This is a list of all urology courses. For more information, see Urology.

URO:8301 Clinical Urology2 s.h.

Work in urology unit, clinic; responsibility for patient care, working with residents.

URO:8401 Advanced Urology4 s.h.

Experience as integral member of urological staff, junior resident level. Requirements: M.D. enrollment.

URO:8402 Pediatric Urology2,4 s.h.

In-depth study of pediatric urology topics. Requirements: M.D. enrollment.

URO:8403 Urologic Oncology2,4 s.h.

Multispecialty exposure to diagnosis and treatment of patients with current and newly diagnosed urologic malignancies. Requirements: M.D. enrollment.

URO:8404 Female Pelvic Floor Dysfunction2,4 s.h.

Requirements: M.D. enrollment.

URO:8496 Individual Study and Researcharr.

Preclinical or clinical projects; may include research presentation, collaboration on a publication.

URO:8497 Research in Urologyarr.

Medical research, clinical or laboratory projects; individual study.

URO:8498 Urology On Campusarr.

Clinical clerkship; individually arranged by student with departmental approval.

URO:8499 Urology Off Campusarr.

Individually arranged by students with department approval.