This is a list of all operative dentistry courses. For more information, see Operative Dentistry.

OPER:5126 Operative Dentistry Seminar0-1 s.h.

Review and critical analysis of operative dentistry literature.

OPER:5140 Operative Dentistry Advanced Clinic0-3 s.h.

Medical and surgical clinical management of dental disease; special emphasis on minimally invasive dentistry using advanced aesthetic principles.

OPER:5234 Selected Applications of Operative Dentistry0-3 s.h.

Advanced techniques completed on simulated patients.

OPER:5245 Pre-Clinical Teaching0-3 s.h.

Teaching predoctoral dental students on simulated patients.

OPER:6246 Clinical Teaching0,2 s.h.

Clinical teaching instruction in operative dentistry clinics.

OPER:8120 Dental Anatomy3 s.h.

Basic dental terminology and nomenclature, human tooth morphology, creation of tooth crowns with wax.

OPER:8122 Operative Dentistry I6 s.h.

Principles and design of cavity preparations; placement of restorative materials using simulated patients.

OPER:8240 Operative Dentistry II5 s.h.

Principles of caries and non-carious lesion management, design of cavity preparations, restoration of teeth, patient management, pain control; esthetic dentistry; tooth bleaching, tooth recontouring, esthetic buildups with dental composite; exercises on mannequins in simulation clinic and procedures performed on patients in operative clinic. Prerequisites: OPER:8122.

OPER:8370 Operative Dentistry III4 s.h.

Combination of didactic and clinical aspects of operative dentistry; medical and surgical management of dental disease; emphasis on minimally invasive dentistry with advanced aesthetic principles.