This is a list of all business nondepartmental courses. For more information, see Tippie College of Business.

BUS:1200 Tippie College Direct Admit Seminar1 s.h.

Facilitates a more seamless transition to the University of Iowa and Tippie College of Business; weekly lectures from notable faculty and business executives, small group discussions; weekly topics include leadership, civic engagement, major and career exploration, and building a personal brand. Requirements: admitted to the direct admission program.

BUS:1999 Introduction to Research in Business1 s.h.

Introduction to research in business, including scope and methods of business research, questions for which business research seeks answers, and impact of business research on society; weekly seminars include discussion and exploration and serve as preparation for engaging in mentored research. Same as ECON:1999.

BUS:2013 Introduction to Sustainabilityarr.

Introduction to sustainability knowledge, skills, and habits as a means to shape one's vision of a sustainable citizen; emphasis on basic skills of literacy, applied math, and finding information; traditional sustainability knowledge areas related to society, economy, and environment; intersecting themes (e.g., informed consumerism, eco-economics, and livable environments). Same as GEOG:2013, URP:2013.

BUS:2150 Tippie College Admission Writing Workshop0 s.h.

Development and refinement of macro-level writing skills; focus on thesis statement and topic sentence construction, paragraph organization, and precision in language choices. Requirements: application to Tippie College of Business and eligible to enroll in workshop.

BUS:2300 Searching for Business Information1 s.h.

Search concepts and sources specific to business information; subscription and government online research sites.

BUS:2450 Business and Culture in China3 s.h.

Business and cultural environment of China; lectures, readings, case studies, company visits, and immersion in cultural experiences; Chinese history, politics, business, economics, and culture; topics may include Chinese business culture and relationships, local companies going global, business strategies of multinational companies in Chinese market; United States-China trade relations, entrepreneurship, Chinese consumer, sustainability and social responsibility; two-week study program in China. Prerequisites: a minimum g.p.a. of 2.75 and ECON:1100 and ECON:1200. Requirements: UI and cumulative g.p.a. of 2.75.

BUS:2500 International Perspectives Program I0 s.h.

First in a two-course sequence; orientation to International Perspectives Program (IPP) community; introduction to the concept of an academic study map; development of an individual strategy towards academic study maps; begin foundational introduction to materials covered in BUS:2510, including an introduction to concepts of identity and culture from  macro and micro perspectives; required seminar for all first-year IPP students. Requirements: admission to the International Perspectives Program.

BUS:2510 International Perspectives Program II1 s.h.

Continuation BUS:2500; exploration of concepts of identity and culture from both a macro and micro perspective; how culture and background impact how students think about and understand the world; exploration of having built-in assumptions about the world and why in some circumstances the ability to challenge those assumptions can be useful; study of cross-cultural communication. Requirements: admission to the International Perspectives Program.

BUS:2520 IPP Capstone Project2 s.h.

Enhancement of foreign language studies and study abroad experiences; students select a topic of interest to explore an aspect of a study abroad country and culture in greater depth; creation of real-world interactions with people in host communities to utilize and develop language skills. Requirements: admission to the International Perspectives Program.

BUS:3000 Business Communication and Protocol3 s.h.

Foundation in business communication and protocol; composing business messages, organizing and reporting workplace data, developing business presentation and team-building skills, exploring issues pertaining to professional behavior. Prerequisites: RHET:1030 or (RHET:1040 and RHET:1060). Requirements: admission to Tippie College of Business and 30 s.h. earned.

BUS:3050 Business, Culture, and Society3 s.h.

International business environment and interpersonal traits and skills expected of successful international businessperson; interdisciplinary overview of issues related to business in Western Europe; important cultural differences, the code of business and professional etiquette, business protocol, Italian business history, cultural appreciation, and executive legal/ethical concerns in the workplace; series of lectures, workshops, speakers, plant tours, and cultural events.

BUS:3100 Academic Internship or Cooperative Education0 s.h.

Participation in an internship or cooperative education; fulfills Tippie College of Business experiential learning requirement.

BUS:3200 Advanced Business Presentation Workshop: Strategy and Implementation2 s.h.

Advanced oral business presentation skills for solo, paired, and team presentations; suitable for students considering participating in case competitions; emphasis on articulating a particular strategy for an oral presentation and three areas of implementation—content structuring, visual design of PowerPoint slides, and vocal and physical delivery; how to integrate presentation technologies effectively, evaluate other speakers, speak clearly, use gestures appropriately, and engage the audience during the presentation and in question-and-answer sessions. Prerequisites: BUS:3000 with a minimum grade of B.

BUS:3400 Business Student Ambassador Seminar1 s.h.

Experiences as a Business Student Ambassador providing tours of the John Pappajohn Building, acting as hosts at college functions, providing information and assistance to visiting groups, assisting student recruitment activities. Requirements: admission to Tippie College of Business and acceptance as a Business Student Ambassador.

BUS:3500 Tippie Senate1 s.h.

For elected student representatives on the Tippie Senate.

BUS:3600 Mentored Researcharr.

Business research conducted by undergraduate students under faculty supervision.

BUS:3800 Business Writing3 s.h.

Series of practical projects; development of effective and persuasive business communication and analytical skills in public relations context.

BUS:3900 Business Communication Internship I3 s.h.

Opportunity for students to earn academic credit for serving as a peer tutor, an orientation and training assistant, or an administrative intern in the Judith R. Frank Business Communications Center.

BUS:3910 Business Communication Internship II1-3 s.h.

Continuation of BUS:3900; opportunity for students to earn academic credit for serving as a peer tutor, an orientation and training assistant, or an administrative intern in the Judith R. Frank Business Communications Center. Prerequisites: BUS:3900.

BUS:3999 Honors Seminar1-3 s.h.

Research topics and methods in business. Requirements: honors standing. Same as ECON:3999.

BUS:4900 Academic Internshiparr.

Professional internship experience with associated academic content (e.g., paper, course work).

BUS:4999 Honors Thesis in Business3 s.h.

Independent student project directed by faculty or staff advisor; culminates in thesis that conforms to University Honors Program guidelines; may include empirical research, library research, applied projects. Requirements: admission to the Tippie College of Business honors program.