This is a list of all immunology courses. For more information, see Immunology.

IMMU:2040 Summer Undergraduate IDGP Research0 s.h.

IMMU:6201 Graduate Immunology3 s.h.

Ontogeny, activation, and function of T lymphocytes and B lymphocytes; innate immune effector mechanisms; major histocompatibility complex; antigen presentation; thymocyte positive and negative selection; signaling of T lymphocytes, B lymphocytes; emphasis on experimental methods for analysis of these processes. Requirements: for IMMU:6201—college biology, general chemistry, and introductory immunology courses; for MICR:6201—courses in college biology, genetics, general chemistry, and introductory immunology. Recommendations: for IMMU:6201—courses in biochemistry and genetics; for MICR:6201—biochemistry course. Same as MICR:6201.

IMMU:6211 Immunology Seminar1 s.h.

Requirements: immunology graduate standing.

IMMU:6231 Research in Immunologyarr.

Laboratory research. Requirements: immunology graduate standing.

IMMU:6241 Writing a Scientific Proposal1 s.h.

How to write a scientific proposal. Prerequisites: IMMU:6201. Requirements: enrollment in immunology graduate program.

IMMU:6247 Graduate Immunology and Human Disease4 s.h.

Important principles and key concepts in immunology with a focus on the involvement of the immune system in disease pathogenesis; overview of innate and adaptive immune systems and their functions at cellular and molecular levels; learning enhanced by case-based, small-group discussion and writing exercises. Same as MICR:6247.

IMMU:7217 Integrated Topics in Infectious Diseases1 s.h.

Clinical cases used to raise questions in host-microbe interactions; case/scientific exposés followed by related journal club discussions at next class session. Same as MICR:7217.

IMMU:7221 Advanced Topics in Immunology3 s.h.

In-depth analysis of selected areas. Prerequisites: IMMU:6201 or MICR:6201. Same as MICR:7207.