This is a list of all internal medicine courses. For more information, see Internal Medicine.

IM:8301 Inpatient Internal Medicinearr.

Development of knowledge, diagnostic and management skills vital to care of hospitalized patients; clinical responsibilities, educational conferences, independent study.

IM:8302 Outpatient Internal Medicine3-4 s.h.

Development of knowledge, diagnostic and management skills in the outpatient clinical setting; clinical activities, discussion of problems, independent study.

IM:8303 Electrocardiographyarr.

Scalar electrocardiography with option of viewing exercise studies including treadmill testing; initial interpretation of current tracings and daily staff conferences.

IM:8401 Subinternship in Internal Medicine4 s.h.

Student responsibility for evaluating, treating, and following patients admitted to inpatient general medicine services. Requirements: fourth-year M.D. enrollment.

IM:8410 Clinical Allergy Immunologyarr.

Pathogenesis, diagnosis, and management of asthma and allergic and immunologic diseases; conducting and interpreting relevant specialized clinical and laboratory tests; emphasis on outpatients; formal and informal teaching sessions.

IM:8412 Clinical Cardiologyarr.

Development of breadth and depth in diagnostic and therapeutic problems encountered in clinical cardiology; participation in evaluation and decisions regarding patients seen sometimes in the cardiovascular clinic, inpatient cardiology wards, and electrophysiology service.

IM:8413 Noninvasive Cardiovascular Assessment: EKG Interpretation and Experiences in Ultrasound2 s.h.

Develop and further the confidence to read basic EKG patterns and rhythms critical to the primary care physician; these are the same objectives and methods as are stressed within the EKG portion of the transitions to clinical clerkships course; students are expected to refamiliarize themselves with this ICD material before beginning the course; students will learn by reading actual EKG's on their own with facilitation of learning by direct instructor feedback of their interpretation. Requirements: M.D. enrollment.

IM:8414 Clinical Endocrinologyarr.

New patient evaluation, inpatient referral; returning patients in diabetes, endocrine clinics; complete patient evaluations, charts; participation in clinical conferences.

IM:8416 Clinical Gastroenterologyarr.

Work in consultation service at University Hospitals and Clinics or Iowa City VA Health Care System; assistance in diagnostic procedures for patients examined as part of consultation service; participation in patient follow-up through weekly return clinic.

IM:8418 Hematology Oncologyarr.

Diagnostic skills in hematology and oncology.

IM:8422 Clinical Infectious Diseasearr.

Diagnosis, treatment, follow-up, study of patients with infectious diseases, under staff guidance; techniques of diagnostic microbiology; participation in conferences, teaching activities.

IM:8424 Medical Intensive Care Unitarr.

IM:8426 Pulmonary Diseasearr.

Breadth, depth in diagnostic, therapeutic problems encountered in clinical pulmonary disease; evaluation of outpatients and inpatients under staff supervision; interpretation of special studies carried out in pulmonary function laboratory, fiberoptic bronchoscopy and brush biopsy of lung; exposure to diagnosis and management of acute respiratory failure in intensive care units at University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics, and Iowa City VA Health Care System.

IM:8428 Nephrologyarr.

Evaluation of patients from University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics inpatient service, Iowa City VA Health Care System and clinics; emphasis on early kidney disease and all varieties of hypertension.

IM:8434 Clinical Rheumatologyarr.

Clinical features of rheumatic diseases, their differential diagnosis, and principles of management; patients from arthritis clinic, inpatient consultation service of University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics, and Iowa City VA Health Care System.

IM:8435 Palliative Care2,4 s.h.

Requirements: M.D. enrollment.

IM:8437 Multidisciplinary Cancer Care2 s.h.

Basic concepts of cancer care; role of multidisciplinary team in care of cancer patients; development of attitudes, knowledge, and skills useful for entering a specialty that encounters patients with cancer. Requirements: M.D. enrollment.

IM:8449 Editorial Writing for Medical Students4 s.h.

Students understand and practice the skill of writing opinion editorials aimed at improving the public's understanding of health and health care; how to effectively engage a broad, non-medical audience through writing with the goal of producing an opinion editorial piece that could be submitted for publication to a local or national newspaper.

IM:8450 Continuity of Care in Outpatient Internal Medicine4 s.h.

Experience with longitudinal continuity of care for patients in the outpatient setting; clinical and didactic exposure to broad spectrum of general internal medicine problems. Requirements: fourth-year M.D. enrollment.

IM:8451 Subinternship in General Internal Medicine and ICU, Des Moinesarr.

Four-week rotation at Des Moines Medical Education Consortium; experience as a subintern in general internal medicine and the ICU. Requirements: fourth-year M.D. enrollment.

IM:8452 Subinternship in Internal Medicine at VAMC, Des Moinesarr.

Rotation at the Veterans Affairs Central Iowa Health Care System; subinternship on general internal medicine ward. Requirements: fourth-year M.D. enrollment.

IM:8453 Critical Care Rotation, IMMC, ICU, DM4 s.h.

Subinternship on medical critical care team, with daily rounds, teaching. Requirements: fourth-year M.D. enrollment.

IM:8454 General Medicine Consult Service, IMMCarr.

Principles of consultative medicine provided by general internists to non-internal medicine patients; how to assess perioperative risk for patients evaluated before surgery.

IM:8455 Public Health Medicinearr.

Participation in ongoing projects related to public health issues of acute disease; training and career opportunities in public health practice.

IM:8456 Clinical Cardiology Coronary Care Experience, Iowa Methodist, Des Moinesarr.

IM:8457 Clinical Nephrology, Iowa Methodist, Des Moines2,4 s.h.

Exposure to common nephrology problems, including acute renal failure, chronic renal failure, acid-base disorders, common electrolyte disorders.

IM:8495 Internal Medicine ICU Off Campusarr.

Experience as subintern in the ICU/MICU; daily rounds and teaching with medical critical care staff.

IM:8497 Research in Internal Medicinearr.

Medical research, clinical or laboratory projects; individual study.

IM:8498 Internal Medicine On Campusarr.

IM:8499 Internal Medicine Off Campusarr.