This is a list of all pediatric dentistry courses. For more information, see Pediatric Dentistry.

PEDO:5220 Social, Cultural, and Public Health Issues in Pediatric Dentistry0-1 s.h.

PEDO:5700 Advanced Didactic Pediatric Dentistry0-1 s.h.

Lectures in advanced pediatric dentistry.

PEDO:5704 Pediatric Dentistry Grand Rounds0-1 s.h.

Pediatric dentistry rounds.

PEDO:5706 Journal Review Practicum0-1 s.h.

Review of journal material in pediatric dentistry.

PEDO:5724 Oral Health Care for People with Special Health Care Needs0-1 s.h.

Providing oral health care for individuals with disabilities.

PEDO:5730 Advanced Clinical Pediatric Dentistry0-2 s.h.

Advanced study in clinical pediatric dentistry.

PEDO:5732 Pediatric Physical Diagnosis0-1 s.h.

Pediatric physical diagnosis for dental practice.

PEDO:5738 Clinical Application of Pediatric Conscious Sedation0-1 s.h.

PEDO:6700 Research in Pediatric Dentistry0-1 s.h.

PEDO:6710 Practical Teaching in Pediatric Dentistry0-1 s.h.

PEDO:8240 Pediatric Dentistry Diagnosis and Treatment3 s.h.

Growth and development, behavior management, diagnostic-preventive-restorative techniques for pediatric patients.

PEDO:8360 Clinical Pediatric Dentistryarr.

Comprehensive clinical management of pediatric patients.

PEDO:8365 Clinical Seminar in Pediatric Dentistry1 s.h.

Patient management, case histories, treatment philosophies, issues in contemporary dentistry for children.