This is a list of all Swahili courses. For more information, see French and Italian.

SWAH:3000 Introduction to Swahili Language and Culture for Travelers2 s.h.

Introduction to Swahili language, history, and culture for anyone who would like to learn more about East Africa, Swahili language, and culture; multidisciplinary sources include texts, newspapers, booklets, films, music videos, pictures, handouts, websites, and a taste of Swahili cuisine; provides a bird's eye view of East African culture; previous knowledge of Swahili not required.

SWAH:3001 Elementary Swahili I4 s.h.

GE: World Languages First Level Proficiency.

SWAH:3002 Elementary Swahili II4 s.h.

GE: World Languages Second Level Proficiency.

SWAH:3003 Intermediate Swahili I4 s.h.

GE: World Languages Second Level Proficiency.

SWAH:3004 Intermediate Swahili II4 s.h.

GE: World Languages Fourth Level Proficiency.

SWAH:3006 Conversational Swahili3 s.h.

Extensive practice in production and comprehension of spoken Swahili. Corequisites: SWAH:3002 or SWAH:3004.

SWAH:3007 Advanced Swahili3 s.h.

Advanced speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills. Prerequisites: SWAH:3004.

SWAH:4000 Identity, Trade, and Diaspora3 s.h.

Identity of Swahili people on East African coast; trade networks and diaspora in Arabia and Persian Gulf over the centuries; Swahili civilization marked by urbanity, literacy, Islam, and cosmopolitanism; how scholars' views have changed (scholars originally could not reconcile their conception of Africa, the Dark Continent, with characteristics of this sophisticated culture). Same as HIST:4728.