This is a list of Latin American studies courses. For more information, see Latin American Studies.

LAS:1150 Brazilian Culture and Carnival3 s.h.

Dance, music, historical, and social contents of Brazilian Carnival production, critical theories of performance, religious backgrounds, and theatre making in carnival parades. GE: Engineering Be Creative; Values and Culture. Same as DANC:1150.

LAS:1765 U.S. Latino Religions3 s.h.

Beliefs and practices of U.S. Latinos and Latinas, ways that their beliefs and practices are unique and where they overlap with mainstream U.S. society; beliefs, symbols, and practices among U.S. Latinos and Latinas on national and local level; field visits to local churches and religious sites; class visitors share insights. Same as RELS:1765.

LAS:1898 Introduction to Latina/o Communication and Culture3 s.h.

Introduction to fundamentals of communication by and about Latina/o in the U.S.; Latina/o as one of the fastest growing demographics; how Latina/o history, politics, and culture remain little understood despite a longstanding and growing presence in Iowa and across the nation; historical orientation; Latina/o social movement and protest (e.g., Chicana/o movements and the Young Lords Organization), institutional discourses (e.g., congressional, presidential, and legal discourses), and Latina/o in popular culture (film, TV, music, sports). Same as COMM:1898.

LAS:2052 Latin American Media3 s.h.

Development of media institutions, texts, and audiences across a number of Latin American countries; focus on broadcast media (radio and television) and situates them within larger historical context of 20th- and 21st-century Latin America; readings, discussions, and assignments with particular attention to influence of U.S. corporate and state interests on Latin American media; debates over cultural dependency, globalization, and hybridity in region. Same as COMM:2052.

LAS:2311 Music of Latin America and the Caribbean3 s.h.

Folk and popular musical traditions and their social contexts in Latin America, the Caribbean; listening skills; video/film screenings. GE: Literary, Visual, and Performing Arts; Values and Culture. Same as MUS:2311.

LAS:2415 Latin American Politics3 s.h.

Governmental institutions, major interest groups; focus on area as a whole. GE: International and Global Issues; Social Sciences. Same as POLI:2415.

LAS:2700 Introduction to Latin American Studies3 s.h.

Cultures of Latin American countries with emphasis on cultural history and cultural production; interdisciplinary survey. Same as COMM:2800, IS:2700, PORT:2700, SPAN:2700.

LAS:3104 Immigration Politics3 s.h.

United States immigration policy and political consequences of Latino population growth; contrast of political experiences of Latinos with groups and ideals of democratic political systems; analyses of past immigration policies; studies of public opinion, voter turnout, and campaign tactics. Same as LATS:3104, POLI:3104.

LAS:3111 Health in Mexico3 s.h.

Use of anthropological perspectives to examine disease, healing systems, and ideas about health and the body in Mexico and its diaspora; relationships between structural conditions and historical and political transformations; ideas about gender and race; chronic and acute disease in Mexico; conquest and disease; racialized bodies; sexual health; biomedicine; shamanism; immigration and health; pollution and narcoviolence; readings in English. Same as ANTH:3111, GHS:3040.

LAS:3120 The Art of Ancient Mexico3 s.h.

Art and architecture of Mexico and Peru before Cortéz. Same as ARTH:3120.

LAS:3535 Inter-American Studies3 s.h.

English majors may apply this course to the following area and/or period requirement. AREA: Transnational Literature and Postcolonial Studies. PERIOD: 20th/21st-Century Literature. Same as ENGL:3535.

LAS:4216 Mexican American History3 s.h.

Survey of Chicana/o (Mexican American) history from 18th century to present; Mexican American society's diverse nature, explored through class, ethnic, gender, and regional divisions. Same as HIST:4216.

LAS:4217 Latina/o Immigration3 s.h.

Immigration experiences of people arriving in the U.S. from other regions of the Americas (e.g., Mexico, Central America, the Caribbean, South America); what has fueled immigration—social, political, and economic developments in the U.S. and other nations; territorial conquest, colonialism, real and imagined borders, chain migration, formation of immigrant communities, acculturation, circular migration, social networks; how migration restructures gender relations; immigrant communities and pan-Latino identity in the U.S. Same as HIST:4217, LATS:4217.

LAS:4501 Society and Revolution in Cuba3 s.h.

Cuban society and revolutionary movements since the late colonial period, including the years since 1959. Same as HIST:4501.

LAS:4502 History of Mexico3 s.h.

Mexican history since the eve of the Spanish invasion, with focus on the national period; may include ethnic groups, conquest and demographic disaster, native survival, labor and migration, social protest and rebellions, nationhood, regional differences, religions, popular culture, economic growth and distribution, state building, international relations; survey. Same as AINS:4502, HIST:4502.

LAS:4508 Medicine and Public Health in Latin America, 1820-20003 s.h.

Survey of major topics in modern Latin American history in relation to development of medicine and public health. Same as GHS:4508, HIST:4508.

LAS:4515 Introduction to Modern Latin America3 s.h.

Cultural, institutional continuity from independence to present. Same as HIST:4515.

LAS:4678 Topics in Latin American Cinema3 s.h.

Taught in English. Prerequisites: CINE:1601. Requirements: one Spanish literature or culture course numbered above SPAN:3200 or one film studies course. Same as CINE:4678, SPAN:4810.

LAS:4700 Latin American Studies Seminar3 s.h.

Examination of past, present, and future of Latin America; interdisciplinary. Taught in English. Same as ANTH:4700, CL:4700, HIST:4504, PORT:4700, SPAN:4900.

LAS:4990 Independent Project in Latin American Studiesarr.

Independent work completed under the supervision of Latin American studies faculty.