This is a list of all ceramics courses. For more information, see Art and Art History.

CERM:2010 Exploring Forms in Clay I3 s.h.

Basic handbuilding methods of forming, firing, glazing clay. Prerequisites: ARTS:1510 and ARTS:1520. GE: Engineering Be Creative; Literary, Visual, and Performing Arts.

CERM:2020 Exploring Thrown Forms in Clay II3 s.h.

Basic wheel-throwing techniques; clay, glaze formulation and preparation in kiln firing. Prerequisites: CERM:2010.

CERM:3010 Advanced Clay Forming III4 s.h.

Advanced throwing techniques; larger scale, more professional goals; projects may be more sculptural or one of a kind. Offered fall semesters. Prerequisites: CERM:2010 and CERM:2020.

CERM:4010 Advanced Clay Forming IV4 s.h.

Advanced individual projects. Offered spring semesters. Prerequisites: CERM:2020 or CERM:3010.

CERM:4020 Ceramic Materials and Effects4 s.h.

Empirical, practical methods of glaze and body formulation; effects of various types of kilns and firing atmospheres on glaze materials, clay bodies; digital imaging used for testing and documenting results. Offered fall semesters of even years. Prerequisites: CERM:3010.

CERM:4030 Undergraduate Ceramics Workshop3-4 s.h.

Advanced undergraduate studio; critiques of student work and electronic portfolio development, visiting artist participation; may include field trips. Prerequisites: CERM:3010.

CERM:4050 Concepts: Materials and Installation4 s.h.

Exposure to contemporary methods of working in clay, develop critical thinking skills that move clay into the realm of conceptual work, develop a personal direction in the medium; conceptual development and material exploration; set clay side by side with other materials and mediums; demonstrate dedication to the work and to the development of mature ideas and forms of expression. Prerequisites: CERM:3010.

CERM:4099 Undergraduate Individual Instruction1-3 s.h.

Individual instruction in ceramics for advanced students.

CERM:6075 Ceramics Workshop3-4 s.h.

Advanced graduate studio; critique of student work; visiting artists, field trips. Prerequisites: CERM:4010.

CERM:6099 Graduate Individual Instruction in Ceramicsarr.

Requirements: knowledge of clay and glaze computation, and ability to fire kilns.