PERF:4161 Instrumentation in Perfusion Technology3 s.h.

Electrical circuitry, filters, pressure transducers, thermistors, cardiac output computers, fluid dynamics, intra-aortic balloon pumps, blood gas analyzers. Requirements: Perfusion Technology Program enrollment.

PERF:4162 Pathophysiology of Perfusion Technology5 s.h.

Hemostasis, acid base physiology, gas transfer, heart anatomy, heart embryology, congenital cardiac defects. Requirements: Perfusion Technology Program enrollment.

PERF:4163 Clinical Experience I2 s.h.

Perfusion in operating room: patient workup, observation, and reporting on extracorporeal setup, surgical procedure. Requirements: Perfusion Technology Program enrollment.

PERF:4164 Clinical Experience II3 s.h.

Continuation of PERF:4163; setup of extracorporeal circuit; ancillary duties of perfusionist. Prerequisites: PERF:4161 and PERF:4162 and PATH:8133 and PERF:4163.

PERF:4165 Clinical Experience III12 s.h.

Continuation of PERF:4164; management of cardiopulmonary bypass system. Prerequisites: PCOL:4130 and PERF:4171 and PERF:4164 and PERF:4170.

PERF:4166 Clinical Experience IV12 s.h.

Continuation of PERF:4165; emphasis on supply maintenance, perfusion department management. Prerequisites: PERF:4165.

PERF:4167 Perfusion Seminar1 s.h.

Ethics in perfusion. Requirements: Perfusion Technology Program enrollment.

PERF:4168 Research in Perfusion1 s.h.

From topic selection to manuscript. Requirements: Perfusion Technology Program enrollment.

PERF:4169 Clinical Experience V12 s.h.

Continuation of PERF:4166. Prerequisites: PERF:4166.

PERF:4170 Principle and Practice of Perfusion Technology6 s.h.

Hypothermia, hemodilution, left heart bypass, dialysis, ultrafiltration, membrane and bubbler oxygenation. Prerequisites: PERF:4161 and PERF:4163 and PERF:4162 and PATH:8133.

PERF:4171 Devices in Perfusion Technology3 s.h.

Components of extracorporeal circuit; in vitro laboratory evaluation of components. Prerequisites: PATH:8133 and PERF:4161 and PERF:4163 and PERF:4162.