This is a list of all photography courses. For more information, see Art and Art History.

PHTO:2510 Beginning Digital Photography3 s.h.

How to use digital technology to make high-quality color and black-and-white photographs from scanned film and digital files; basic photography skills, including exposure, bracketing, composition; how to use raw files to make large digital prints; color profiles for fine digital printing. Prerequisites: ARTS:1520 and ARTS:1510.

PHTO:3510 Black and White Darkroom3-4 s.h.

Darkroom techniques, including film developing and printing; theory and practice of photography as fine art and cultural phenomenon; development of visual literacy, students' critical awareness of their work. Prerequisites: ARTS:1510 and ARTS:1520. Corequisites: PHTO:2510.

PHTO:3520 Intermediate Photography Digital3-4 s.h.

Digital photography including landscape, portrait, collage, still life, manipulated images; black-and-white and color printing; computer technology; history of photography in political and social issues. Prerequisites: PHTO:2510.

PHTO:4510 Advanced Photography3-4 s.h.

Individual projects; development of personal vision. Prerequisites: PHTO:3520 or PHTO:3510.

PHTO:4545 Materials and Techniques4 s.h.

Concepts and techniques, from reading contemporary topics to understanding and applying nontraditional photographic processes and digital imaging. Prerequisites: PHTO:3520 or PHTO:3510.

PHTO:4599 Undergraduate Individual Instruction1-3 s.h.

Individual instruction in photography for advanced students.

PHTO:4665 Introduction to 4x54 s.h.

Use of a 4x5 camera to correct perspective, depth of field; large format printing, negative processes. Prerequisites: PHTO:3510.

PHTO:6575 Graduate Photography Workshop4 s.h.

Projects; group critiques; readings.