This is a list of all neurology courses. For more information, see Neurology.

NEUR:5365 Seminar: Neuropsychology and Neurosciencearr.

Clinical neuropsychology and cognitive neuroscience: cutting-edge research from scientific journals, case presentations in clinical neuropsychology, and current research. Same as NSCI:5365, PSY:5365.

NEUR:6240 Topics in Cognitive Neuroscience1-3 s.h.

Key topics in the neural basis of human cognition; research literature. Recommendations: graduate courses in basic neuroscience and cognitive psychology. Same as NSCI:6240.

NEUR:7238 Introduction to Neuropsychological Assessmentarr.

Standard neuropsychological and behavioral assessment procedures; selection, administration, and scoring of neuropsychological tests under staff supervision; involvement in case presentation.

NEUR:7239 Advanced Neuropsychological Assessmentarr.

Continuation of NEUR:7238; preparation of integrated reports on collected data; case presentations.

NEUR:8301 Clinical Neurology2,4 s.h.

Experience in clinical neurology through ward work and case-based conferences linked to required reading; focus on neurologic examination, diagnosis of neurologic problems.

NEUR:8401 Advanced Inpatient Neurology2,4 s.h.

Experience and management of patients with seizure disorders, headache, cerebrovascular diseases; conferences, clinical rounds; two weeks on each inpatient service for a total of four weeks. Prerequisites: NEUR:8301.

NEUR:8402 Advanced Outpatient Neurology2,4 s.h.

Experience in evaluation, management of patients with various neurologic diseases; four weeks in clinic patient care. Prerequisites: NEUR:8301.

NEUR:8404 Neurology Subinternship4 s.h.

Care of patients with acute and serious neurological diseases, management of patients with varied cerebrovascular diseases; treatment of acute brain disease, comorbid medical diseases, medical and neurological complications that occur among patients with stroke; clinical assessments of patients, writing orders and clinical notes, contribution to rounds; close communication with patients, families, and colleagues; assignment to evening calls for emergency visits and consultations.

NEUR:8497 Research in Neurologyarr.

Medical research, clinical or laboratory projects; individual study.

NEUR:8498 Neurology On Campusarr.

NEUR:8499 Neurology Off Campusarr.