This is a list of all pharmacology courses. For more information, see Pharmacology.

PCOL:2120 Drugs: Their Nature, Action, and Use2 s.h.

Principles of drug action, toxicity, sedatives, stimulants, hallucinogens, narcotics, over-the-counter agents, antibiotics, and oral contraceptives. Offered spring semesters. Requirements: closed to students enrolled in the Pharm.D. program.

PCOL:4130 Drug Mechanisms and Actions3 s.h.

Introduction to principles of pharmacology, pharmacologic actions of drugs. Offered spring semesters. Requirements: undergraduate biochemistry and physiology courses.

PCOL:4199 Undergraduate Research in Pharmacologyarr.

Experimental research under faculty supervision in department laboratories. Offered fall and spring semesters.

PCOL:5135 Principles of Pharmacology1 s.h.

Basic pharmacological principles underlying drug absorption, drug distribution throughout the body, drug metabolism, and drug elimination; how these processes determine drug dosing and the means by which dosing parameters are characterized; drug receptor interactions and their quantitation. Offered spring semesters.

PCOL:5136 Pharmacogenetics and Pharmacogenomics1 s.h.

Impact of genetic variation on the actions and metabolism of drugs; database search techniques to identify variants. Offered spring semesters. Prerequisites: PCOL:5135. Recommendations: undergraduate or graduate biochemistry and/or genetics.

PCOL:5137 Neurotransmitters1 s.h.

Mechanisms of neurotransmission focusing on mechanisms of synthesis, regulation of release, mechanisms of action, means of degradation, and CNS pathways for major neurotransmitters; disease states involving various neurotransmitter systems. Offered spring semesters.

PCOL:5204 Basic Biostatistics and Experimental Design1 s.h.

Overview of theory of experimental design and data analysis in biological sciences; types of analyses available for common types of data generated in biomedical sciences; review of statistical methods used in published studies; cursory coverage of mathematical computations involved in various analytical tests. Offered fall semesters.

PCOL:6015 Topics in Neuropharmacology1 s.h.

Recent advances in neuropharmacology, developmental neurobiology, neuroendocrinology, and related neurosciences. Offered fall semesters.

PCOL:6020 Topics in Pharmacogenomics1 s.h.

Recent advances in pharmacogenomics, pharmacogenetics, and related genetic fields. Offered fall semesters.

PCOL:6025 Topics in Cell Signaling and Cancer1 s.h.

Recent advances in cell signaling mechanisms, mechanisms of cancer, cancer biology, and related sciences. Offered spring semesters.

PCOL:6030 Topics in Cardiovascular Pharmacology1 s.h.

Recent advances in cardiovascular pharmacology, metabolic pharmacology, and related sciences. Offered spring semesters.

PCOL:6080 Pharmacology Seminar1 s.h.

PCOL:6090 Graduate Research in Pharmacologyarr.

PCOL:6099 Special Topics in Pharmacologyarr.

PCOL:6203 Pharmacology for Graduate Students6 s.h.

Principles of pharmacology, pharmacologic actions of drugs, correlation with therapeutic uses. Offered fall semesters. Prerequisites: BIOC:5243 and MPB:5153.

PCOL:6204 Pharmacology for Health Sciences: Nurse Anesthetist5 s.h.

Principles of pharmacology; pharmacologic actions of drugs, correlation with therapeutic uses. Offered fall semesters. Prerequisites: ACB:6000 or NURS:6000. Requirements: enrollment in Anesthesia Nursing Program.

PCOL:6207 Ion Channel Pharmacology1 s.h.

Heuristic, semiquantitative approach to concepts in ion channel physiology and pharmacology; up-to-date physical principles, classification, and structure/function relationships for major voltage-gated ion channels that facilitate application of abstract concepts to physiological, pharmacological, and general biological problems. Offered spring semesters.

PCOL:6208 G Proteins and G Protein-Coupled Receptors1 s.h.

Structure and function of small molecular weight and G proteins; heteromeric G proteins and G protein-coupled receptors. Offered spring semesters of even years. Prerequisites: BIOC:5243. Recommendations: MMED:6225.

PCOL:6209 Steroid Receptor Signaling1 s.h.

Structure-function relationship and genomic and nongenomic actions of the steroid hormone receptor family; basis for actions of novel new ligands on these receptors. Offered spring semesters of even years. Same as MPB:6209, NSCI:6209.

PCOL:6250 Advanced Problem Solving in Pharmacological Sciences1 s.h.

Discussion of methodologies, strategies, and approaches commonly used to solve pharmacological sciences problems; use of interpersonal problem-solving skills to develop experimental study plans for solving contemporary scientific problems in pharmacology. Offered fall and spring semesters.

PCOL:8180 Pharmacology for Pharmacy Students I1 s.h.

Principles of pharmacology, drug and toxic mechanisms; systemic and organ-specific pharmacologic and toxic responses. Offered fall semesters. Requirements: second-year Pharm.D. enrollment or graduate standing.

PCOL:8181 Pharmacology for Pharmacy Students II2 s.h.

Continuation of PCOL:8180. Offered spring semesters. Prerequisites: PCOL:8180. Requirements: second-year Pharm.D. enrollment or graduate standing.

PCOL:8182 Pharmacology for Pharmacy Students III1 s.h.

Continuation of PCOL:8181. Offered fall semesters. Prerequisites: PCOL:8180 and PCOL:8181. Requirements: third-year Pharm.D. enrollment or graduate standing.

PCOL:8240 Basic Pharmacology for Dental Students3 s.h.

Principles of pharmacology, pharmacologic actions of drugs, correlation with therapeutic uses. Offered spring semesters. Prerequisites: BIOC:8101 and MPB:8115. Requirements: D.D.S. enrollment.