This is a list of all periodontics courses. For more information, see Periodontics.

PERI:5220 Periodontics Classic Literature Reviewarr.

Foundation of core concepts pertaining to the field of periodontology; includes review and critical analysis of landmark studies that have shaped the development of contemporary concepts in diagnosis and management of periodontal conditions and diseases and implant dentistry in a multidisciplinary context.

PERI:5700 Advanced Periodontology0-1 s.h.

PERI:5710 Case Management Seminar0,2 s.h.

Case management seminar in periodontics.

PERI:5720 Current Topics0-1 s.h.

Current topics in periodontics.

PERI:5740 Periodontal Implant Provisionalization0-1 s.h.

PERI:5750 Advanced Clinical Periodontics0,2 s.h.

PERI:7208 Recent Advances in Periodontics0-3 s.h.

Review of current literature.

PERI:7700 Practice Management0-1 s.h.

Practice management in periodontics.

PERI:7701 Practice Teaching in Periodontics0-2 s.h.

PERI:8120 Periodontic Methods I2 s.h.

Normal periodontium, periodontal diseases, diagnosis etiology, epidemiology of periodontal diseases.

PERI:8230 Periodontic Methods II1 s.h.

Periodontal treatment planning, prognosis, initial phase of periodontal therapy, treatment of acute periodontal problems, overview of surgical procedures.

PERI:8360 Periodontics Clinicarr.

Comprehensive clinical management of periodontal patients.

PERI:8365 Periodontology Seminar1-2 s.h.

Comprehensive concepts of periodontology, clinical management of patients.