This is a list of all family medicine courses. For more information, see Family Medicine.

FAM:8005 Medical Education Community Orientation0 s.h.

Experience in a local health care delivery system away from the University setting, between first and second year of M.D. program.

FAM:8301 Preceptorship in Family Medicinearr.

One-on-one experience with a practicing physician; exposure to illnesses, conditions often seen in primary care; realistic background for evaluation of family medicine as a career alternative.

FAM:8401 Subinternship in Family Medicine, University of Iowaarr.

Inpatient aspects of family medicine's key components; experience on the family medicine inpatient service.

FAM:8402 University of Iowa Family Medicine Clerkship2,4 s.h.

Work with family practice residents and staff in day-to-day delivery of primary medical care at Family Practice Center; experience in the Family Stress Clinic observing family-centered counseling; nursing home visits, work with departmental social worker and sports medicine specialist.

FAM:8403 Advanced Preceptorship in Family Medicine2,4 s.h.

Experience in community practice of family medicine.

FAM:8405 Geriatrics Electivearr.

Experience in monitoring and evaluating health and functional status of patients age 65 and older in the UI Geriatric Assessment Clinic and community settings.

FAM:8406 Subinternship in Family Medicine, Cedar Rapids4 s.h.

Experience as a junior resident in all areas of inpatient family medicine, including maternity care, child and adolescent health, adult medicine.

FAM:8407 Clerkship in Family Medicine, Cedar Rapids4 s.h.

Experience as a junior resident in all areas of family medicine, including maternity care, child and adolescent health, adult medicine.

FAM:8408 Family Medicine Clerkship, Broadlawns Hospital, Des Moines Family Health Center4 s.h.

Clinical experience in inpatient and outpatient care.

FAM:8409 Subinternship in Family Medicine, Iowa Lutheran4 s.h.

Patient-oriented interactive experience in an inpatient family practice environment. Requirements: fourth-year M.D. enrollment.

FAM:8410 Family Medicine, Iowa Lutheranarr.

Requirements: fourth-year M.D. enrollment.

FAM:8411 Family Medicine Clerkship, Davenport4 s.h.

Assignment to problems commonly seen in family practice office; supervision by residents and faculty for history and physical evaluation and diagnostic workups and treatment of each specific problem; exposure to acutely ill patients in services of medicine, surgery, obstetrics, pediatrics.

FAM:8412 Subinternship in Family Medicine, Davenport4 s.h.

Experience in inpatient family medicine; assessing and managing hospitalized patients, evaluating and treating patients in the emergency room, participating in call coverage with family medicine residents.

FAM:8413 Family Medicine Geriatrics, Davenport4 s.h.

Geriatric, palliative, and end-of-life care issues; assessment of competency in evaluation and management of patients; interdisciplinary nature of geriatric and palliative care.

FAM:8415 Subinternship in Family Practice, Sioux City4 s.h.

Experience as a junior resident in all areas of family medicine. Requirements: fourth-year M.D. enrollment.

FAM:8416 Family Medicine Clerkship, Sioux City2,4 s.h.

Methods common in family practice medicine; participation in care of patients seen by family practice physicians and residents.

FAM:8417 Subinternship in Family Medicine, Waterloo4 s.h.

Experience working as a member of family practice inpatient team at Allen Memorial Hospital and Covenant Medical Center, following patients from admission through discharge.

FAM:8418 Family Medicine Clerkship, Waterloo4 s.h.

Rotation at the Northeast Iowa Family Practice Center; work with patients from outpatient care through hospitalization; basic concepts of family practice, team concept in medical care.

FAM:8419 River Crossing Family Medicine Clerkship2,4 s.h.

Experience providing patient care in a rural setting; continuity of care for patients of all ages. Requirements: fourth-year M.D. enrollment.

FAM:8420 Family Medicine, Mason City2,4 s.h.

Work with family physicians on staff at Mercy or other affiliated community hospitals; management of all patients admitted by the family physicians, participation in care rendered by consultants; primary care experience in family practice office.

FAM:8421 Primary Care Sports Medicine4 s.h.

Comprehensive, diverse, and educational experience in the field of sports medicine; clinical competence to diagnose and manage medical illnesses and injuries related to sports and exercise in varied patients, recreational and organized athletes, and teams. Requirements: M.D. enrollment.

FAM:8422 Family Medicine/Psychiatry Elective2,4 s.h.

Integration of mental and physical health care across outpatient family medicine and outpatient psychiatry arenas. Requirements: M.D. enrollment.

FAM:8423 Family Medicine, Ames Student Health4 s.h.

Primary care of late adolescent and young adult patients in a student health center setting; students work with family medicine and mental health providers to address health care needs of this population.

FAM:8424 Family Caregiving Transitionsarr.

Students enhance clinical learning from caregiving experiences and increase empathy and patient communication skills; students also enhance personal understanding of, and growth through, caregiving responsibilities in periods of family health transitions.

FAM:8425 Subinternship in Rural Family Medicine, Algona4 s.h.

Rural hospital-based subinternship; students provide family medicine service alongside board-certified family physician faculty, performing all admissions on weekdays, rounding on hospitalized patients each day, and call responsibilities including deliveries and ER coverage.

FAM:8450 Continuity of Care - Family Medicine4 s.h.

Longitudinal continuity of care experience for fourth-year M.D. students in an outpatient family medicine setting.

FAM:8496 Independent Studiesarr.

Work with departmental researcher on investigation in family medicine, community medicine, health care delivery, health maintenance, and other areas.

FAM:8497 Research in Family Medicinearr.

Medical research, clinical or laboratory projects; individual study.

FAM:8498 Family Medicine On Campusarr.

Clinical clerkship; individually arranged by student with departmental approval.

FAM:8499 Family Medicine Off Campusarr.

Clerkships; may include community hospitals.