This is a list of all University of Iowa Center for Human Rights courses. For more information, see University of Iowa Center for Human Rights.

HRTS:2115 Introduction to Human Rights3 s.h.

Analysis and evaluation of the international human rights program; relationship between human rights and international law. Same as IS:2115.

HRTS:3905 Topics in Human Rights1-3 s.h.

Examination of emerging human rights issues from an interdisciplinary and international perspective. Same as IS:3905.

HRTS:3906 Human Rights Systems: Institutions and Mechanisms Enforcing and Implementing Human Rights3 s.h.

Beginning of modern human rights era in 1948 and newly formed United Nations as one of the few institutions acting to protect human rights; present day aspiring advocates confronted by bewildering array of institutions to which they might bring human rights concerns; human rights enforcement mechanisms from an advocate's point of view; shortcomings of human rights enforcement and how it can be made better; broad definition of advocacy; legal and nonlegal conceptions of enforcement.

HRTS:3910 Human Rights Advocacy3 s.h.

Theoretical foundations and critical issues for international human rights advocacy and international humanitarian movements. Same as IS:3910.

HRTS:3915 Human Rights and the Arts3 s.h.

Ways in which violations of and struggle for human rights have affected and been affected by literary, musical, visual, architectural, and theatrical/dramatic arts in various countries past and present; art considered as expression, as market of identity, and as historical document.

HRTS:3920 Seminar in Human Rights Praxis: Supervised Internshiparr.

Supervised internship in human rights praxis; focus on field-based advocacy and human rights frameworks.

HRTS:4283 U.S. Women's History as the History of Human Rights3-4 s.h.

History of human rights in the United States traced through the perspective of women; aspects of women's experience (social, political, intellectual) related to fundamental human rights—right to a nationality, right to life, liberty and personal security, right to freedom of movement, right to take part in the government of their country, right to own property; these and other rights specified by the United Nations in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, 1948; different history of men and women enjoying these rights; how human rights have been constructed and experienced in the United States from the era of colonial settlement to present. Same as AMST:4283, GWSS:4283, HIST:4283.