portuguese Literature3 s.h.

Representative readings including Portuguese lyric and epic poetry, Renaissance theater, romantic and realist novels, 20th-century symbolist verse, neorealist prose. Taught in Portuguese. Requirements: PORT:3050 or PORT:2500.

PORT:3800 Mapping Portuguese Cultures: Portugal and Africa3 s.h.

Study of contemporary Portuguese society and its relations with Lusophone Africa through fictional and historiographical readings. Requirements: PORT:2500.

PORT:4000 Topics in Luso-Brazilian Literature3 s.h.

Genres, themes, movements. Taught in Portuguese. Requirements: one course numbered PORT:2500 or above.

PORT:4100 Topics in Luso-Brazilian Culture3 s.h.

Comparative analysis of Brazil and Portuguese-speaking countries in Africa; colonization, independence, religion, music, language. Taught in Portuguese. Requirements: PORT:3050 or PORT:2500.

PORT:4700 Latin American Studies Seminar3 s.h.

Examination of past, present, and future of Latin America; interdisciplinary. Taught in English. Same as ANTH:4700, CL:4700, HIST:4504, LAS:4700, SPAN:4900.

PORT:4998 Special Work1-3 s.h.

PORT:4999 Honors Research and Thesis2-3 s.h.

Requirements: honors standing.