This is a list of all dentistry nondepartmental courses. For more information, see College of Dentistry.

DENT:4000 Pre-Dental Academy0 s.h.

Hands-on experience for undergraduate students interested in dentistry; interaction with faculty, residents, and current students in simulation clinic; didactic sessions; admissions information; changing health care environment, digital dentistry, dental esthetics, introduction to dental specialties, drilling and filling. Offered summer session.

DENT:8100 First-Year Continuing Sessionarr.

DENT:8200 Second-Year Continuing Sessionarr.

DENT:8300 Third-Year Continuing Sessionarr.

DENT:8371 Introduction to Quality Assurance2 s.h.

Patient management, record writing skills, quality assurance concepts; students coordinate treatment, patient relations, issues of quality assurance for a group of patients; ethical, moral dilemmas in relation to dental practice.

DENT:8400 Fourth-Year Lectures and Clinicsarr.

DENT:8485 Clinical Admissions Emergency1 s.h.

Clinical evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment of patients with dental emergencies; patient assessment and referral to appropriate department for treatment.

DENT:8489 Advanced Topics in Quality Assurance2 s.h.

Quality assurance from viewpoint of practicing dentist, dental educator, dental epidemiologist, court system; analysis of senior dental practice in relation to quality assurance criteria.

DENT:9000 Advanced Clinical Comprehensive Dentistry0 s.h.

Clinical experience for professional improvement. Requirements: dental degree.