This is a list of all disability studies courses. For more information, see Disability Studies.

DST:1101 Introduction to Disability Studies3 s.h.

Introduction and overview of important topics and discussions that pertain to the experience of being disabled; contrast between medical and social construction models of disability; focus on how disability has been constructed historically, socially, and politically in an effort to distinguish myth and stigma from reality; perspective that disability is part of human experience and touches everyone; interdisciplinary with many academic areas that offer narratives about experience of disability. GE: Diversity and Inclusion.

DST:3102 Culture and Community in Human Services2-3 s.h.

Influence of social issues (e.g., diversity, equity) on human services; values, beliefs, lifestyles, and attitudes of individuals and diverse groups found in a pluralistic society; recognition of dehumanizing biases and their impact on interpersonal relations; translation of knowledge of culture into attitudes, skills, and techniques that result in favorable experiences for human services consumers; recognition of ways in which dehumanizing biases may be reflected in everyday encounters and understanding how these interactions may influence populations served by human service practitioners.