This is a list of all free radical and radiation biology courses. For more information, see Free Radical and Radiation Biology.

FRRB:3110 Medical Physics I1-3 s.h.

Introduction to radiation used in clinical setting; fundamental physical units, measurements, principles, atomic structure and types of radiation; X-ray generating equipment, X-ray production, and its interaction with matter. Requirements: admission to free radical and radiation biology program or acceptance to radiation sciences therapy program, and maxillofacial or radiation oncology resident. Same as RSTH:3110.

FRRB:3130 Radiation Safety and Radiobiology2 s.h.

Instruction on safe operation of radiation producing equipment and handling of radioactive materials; origin and/or derivation of certain formulae and techniques useful in radiation protection programs; regulatory agencies, regulations, and regulatory guides pertinent to student's field; emphasis on applied aspects of radiation protection; characteristics and biological effects of ionizing radiations, properties and uses of radioisotopes, medical applications, and biological basis for protection procedures. Requirements: enrollment in radiation sciences or nuclear medicine technology program. Same as RSP:3130.

FRRB:3215 Medical Physics II0-3 s.h.

Treatment units used in external radiation therapy; beam calculations, isodose distributions, brachytherapy, quality assurance and quality management, protection and safety. Prerequisites: RSTH:3110. Requirements: admission to free radical and radiation biology program or acceptance to radiation sciences therapy program. Same as RSTH:3215.

FRRB:4000 Special Topics: Advanced Undergraduatesarr.

Readings and/or laboratory experience. Offered fall semesters.

FRRB:5000 Radiation Biology4 s.h.

Comprehensive study of molecular and biological effects of ionizing radiations with an emphasis on biomedical therapeutic applications; mammalian radiobiology, contribution of metabolism to radiation effects, and therapeutic applications of radiation in cancer therapy. Offered fall semesters of odd years. Prerequisites: BIOC:3120 and CHEM:2210. Requirements: college-level physics.

FRRB:5001 Research: Special Topicsarr.

FRRB:6000 Seminar: Free Radical and Radiation Biology1 s.h.

Seminar presentations of cutting edge science in the field of free radical and radiation biology, given by experts in the field as well as trainees.

FRRB:6004 Research: Free Radical and Radiation Biologyarr.

Representation of intensive laboratory-based studies in the field of free radical and radiation biology, determined by mutual agreement between faculty members sponsoring the research and consultation with graduate student.

FRRB:6006 Topics in Free Radical Biology and Medicine1 s.h.

Discussion and presentation of new literature reports in the field of free radical biology and medicine in journal club format.

FRRB:6008 Topics in Radiation and Cancer Biology1 s.h.

Emerging concepts in the biological effects of radiation and cancer biology; current topics in journal club format.

FRRB:7000 Redox Biology and Medicine4 s.h.

Chemistry of free radicals, related oxidants, and antioxidants; antioxidant (redox) enzymes—their structure, biochemical function, regulation, and function in redox biology; targets of oxidants—lipids, proteins, DNA; redox biology of health (infants to healthy aging) and disease (cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, neurodegenerative diseases). Offered spring semesters of even years. Prerequisites: BIOC:3120 or CHEM:2210.

FRRB:7001 Molecular and Cellular Biology of Cancer3 s.h.

Fundamental aspects of oncology at the cellular and molecular levels; mechanisms of cancer initiation and progression, oncogene action, DNA damage and repair, carcinogenesis by radiation, chemicals, viruses; tumor immunology, anticancer therapies. Offered fall semesters. Requirements: strong basic science background. Same as PATH:7001.