This is a list of all psychiatry courses. For more information, see Psychiatry.

PSYC:8267 Psychiatric Epidemiology3 s.h.

Population-based studies of psychiatric disorders and associated etiologic tools; diagnostic criteria used in psychiatric research, common structured interviews and rating scales; recent research relevant to common psychiatric disorders; experience writing a research idea using NIH PHS grant form. Recommendations: EPID:6400 or two years of resident training in psychiatry. Same as EPID:6670.

PSYC:8301 Clinical Psychiatry4 s.h.

Requirements: third-year M.D. enrollment.

PSYC:8401 Adult Psychiatry, Pappajohn Pavilionarr.

Requirements: M.D. enrollment.

PSYC:8402 Child Psychiatry, Pappajohn Pavilionarr.

Roles of child psychiatry as a consultation service. Requirements: M.D. enrollment.

PSYC:8403 Adult Outpatient Psychiatry and Psychotherapy2,4 s.h.

Diagnostic assessment, evaluation, treatment of psychiatric patients; exposure to both psychotherapeutic, psychopharmacologic treatments. Requirements: M.D. enrollment.

PSYC:8404 Women's Wellness and Counseling Service4 s.h.

Experience evaluating and treating women with mental illness, with some emphasis on practitioner's autonomy; four-week rotation. Requirements: psychiatry clerkship.

PSYC:8405 Subinternship in Medical Psychiatry4 s.h.

Hands-on experience in evaluation and treatment of patients with combined medical and psychiatric disease; decisions regarding appropriate consultations, diagnostic tests, treatment; etiology and pathophysiology. Requirements: M.D. enrollment.

PSYC:8408 Subinternship in Mood/Psychotic Disorders4 s.h.

Subinternship in adult psychiatry; experiences that maximize autonomy and responsibility; inpatient rotation focuses on one subspecialty area (psychotic disorders or mood disorders); emphasis on substantial medical comorbidity; assess and address medical and psychiatric needs of assigned patients in a collaborative and integrative fashion; assess and manage patients independently at the level of a psychiatry intern, reporting directly to the attending; call is required; didactic curriculum focuses on critical appraisal of medical literature. Prerequisites: PSYC:8301. Requirements: fourth-year M.D. enrollment.

PSYC:8409 Eating Disorders2,4 s.h.

Inpatient rotation; emphasis on co-occurring psychiatric and comorbid medical conditions associated with eating disorders; patient assessment and management at an advanced level; direct patient care and engagement in clinical decision making for complex patients with substantial comorbidity; call is required; student experience maximizes autonomy and responsibility; didactic curriculum; focus on critical appraisal of relevant medical literature. Prerequisites: PSYC:8301. Requirements: fourth-year M.D. enrollment.

PSYC:8410 Intellectual Disability2,4 s.h.

In-depth two week clinical experience in the interdisciplinary approach to assessment and management of individuals with intellectual disability. Requirements: M.D. enrollment.

PSYC:8411 Substance Abuse2,4 s.h.

In-depth clinical experience in assessment and management of individuals with alcohol and drug abuse. Requirements: M.D. enrollment.

PSYC:8412 Emergency Psychiatry2,4 s.h.

In-depth clinical experience in assessment and management of acute psychiatric illness under supervision of faculty with expertise in care within this setting; clinical experiences centered in emergency department at University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics. Prerequisites: PSYC:8301. Requirements: third- or fourth-year M.D. enrollment.

PSYC:8413 The Thriving Physician2 s.h.

Two-week elective for medical students in their clinical years; designed to promote awareness, wellbeing, compassion, and career satisfaction through contemplative practices and the integration of concepts of positive psychology into daily living; through readings, discussions, and experiential activities, physicians-in-training will learn how to engage in reflective personal and professional self-care; classes will be half-day in length with time outside of class dedicated to practicing and incorporating skills into everyday activities. Requirements: M.D. enrollment.

PSYC:8414 Consultation Psychiatry2,4 s.h.

Opportunity for in-depth clinical experience in psychiatric assessment and management of general medical and surgical patients; elective clerks serve on consultation-liaison psychiatry teams at the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics and the Iowa City Veterans Affairs Health Care System; may include opportunities for outpatient work in relevant settings (e.g., emergency psychiatry, outpatient clinics providing integrated psychiatric and medical care). Requirements: M.D. enrollment.

PSYC:8450 Continuity of Care in Psychiatry4 s.h.

Experience in Psychiatry Continuity of Care Clinic; maximizes autonomy and responsibility in an outpatient continuous care setting. Requirements: fourth-year M.D. enrollment.

PSYC:8497 Research Psychiatryarr.

Experience and training in practical application of scientific methodology; work with research project at psychiatric service or affiliated cooperating research centers. Requirements: fourth-year M.D. enrollment.

PSYC:8498 Psychiatry On Campusarr.

Arranged by student with departmental approval. Requirements: M.D. enrollment.

PSYC:8499 Psychiatry Off Campusarr.

Requirements: M.D. enrollment.