This is a list of all honors program courses. For more information, see University of Iowa Honors Program.

HONR:1100 Honors Primetime1 s.h.

Preparation for honors opportunities, especially activities and courses; teamwork on projects that develop skills of invention and communication; presentation of products and performances; connect honors students, honors teachers, and staff members.

HONR:1300 Honors First-Year Seminar1-2 s.h.

Small discussion classes taught by faculty members on special topics; may include outside activities (e.g., films, lectures, performances, readings, visits to research facilities, field trips). Requirements: first- or second-semester standing.

HONR:1350 Honors Seminar for Incoming Presidential Scholars1 s.h.

Designed to help students know themselves and one another better through participation in selected events and structured experiences; students attend events selected from the University and Iowa City's rich intellectual and cultural offerings, such as art workshops, literary readings, presentations in the sciences and humanities, hands-on engineering demonstrations, dance recitals, political forums, plays, and music performances (students decide as a group which events they attend); in-class discussion, small-group work, and guest presentations; for first-year Presidential Scholars. Requirements: Presidential Scholarship award received when admitted to the University of Iowa.

HONR:1610 Honors Seminar in Historical Perspectives3 s.h.

Small-class learning with a faculty member to explore and explain historical developments. GE: Historical Perspectives.

HONR:1620 Honors Seminar in International and Global Issues3 s.h.

Small-class learning with a faculty member to introduce perspectives of other nations and cultures through international or global issues. GE: International and Global Issues.

HONR:1630 Honors Seminar in Literary, Visual, and Performing Arts3 s.h.

Small-class learning with a faculty member to appreciate, analyze, create, or perform art. GE: Literary, Visual, and Performing Arts.

HONR:1640 Honors Seminar in Natural Sciences3 s.h.

Small-class learning with a faculty member on natural science topics. GE: Natural Sciences without Lab.

HONR:1660 Honors Seminar in Social Sciences3 s.h.

Small-class learning with a faculty member on social science topics. GE: Social Sciences.

HONR:1670 Values and Culture3 s.h.

Asking fundamental questions about human experience and its meaning while becoming more aware of what, exactly, defines culture and values; students have a chance to consider their own values and beliefs, and the importance to their lifelong goals.

HONR:1680 Honors Seminar in Diversity and Inclusion3 s.h.

Small-class learning with a faculty member to broaden student perspectives on social and cultural differences and introduce concepts in the structural bases of inequality and the benefits of diversity. Requirements: member of the University of Iowa Honors Program.

HONR:1850 Honors Seminar in Communication and Literacy3 s.h.

Small-class learning with a faculty member; focus on writing, speaking, and critical reading skills or analysis of fiction, poetry, drama, essays.

HONR:1883 War3 s.h.

Emotions soldiers have as they fight, what makes them continue voluntarily to face death, and how modern society memorializes these experiences; how literature and art transform the experience of war; human responses to war in Homer's Iliad and select Greek tragedies. GE: Values and Culture. Same as CLSA:1883.

HONR:1885 Reading the Ancient City3 s.h.

How ancient Mediterranean and Near Eastern peoples from third millennium B.C.E. to fourth century C.E. described, celebrated, and deplored life in their great cities (Babylon, Jerusalem, Athens, Rome); readings selected from ancient literary prose, poetry, drama, and religious writings; study of popular writing (e.g., ancient inscriptions, graffiti, letters, and magic spells). GE: Interpretation of Literature.

HONR:2600 Honors Special Topics1-3 s.h.

Small-class learning with a faculty member on special topics.

HONR:2800 The Green Room1-3 s.h.

Exploring and broadening interests outside of one's academic discipline; follow innate curiosity and go beyond the traditional boundaries of the college curriculum. Requirements: member of the honors program and in good standing (UI cumulative g.p.a. of 3.33 or higher).

HONR:3050 Honors Studiesarr.

Independent studies arranged with faculty members who certify satisfactory completion of study plans and performance for topics not covered by other UI courses.

HONR:3100 Honors Teaching Practicum1-3 s.h.

Teaching internship in first- and second-year courses; may include providing tutorial assistance, conducting review sessions, aiding course organization.

HONR:3150 Honors Service Learningarr.

Service learning projects arranged with faculty members who certify satisfactory completion of study plans and service.

HONR:3160 Honors Internship0-3 s.h.

Independent service internship arranged with faculty members, who certify satisfactory performance and completion of project.

HONR:3170 Honors Outreach Ambassadors1-2 s.h.

Experience sharing knowledge and experiences of the honors program with other students in meetings during office hours, online chats, other venues; outreach ambassadors; answer questions, provide information, help students find honors opportunities in and out of class.

HONR:3210 Honors Policy Research Practicum1 s.h.

Theory and practice of public policy research; development of policy-research skills; production of policy-research papers. Requirements: sophomore or junior standing.

HONR:3220 Honors Writing Fellows: Writing Theory and Practice3 s.h.

Preparation of honors students selected as writing fellows to serve as peer tutors in writing-intensive courses; theories of writing, evaluation of drafts, peer tutoring with students. Requirements: sophomore or junior honors standing, admission to Writing Fellows Program, and availability to work as a writing fellow in subsequent semesters.

HONR:3250 Fieldwork in Social Innovation3 s.h.

Entrepreneurial skills necessary to actualize ideas in the community; students work with local partners to brainstorm, prototype, and build an original community-based venture involving needs assessment, social history of problem, and concept mapping; students learn soft skills such as interviewing, networking, collaboration, and building trust. Requirements: enrollment in engaged social innovation plan of study and membership in UI honors program in good standing. Same as INTD:3250.

HONR:3994 Honors Research Practicum1-3 s.h.

Individual research performed in conjunction with a faculty member's research.

HONR:4990 Honors Thesis or Project1-3 s.h.

Culminating project of research or artistic creation; preparation and completion of the final product associated with graduation with honors in the student's major. Requirements: member of the University of Iowa Honors Program and junior or senior standing.