This is a list of all ophthalmology and visual sciences courses. For more information, see Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences.

OPHT:8301 Clinical Ophthalmology2,4 s.h.

All aspects of clinical ophthalmology; patient rounds, lectures, case presentations; clinical duties with staff, residents, faculty in UIHC and VAMC ophthalmology clinics. Requirements: M.D. enrollment.

OPHT:8401 Elective in External Eye Disease4 s.h.

Common diseases of eyelid, conjunctiva, cornea.

OPHT:8402 Elective in Neuro-Ophthalmologyarr.

Visual, ocular motor dysfunction due to neurologic disease; patient work-up, readings, neuro-ophthalmology rounds.

OPHT:8403 Molecular Ophthalmologyarr.

Use of recombinant DNA, tissue culture, protein electrophoresis in study of inherited eye diseases.

OPHT:8404 Elective in Ocular Pathology4 s.h.

Pathophysiology of eye disease; emphasis on use of Socratic method, self-study.

OPHT:8498 Ophthalmology On Campusarr.

OPHT:8499 Ophthalmology Off Campusarr.