This is a list of all leadership studies courses. For more information, see Leadership Studies.

LS:1005 Leadership Community Seminar0-1 s.h.

Opportunity to develop leadership knowledge and skills through workshops and programs; meaningful involvement and engagement on campus and in community through service learning opportunities; team building through a variety of initiatives and student-led programming; interaction with students who are making their own personal impact. Requirements: Personal Impact Living-Learning Community member.

LS:1009 Mock Trial2 s.h.

Opportunity to learn legal analysis and argumentation, public performance; participation in University of Iowa Mock Trial Club; mock trial role preparation, tournament competition, and staging an annual club tournament.

LS:1010 Theme Semester Student Ambassador Seminar I0-1 s.h.

Preparation to effectively communicate information about the Theme Semester program to faculty, staff, students, and community members; support program events and activities by increasing student involvement.

LS:1011 Theme Semester Student Ambassador Seminar II0-1 s.h.

Builds off of LS:1010; continued preparation to effectively communicate information about the Theme Semester program to faculty, staff, students, and community members; support program events and activities by increasing student involvement.

LS:1016 On Iowa! Leadership Development Seminar2 s.h.

Development of practical, transferable skills for On Iowa! team captains; actively develop leadership, group facilitation, and presentation skills to enhance group dynamics; opportunities to make meaning of On Iowa! experiences, have a greater understanding of leadership strengths, and develop a personal leadership philosophy.

LS:1017 Orientation Leader Training0-2 s.h.

Preparation for leadership role as a Hawkeye Guide in the Office of Orientation Services or as an On Iowa! team captain.

LS:1018 Issues in College Residence Halls I0-1 s.h.

Development of knowledge and skills required for work as a resident assistant; creating community, handling crises and emergencies; leadership.

LS:1019 Issues in College Residence Halls II0-1 s.h.

Continuation of LS:1018.

LS:1020 Introduction to Leadership3 s.h.

Overview of leadership theory and skills for effective leadership; historical perspective, development of a personal philosophy of leadership, self-assessments, leadership models; study of groups, culture, and communities; application of experiential learning settings; community service project; geared toward emerging student leaders.

LS:1021 Current Issues and Leadership in Fraternity and Sorority Life3 s.h.

Current issues facing leaders (alcohol and hazing education, conflict management, lasting impact of organizations on members); lifetime membership and values-based decision making; for leaders of fraternity and sorority community.

LS:1022 President's Leadership Class (PLC)3 s.h.

Meetings on current UI issues and the UI Presidents' philosophy on leadership; leaders from inside and outside the University, including Board of Regents, political leaders, influential alumni, student leaders, professors, coaches, other administrators; activities linked to the development of personal leadership style. Requirements: first-year standing and application.

LS:1023 Leadership Certificate Practicum Class3 s.h.

Meaningful and educational cocurricular experiences in on-campus leadership positions (i.e., student organization leader, student government leader, residence assistant, student orientation advisor, peer educator, fraternity/sorority leader); active leadership roles and responsibilities (i.e., executive leadership position, initiating and organizing a major event); application of leadership models and theories to practical experiences; for students completing the leadership certificate. Prerequisites: LS:3004 and LS:3012. Requirements: leadership certificate program enrollment, completion of 6 s.h. of electives in certificate program, and meet with instructor prior to enrollment.

LS:1024 Alternative Break Service Learningarr.

Introduction to theoretical approaches to service learning; shared experiential learning event off campus (i.e., alternative break) coordinated by professional or graduate staff member; variety of concepts including intersectionality of varied social and community issues, reflection and reciprocity, active citizenship and community building, practical implementation of skills from student's academic disciplines, leadership development, and other related areas; five expectations of the IOWA Challenge, with emphasis on STRETCH and SERVE, through education, direct service, and reflection. Requirements: application and acceptance to program.

LS:2002 Career Leadership Academy Part 13 s.h.

How to become a successful leader; opportunity to increase understanding of self, others, and the skills sought by employers; work and lead effectively in teams; creation of a group presentation focused on community needs; career components of résumé writing, LinkedIn profile development, and networking; first in a two-course series.

LS:2012 Communication Skills for Leaders1 s.h.

What gaps exist when people need to communicate effectively as leaders? Participants will learn how to develop and improve the most essential communication skills to be an effective leader in professional and personal relationships, and leave with a better understanding of how to be heard and understood in any setting where communication is the difference between success and failure.

LS:2013 Strengths-Based Leadership1 s.h.

Examination and evaluation of personal unique talents, be more engaged, and gain better understanding of leadership from a "Strengths" perspective; how to maximize strengths to stand out from the crowd; how society encourages people to be well-rounded (according to Gallup Organization's Strengths research) and how this pursuit of many goals can actually result in mediocrity.

LS:2014 PCC Leadership Internship0 s.h.

Opportunity to develop and improve leadership and professional skills in a structured environment; skills employers seek in new graduates; evaluation of internship experience; for students who have secured an internship focused on leadership and professional skills development in the Pomerantz Career Center and related programs. Requirements: sophomore or higher standing, completion of at least 12 s.h. of UI course work, secured internship approved in advance by instructor, and compliance with Pomerantz Career Center internship requirements.

LS:3002 Career Leadership Academy Part 23 s.h.

Leadership development and career readiness; application of strengths, building effective teams, motivation, and delegation skills to a service-learning project designed by the class through engagement with a community partner; explore interviewing, personal branding, job searching, professional etiquette, salary negotiation, and transitioning successfully into the workplace; second in a two-course series. Prerequisites: LS:2002.

LS:3003 Culturally Intelligent Leadership1 s.h.

National Coalition Building Institute (NCBI) and Cultural Intelligence Quotient (CQ) skill-based training to become more culturally intelligent leaders; in-class participation by employers, networking, learning how these principles take shape in the real world at their respective organizations; book of student's résumés provided to employers at completion of course. Requirements: sophomore or higher standing.

LS:3004 Perspectives on Leadership: Principles and Practices3 s.h.

Broad foundation of leadership knowledge representing diverse approaches to studying and practicing leadership; core course for students pursuing the leadership certificate. Requirements: sophomore or higher standing.

LS:3009 Global Leadership Initiative in Xicotepec0-2 s.h.

Culture, history, and values of Mexico; leadership skills and work on civil and humanitarian projects; reflection of learning and experiences; spring break week in Xicotepec, Mexico. Requirements: participation in Career Leadership Academy and concurrent enrollment in ABRD:3352.

LS:3010 Global Leadership Initiative1 s.h.

Development of knowledge, attitudes, and skills to be effective global leaders regardless of the industry or field; working effectively in a global environment; ability to deal with ambiguity and unfamiliarity; critical thinking and comparative skills, including the ability to think creatively and integrate knowledge; pre-experience assessment, guided reflection, intercultural communication; online course for students engaged in a study abroad experience or international internship. Requirements: concurrent enrollment in a study abroad or international internship experience, completing an international component of current employment, or plans to participate in one of the previous experiences within a year.

LS:3011 Leadership Certificate Internship0,2-3 s.h.

Registration of practical work experience (internship) with leadership components, for students pursuing the leadership certificate. Prerequisites: LS:3004 and LS:3012. Requirements: an additional 6 s.h. of approved leadership course work.

LS:3012 Leadership Theory to Practice3 s.h.

How the world is changing at an accelerating rate; leadership effectiveness and demand of a high-level ability to work with others and respond to change; foundational concepts of major theories and behaviors of leadership models; practical challenges of leadership analyzed through use of experiential projects, discussion, presentations, exercises; development of self-awareness through use of behavioral instruments, group exercises, individual reflection; major approaches to leadership, authentic leadership, team leadership, gender issues in leadership, emotional intelligence, virtual leadership.