This is a list of all French courses. For more information, see French and Italian.

FREN:1000 First-Year Seminar1-2 s.h.

Small discussion class taught by a faculty member; topics chosen by instructor; may include outside activities (e.g., films, lectures, performances, readings, visits to research facilities). Taught in English. Requirements: first- or second-semester standing.

FREN:1001 Elementary French I4-5 s.h.

Introduction to reading, writing, listening, and speaking; for students who have no knowledge of French. GE: World Languages First Level Proficiency.

FREN:1002 Elementary French II4-5 s.h.

Continuation of FREN:1001; introduction to reading, writing, listening, and speaking. Prerequisites: FREN:1001 or French Placement score of 176 or higher. GE: World Languages Second Level Proficiency.

FREN:1005 Texts and Contexts: French-Speaking World3 s.h.

Development of skills in reading, understanding, and critically engaging with literary texts, and of research skills for informed inquiry; sense of oneself as a situated reader; range of texts reflecting diversity of French and Francophone writers. Taught in English. GE: Interpretation of Literature.

FREN:1006 Global Sports and National Cultures3 s.h.

Overview of the relationship between sports and national cultures in countries around the world; focus on how athletic competitions play a role in the formation of collective identities; includes the Olympic Games in ancient Greece, hockey in Canada, cycling in France, traditional wrestling in Senegal, cricket in England and India, and soccer in Europe, Africa, and Latin America. GE: International and Global Issues.

FREN:1007 Nature/Ecology French Philosophy and Fiction3 s.h.

Representations of the natural world in literary works from 16th to 20th centuries and in film; readings in English translation. Taught in English. GE: Interpretation of Literature.

FREN:1010 First-Year French Review4-5 s.h.

FREN:1001 and FREN:1002 combined in one intensive course. GE: World Languages Second Level Proficiency.

FREN:1040 French for Travelers2 s.h.

Basic language skills for tourists wanting to increase their French language skills.

FREN:1510 Cultural Misunderstandings: France and U.S.A.3 s.h.

Key moments in the history of relations between the United States and France, from similarities underlying democratic principles to recent divergent worldviews. Taught in English. GE: International and Global Issues.

FREN:1600 French and Francophone Cultural Activities1 s.h.

Credit for attendance and participation at French and Francophone cultural events, including scholarly talks, film screenings, art exhibits, literary readings, conversation hours, French Culture Club meetings, and volunteering as a translator for a medical clinic.

FREN:2001 Intermediate French I5 s.h.

Prerequisites: FREN:1010 or FREN:1002 or French Placement score of 176 or higher. Requirements: completion of prerequisites or two years of high school French. GE: World Languages Second Level Proficiency.

FREN:2002 Intermediate French II5 s.h.

Continuation of FREN:2001. Prerequisites: FREN:2001 or French Placement score of 231 or higher. Requirements: completion of prerequisites or three years of high school French. GE: World Languages Fourth Level Proficiency.

FREN:3000 Third-Year French3 s.h.

Development of reading skills in French; composition and review of basic grammar structures. Prerequisites: FREN:2002 or French Placement score of 311 or higher. Requirements: completion of prerequisites or four years of high school French.

FREN:3007 French Phonetics3 s.h.

Introduction to French phonetics; sounds of French in isolation and in context to improve pronunciation; audio exercises that emphasize sounds (nasal vowels, [u]-[y] contrast) and prosodic features (intonation, syllabification, liaison). Requirements: FREN:2002.

FREN:3017 Comics in French3 s.h.

Analysis of comics and graphic novels written in French and translated into English; examination of diverse approaches to gender, sexuality, ethnicity, language, migration, and culture in the Francophone world; sustained reflection on questions of translation and global circulation of the medium; opportunity for students to try their hand at the craft of creating comics; working knowledge of French appreciated, but not required. Taught in English.

FREN:3020 Oral Expression in French I2 s.h.

First in a two-course sequence. Prerequisites: FREN:2001 or French Placement score of 231 or higher. Requirements: FREN:2001 or three years of high school French.

FREN:3030 Paris and the Art of Urban Life3 s.h.

City of Paris examined in varied historical, artistic, and cultural contexts; interdisciplinary. Taught in English. Same as ARTH:3020.

FREN:3060 Introduction to Reading and Writing in Literature3 s.h.

Development of analytical, organizational skills for interpretation of literature; readings in prose, poetry, drama, criticism; emphasis on reading and essay writing. Prerequisites: FREN:2002 or French Placement score of 311 or higher. Requirements: completion of prerequisites or four years of high school French.

FREN:3120 French Civilization3 s.h.

From Renaissance to Revolution. Prerequisites: FREN:3060. GE: Historical Perspectives.

FREN:3130 French-Speaking Cultures3 s.h.

Study of cultures in which French is spoken: North Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa, the Indian Ocean, Southeast Asia, the Caribbean, Canada, Louisiana, and Europe; approaches include literature, cinema, music, the arts, and media; introduction to field of Francophone studies and promotion of linguistic and cultural diversity. Prerequisites: FREN:3060.

FREN:3160 Study Abroad: Culture3 s.h.

Geography, history, architecture, painting, music of France; readings, slides, video and audio cassettes, visits to sites of cultural significance. Prerequisites: FREN:2002.

FREN:3190 Psycholinguistic Aspects of Bilingualism3-4 s.h.

Interaction of two languages in a bilingual in terms of sound system, words, and grammar; different meanings of bilingualism, how bilingualism and multilingualism can change across lifespan. Taught in English. Requirements: linguistics or language acquisition course. Same as LING:3190, SPAN:3190.

FREN:3225 Studies in Modern France3 s.h.

Introduction to the study of Modern France (1815-present); history, literature, politics, and culture of the period; emphasis on interdisciplinary investigation of diverse cultural forms. Prerequisites: FREN:3060.

FREN:3250 Topics in French Studies I3 s.h.

Prerequisites: FREN:3060.

FREN:3300 French Grammar3 s.h.

Study of word forms, sentence patterns for more accurate use of French. Prerequisites: FREN:2002 or French Placement score of 311 or higher. Requirements: completion of prerequisites or four years of high school French.

FREN:3360 Study Abroad: Language3 s.h.

Written and spoken French; listening, speaking, reading, writing in cultural contexts. Prerequisites: FREN:2002.

FREN:3410 Business French3 s.h.

Language of economics and business; practice in business correspondence and communication, active use of business vocabulary. Offered fall semesters. Prerequisites: FREN:3300.

FREN:4007 Topics in French Linguistics3 s.h.

Concepts to aid in understanding how the French language works; major areas of linguistics—pronunciation (phonetics and phonology), the structure of words (morphology), the structure of sentences (syntax) and meaning (semantics). Prerequisites: FREN:3300.

FREN:4015 Francophone Cinema3-4 s.h.

Introduction to the cinema of French-speaking countries outside of France; history, production, distribution; issues of colonialism, postcolonial identities, gender, social realism, diasporas, popular culture. Taught in English.

FREN:4020 Oral Expression in French II2 s.h.

Last in a two-course sequence. Prerequisites: FREN:3020 or FREN:2002 or French Placement score of 311 or higher.

FREN:4026 French Women Writers3-4 s.h.

Survey of 20th-century French women writers with emphasis on Simone de Beauvoir; broad range of literary works by writers including de Beauvoir, Colette, Marguerite Yourcenar, Nathalie Sarraute, Marguerite Duras, Sarah Kofman, Annie Ernaux, Christiane Rachefort; French feminist theorists who followed in de Beauvoir's footsteps, including Helene Cixous, Julia Kristeva, Luce Irigaray. Taught in English. Prerequisites: FREN:3060 and FREN:3300. Requirements: for 4 s.h. option—FREN:3060 and FREN:3300. Same as GWSS:4026.

FREN:4030 Aspects of Poetry3-4 s.h.

Introduction to study of French poetry through genres, versification (metrics and rhythms), sounds, themes, styles, poetics, and significant movements; may include additional instruction in English to allow work on translations and practice perceiving forms in French different from English/American verse traditions. Prerequisites: FREN:3060 and FREN:3300.

FREN:4070 Introduction to the Study of Meaning3 s.h.

Introduction to the study of meanings and language use in context; meaning outside the literal semantic interpretation of words used including presuppositions and goals of speaker, expectation of listener, speech acts, conversational implicatures, deixis, discourse functions, and other relevant topics. Taught in English. Prerequisites: LING:3001. Same as LING:4070.

FREN:4080 Post-Colonial Literature in France3 s.h.

Literatures and cultures of Arabo-French (Beur) and Afro-French immigrations. Prerequisites: FREN:3300 and FREN:3060. Same as CL:4368.

FREN:4090 Quebecois Literature3 s.h.

Introduction to Francophone literature and culture of Canada; 19th- and 20th-century novels and other cultural practices (e.g., theater, chansons, films). Prerequisites: FREN:3300 and FREN:3060.

FREN:4100 French Cinema3-4 s.h.

Taught in English. GE: Literary, Visual, and Performing Arts.

FREN:4110 Francophone Literature of the African Diaspora3 s.h.

Cultures, literatures, and visual arts of Francophone Africa, the Caribbean, and the Indian Ocean. Taught in French. Prerequisites: FREN:3060 and FREN:3300.

FREN:4433 France Under Nazi Occupation, 1940-19443-4 s.h.

Political, economic, social, and cultural conditions that prevailed following the Nazi conquest of France in 1940; examination of this period of upheaval through work of prominent historians of France; representations of occupied France in literary works, documentary, and fictional films produced during the war and in the politically fraught culture of collective memorialization that formed in aftermath of this national trauma. Taught in English. Same as HIST:4433.

FREN:4466 France and Algeria from Pirates to Terrorism3 s.h.

Long, complex history of relationship between France and Algeria since 18th century; early modern conflicts over Barbary piracy, French invasion, and colonization of Algeria in 19th century; brutal Algerian War of Independence, postcolonial migration, and ongoing war of memory over shared Franco-Algerian history of colonization and decolonization. Taught in English. Same as HIST:4466.

FREN:4520 Versailles Under the Sun King3-4 s.h.

Survey of culture and literature related to the court of King Louis XIV at Versailles, France. Taught in English.

FREN:4540 Gender and Sexuality in French Cinema3-4 s.h.

Cultural, historical, semiotic approach to studying construction of gender identity and sexual codes in French cinema from 1920s to present. Taught in English. Same as GWSS:4540.

FREN:4750 Topics in French Studies II3 s.h.

French and/or Francophone literature or culture. Prerequisites: FREN:3060 and FREN:3300.

FREN:4890 Techniques of Translation3 s.h.

Prerequisites: FREN:3300. Same as TRNS:4497.

FREN:4911 French for Reading/Research2 s.h.

FREN:4912 French for Reading/Research2 s.h.

FREN:4990 Independent Studyarr.

Prerequisites: FREN:3300 and FREN:3060.

FREN:4995 Honors Research and Thesis3 s.h.

Prerequisites: FREN:3300 and FREN:3060.

FREN:5000 Teaching and Learning Languages3 s.h.

Readings in pedagogical theory and practice, second language acquisition; experience designing activities for teaching and assessment with critiques based on current theories and approaches; development of reflective practices toward one's language teaching. Same as GRMN:5001, SLA:5000, SPAN:5000, WLLC:5000.

FREN:5001 Introduction to Graduate Study2 s.h.

Expectations, resources, and opportunities of graduate study; introduction to course work, development of preprofessional competencies. Same as SPAN:5001.

FREN:5020 Comparative Stylistics3 s.h.

Translation from English to French, including literary texts. Same as CL:5510.

FREN:5031 Topics in French Linguistics3 s.h.

Basics of French language; main areas of linguistics—phonetics and phonology, morphology, semantics, pragmatics, and syntax; introduction to sociolinguistics and language variation; concepts and basic tools needed for linguistic analysis of language; brief historical overview; standard variety of French and its role in linguistic study of language; exploration of subdisciplines with practical exercises that implement principles presented in class and readings.

FREN:6020 Studies in the Seventeenth Century3 s.h.

FREN:6080 Modern French Novel3 s.h.

FREN:6130 Francophone Thought3 s.h.

Comparative study of intellectual, literary, cultural, social, and historical developments that have taken place in Francophone Sub-Saharan Africa, the Caribbean, and the Indian Ocean; approaches include cultural theory, literary criticism, cinema, visual arts, womens' studies, popular culture, history, and cultural anthropology; examination of key conceptual paradigms and cultivation of skills in critical thinking methodologies; students acquire the appropriate theoretical tools to explore an interdisciplinary scholarly field and learn to establish connections between the main components of the course and their own research interests. Same as GWSS:6130.

FREN:6750 Topics in French Studies3 s.h.

FREN:6755 French Literature of the 20th/21st Centuries3 s.h.

Advanced survey of French Literature 1900-present in areas of novel, theater, poetry, and essay.

FREN:6901 Second Language Acquisition Research and Theory3 s.h.

Theories regarding success and failure in acquisition of second or subsequent languages; research, issues. Same as ASIA:6901, JPNS:6901, SLA:6901, SPAN:6901.

FREN:6920 Multimedia and Second Language Acquisition3 s.h.

Combination of theory and practice regarding use of multimedia and technology to enhance foreign language teaching and second language acquisition research. Same as GRMN:6920, SLA:6920, SPAN:6920.

FREN:6950 Topics in Second Language Acquisition: Speaking3 s.h.

Theory, pedagogy, research, and assessment in second language speaking. Same as SLA:6950, SPAN:6950.

FREN:7000 Thesisarr.

FREN:7990 Independent Studyarr.