This is a list of all University Libraries courses. For more information, see University Libraries.

ULIB:1001 Library Research in Context1 s.h.

Academic research, effective use of the library and its resources, basic research methods, process of scholarly communication; content may be keyed to a discipline-specific course; students apply concepts and processes to their research projects; transferable skills.

ULIB:2001 Being Responsible Online: From Facebook to Academic Research1 s.h.

Introduction to ethical issues surrounding online information; using information as researchers or creating information on a social networking site; issues of privacy, reliability, and intellectual property; skills to navigate online information responsibly and knowledgeably.

ULIB:2022 Special Topics in Library Research1 s.h.

Activity-based course that explores specialized content, selected research areas, or current/emerging issues in the context of information literacy and library resources; designed for sophomores and juniors; introduces students to the basic research process, helps them to develop critical thinking skills and evaluate information; topics may vary by semester.

ULIB:3011 Library Strategies for International Research1 s.h.

Skill development in international research; academic projects; work with research librarian; activity-based introduction to article, statistical, and governmental databases; research and popular materials; information discovery process (tools and search strategies); enhancement of critical thinking skills. Same as IS:3011.

ULIB:6313 Studio Summer Fellowship1 s.h.

Investigation of and reflection on digital scholarly collaboration, production, and promotion. Same as GRAD:6313.