This is a list of all Medical Scientist Training Program courses. For more information, see Medical Scientist Training Program.

MSTP:8511 MSTP Researcharr.

Research experience. Requirements: Medical Scientist Training Program enrollment.

MSTP:8512 MSTP Clinical Connectionsarr.

Experience with physician-scientist preceptor in medical interviewing, physical examination, patient presentation through direct patient interaction. Requirements: Medical Scientist Training Program graduate phase enrollment.

MSTP:8513 Analyzing and Presenting Medical Research1 s.h.

How to read, interpret, and present medical and scientific literature; students read and present representative papers from scientific and medical literature.

MSTP:8514 Grant Writing Basics: A Focus on Predoctoral Applications1 s.h.

Introduction to practical and conceptual aspects of grant-writing process, with the goal of completing an NIH F30-like grant; encourages critical thinking about significance, innovation, and experimental design; relate critical information and study design in concise and clear language; practical concepts of grant writing such as specific aims, experimental design, and the grant review process; trainees will present their research ideas, establishing opportunities to give and receive scientific criticism. Requirements: Medical Scientist Training Program enrollment.