This is a list of all event planning courses. For more information, see Event Planning.

EVNT:2110 Internship in Event Planning3 s.h.

Internship for event planning certificate. Prerequisites: (EVNT:3154 or JMC:3154 or SRM:3154) and (EVNT:3260 or JMC:3260 or SRM:3147). Same as JMC:2110.

EVNT:3154 Foundations of Event Management3 s.h.

Large, major special events, professional meetings, and conferences; development and planning, implementation of events, management and evaluation of events; development requirements of planning events, development strategies, budgeting, staffing requirements, resource allocation, site planning, basic risk management requirements, emergency procedures; event implementation policy and procedures; relationship to elements within development stages; event management and evaluation procedures. Same as JMC:3154.

EVNT:3185 Topics in Event Planning3 s.h.

Focus on particular area, issue, approach, or body of knowledge in the world of event planning; topics may include political campaign events, social media events, diversity issues, and risk management.

EVNT:3260 Event Planning Workshop3 s.h.

Hands-on experience in event planning; working with clients, conceptualizing events, lining up small and large details, promoting events via social media and other means, carrying out events, and reflecting on outcomes; meet with event planning professionals; complete individual and group projects. Same as JMC:3260.

EVNT:3270 Event Planning and the Arts3 s.h.

Development, planning, and implementation of events with relation to the arts. Same as JMC:3270.