This is a list of all jewelry and metal arts courses. For more information, see Art and Art History.

MTLS:2910 Introduction to Jewelry and Metal Arts3 s.h.

Fabrication, hammer forming, hydraulic die forming, soldering, riveting, etching, texturing, anodization of aluminum and titanium, stone setting, and patination techniques; creation of jewelry, flatware, and other functional and nonfunctional sculptural objects using varied metals and other materials; emphasis on creativity, learning, and basic metalworking techniques. Prerequisites: ARTS:1520 and ARTS:1510. GE: Engineering Be Creative.

MTLS:3910 Intermediate Jewelry and Metal Arts4 s.h.

Exploration of different applications with casting (mostly gold, silver, and bronze), enameling, and stone setting; combining all three processes to create artwork; may include introduction to other processes (e.g., photo-etching, 3-D computer modeling); historical and current trends in craft. Prerequisites: MTLS:2910.

MTLS:3920 Advanced Jewelry and Metal Arts4 s.h.

Electroforming; production of hollow copper structures through prolonged electroplating on a nonmetallic form (typically wax) with a conductive coating; metal-forming techniques (e.g., raising and fold forming); emphasis on development of personal aesthetics, learning, and refining technical skills in metalworking and jewelry techniques. Prerequisites: MTLS:2910.

MTLS:4910 Mixed Media Workshop3-4 s.h.

Free exploration of all media and materials, including found objects; creation of conceptual and/or functional mixed media objects, jewelry, sculptures, installation pieces; pioneering use of new materials, development of new techniques, creation of diverse innovative artworks. Prerequisites: MTLS:2910. Recommendations: MTLS:2910 and MTLS:3920.

MTLS:4920 Mold Making4 s.h.

All aspects of mold making, including plaster, rubber, and silicone. Prerequisites: CERM:2010 or TDSN:2210 or MTLS:2910 or SCLP:2810.

MTLS:4960 Form and Fabrication: The Hand-Built Bicycle Frame II4 s.h.

Building on TDSN:4250; advanced concepts of bicycle frame design and fabrication; concept development, fabrication geometry and design, metal properties and selection, tool selection, brazing and welding, including titanium-milling and how to build a frame jig; emphasis on applying fabrication skills while situating frame building project within context of a design problem. Prerequisites: TDSN:4250.

MTLS:4970 Hand-Built Bicycle III4 s.h.

Building on MTLS:4960; advanced concepts of bicycle frame design and fabrication; concept development, fabrication geometry and design, metal properties and selection, tool selection; brazing and welding including titanium-milling and how to build a frame jig; emphasis on application of fabrication skills while situating frame building project within context of a design problem. Prerequisites: MTLS:4960.

MTLS:4975 Graduate Workshop4 s.h.

Independent studio work; personal aesthetics, conceptual and technical skills developed and refined; creation of work without boundaries of media; portfolios, exhibitions, professional goals. Prerequisites: MTLS:3920 and MTLS:4910 and MTLS:3910.

MTLS:4999 Undergraduate Individual Instruction1-3 s.h.

Individual instruction in metalsmithing and jewelry for advanced students.

MTLS:6999 Individual Instruction in Metalsmithing and Jewelryarr.