This is a list of all sculpture courses. For more information, see Art and Art History.

SCLP:2810 Undergraduate Sculpture I3 s.h.

Basic sculptural concepts, processes, investigation of materials such as plaster, clay, wood; emphasis on developing formal language, acquiring basic skills; spatial, conceptual, technical issues. Prerequisites: ARTS:1520 and ARTS:1510. GE: Literary, Visual, and Performing Arts.

SCLP:2820 Undergraduate Sculpture II3 s.h.

Continuation of SCLP:2810; form, materials, processes, woodcarving, welding, concrete carving and direct application; expanding concept development; contemporary sculptural formats, collaborative process. Prerequisites: SCLP:2810.

SCLP:3840 Robotic Art Studio4 s.h.

Exploration, design, and creation of interactive artworks, kinetic sculpture, robotic art, sound works, light art, and performance environments; application of basic electronics and mechanical techniques; use of programmable micro-controller Arduino. Prerequisites: ARTS:1520 and ARTS:1510.

SCLP:3895 Topics in Sculpture4 s.h.

Projects, reading; specialized conceptual forms and issues in contemporary sculpture, such as public art, installation. Prerequisites: SCLP:2810.

SCLP:4825 Casting in Hot Metal4 s.h.

Foundry work, wax working, mold making, and processes. Prerequisites: SCLP:2820 or MTLS:2910.

SCLP:4830 Motion and Mechanisms4 s.h.

Inherent properties of kinetic art and challenges of integrating motion into object and installation; artists who work with motion-based artwork; mechanical fabrication, basic electricity, switching, control, and various types of motors and mechanisms that can add motion to art-making process; projects engaging conceptual and technical aspects of kinetic sculpture, may include custom fabricated and recycled components. Prerequisites: ARTS:1510 and ARTS:1520.

SCLP:4835 Electronic Objects and Spaces4 s.h.

Aesthetic use of electronics to sequence and control motion, light, and sound; introduction to basic electronics through hands-on workshops and discussions; demonstrations on how to build an Arduino, integrated circuits, power supplies, soldering, prototyping, motors, sensors; projects integrating electronics with objects and spaces; artist screenings and critiques. Prerequisites: ARTS:1510 and ARTS:1520.

SCLP:4840 Air, Actuators, and Motors4 s.h.

Introduction to wide range of motors, actuators, and air devices available for integration in art projects; various forms of motor control and necessary means to power these devices; DC and AC motors, stepper motors, solenoids, electro magnets, relays, pneumatics, inflatables, and other air-driven devices; development of a project utilizing one or more systems; examples and media demonstrations to show how artists and scientists employ these systems. Prerequisites: ARTS:1510 and ARTS:1520.

SCLP:4899 Undergraduate Individual Instruction1-3 s.h.

Individual instruction in sculpture for advanced students.

SCLP:6264 Graduate Sculpture Workshop3-4 s.h.

Critique seminar with readings for graduate sculptors and nonsculpture graduate students.

SCLP:6899 Individual Instruction in Sculpturearr.