This is a list of all translational biomedicine courses. For more information, see Translational Biomedicine.

TBM:3001 Introduction to Translational Research2 s.h.

Array of scientific studies translated into clinical solutions; creative ideas balanced with practical strategies for implementation at bedside; expansive number of career opportunities becoming available in translational sciences. Requirements: admission to clinical and translational science certificate program.

TBM:3002 Practicum in Clinical and Translational Science2 s.h.

How research experience translates into clinical practice; translational impact of independent research; summary of research accomplishments; outline of a translational paper that is mutually acceptable to student, preceptor, and faculty; submission of paper and completion of poster presentation describing research project and translational application of research. Requirements: admission to clinical and translational science certificate program.

TBM:5000 Translational Biomedical Researcharr.

Student research guided by mentor.

TBM:5001 Introduction to Translational Biomedicine3 s.h.

Basis for clinical and translational research; introduction to principles of experimental design for patient- and population-oriented research; approaches available to clinical and translational investigators (e.g., statistics, questionnaires, ethics, imaging, information technology); infrastructure that supports clinical and translational investigators at the University of Iowa and nationally; for early-career clinicians/scientists and established investigators. Requirements: enrollment in translational biomedicine M.S. program.

TBM:5002 Critical Thinking and Communication: Study Design and Commercialization1 s.h.

Various study design methodologies and process of commercialization; presentations of current projects. Requirements: candidacy for M.S. in translational biomedicine.

TBM:5003 Critical Thinking and Communication: Scientific Writing and Presentation Strategies1 s.h.

Grant development and journal writing process; development of effective scientific presentations.

TBM:5004 Critical Thinking and Communication: Career Development and the Funding Process1 s.h.

Introduction to a variety of career development awards and their requirements; opportunity to work on personal career development grant applications.

TBM:5005 Critical Thinking and Communication: Leadership, Team Science, and Mentoring1 s.h.

Leadership skills for managing and developing a research team; leading and organizing a team; managing and sharing resources with other faculty and fellows; finding, hiring, and keeping good people; leading productive meetings; delegation strategies; resources and tools for mentors; information on applying and teaching leadership skills to mentees.