This is a list of all UI REACH courses. For more information, see UI REACH.

REA:0001 Academic Success2 s.h.

Tools that help students succeed in academic courses; basic organization, efficient note taking, study and test-taking skills; participation in activities that increase awareness of classroom dynamics; solutions for test anxiety; ways to approach diverse learning experiences; how class content relates to study hall and residential facilities; seminar.

REA:0010 Social Skills I2 s.h.

Basic interpersonal skills needed to succeed in academic, social, and employment environments; structured learning process for gaining discrete social skills necessary to initiate and maintain conversations in a variety of settings; awareness of feelings and cues in conversation to respond appropriately and have successful reciprocal interactions; lectures, modeling, role play, and practice in the community.

REA:0020 Computers and Technology I2 s.h.

Training in computer literacy and practical skills for computer use in everyday life; computer parts and functions, the Windows operating system, computer applications; use of the personal computer to improve personal, academic and workplace productivity; group discussion, demonstrations, and multimedia experience support diverse learning styles.

REA:0021 Computers and Technology II2 s.h.

Builds on REA:0020; fundamental computer competencies and strategies to simplify everyday life and enhance workplace performance; opportunity to improve practical skills for the workplace, communication with others, and daily life; tools for improving personal organization and communication and for meeting academic, entertainment, and workplace needs; group discussion, demonstration, independent exploration, and a multimedia experience support diverse learning styles.

REA:0030 Health and Wellness I - Exploration2 s.h.

Importance of health and wellness, personal relationships, sexuality and making healthy choices; overview of health and wellness topics college students face—nutrition, substance use, risky behaviors, personal relationships, sexual health, mental health.

REA:0031 Health and Wellness II - Healthy Lifestyles2 s.h.

Health and wellness personalized for students; help in assessing individual health and wellness decisions and behaviors to improve current and long-term health and wellness; small group discussion, individual assessments, real-life exploration, interactions with health educators, one-on-one student support; second in a series.

REA:0040 Personal Finance and Math I2 s.h.

Understanding of numbers, operations, and managing personal finances; computation strategies, problem-solving strategies, skills for good consumers; opportunity to practice math skills in the community and the workplace; first in a series.

REA:0041 Personal Finance and Math II2 s.h.

Skills and knowledge needed for managing personal finances; banking, budgeting, insurance, how to be a good consumer; students plan for their financial future by studying paycheck information, actual income, and tax responsibility; research on independent living costs; second in a series.

REA:0050 Lifetime Reading and Writing2 s.h.

Enhancement of leisure reading; library visit to discover interesting genres, activities to review books, discussion of components (e.g., plot, characters); techniques of good readers; writing tools for success in daily living; writing forms including short organizational forms (e.g., to-do lists, grocery lists), family correspondence, business letters; observation and demonstration of writing techniques; use of writing as a form of self-expression, organization, and communication with others.

REA:0062 Social Skills II2 s.h.

Continuation of REA:0010; more advanced relationship skills that require self-regulation; self-awareness; applying skills for communicating under stress; structured learning process including repetitive practice and modeling as key components.

REA:0070 Life Skills I - Transitions2 s.h.

Components of successful independent and community living; personal safety issues, effective communication skills for interacting with peers and college personnel, how to access broad community resources for living, work, and leisure; students develop a plan for personal daily routines; classroom activities, practical experiences on campus and in the community.

REA:0072 Life Skills II - On Your Own2 s.h.

Goal setting and planning for independent living after college; how to use daily living skills from college in students' planned home communities; skills required for finding and managing a home or apartment, using community resources and agencies, and meeting basic needs; how to be interdependent and independent in the community.

REA:0073 Life Skills III - Transition Planning2 s.h.

Work on transition plan during spring semester of final year—goal setting and planning for independent living after college; how to use daily living skills from college in students' planned home communities; using community resources and agencies; meeting basic needs; how to be interdependent and independent in student's home community; identification of transition team members; plan and lead transition meeting.

REA:0074 Household Management II3 s.h.

Continuation of REA:0075; preparation for independent apartment living; experiential training, assessment to determine support needs; apartment living, personal care, value shopping and budgeting, preparing meals, successful community living.

REA:0075 Household Management I3 s.h.

Independent living skills introduced in the life skills and health and wellness courses; hands-on experience in room care, clothing care, food/kitchen safety, meal planning and nutrition, food preparation, simple recipes, grocery shopping, event planning.

REA:0076 Community Leisure and Advocacy1 s.h.

Utilizing community resources while promoting self-advocacy and leadership; student support for transitioning from a university setting to community living; exploration of community resources related to recreation, entertainment, and independent living using multiple media sources for information gathering; field trips to investigate local resources; research related resources within students' home communities. Requirements: enrollment in UI REACH Program.

REA:0078 Historical Documentary Making2 s.h.

History of disabilities (learning and physical disabilities); ground work for making a historical documentary; desktop documentary software used by student teams to produce documentaries on history of disability rights movement. Requirements: enrollment in UI REACH program.

REA:0079 Service Learning2 s.h.

Classroom-based learning combined with community service; available resources and ways to better a community; assessment of community needs, research volunteer organizations, service-learning opportunities within the community.

REA:0081 Personal Leadership1 s.h.

Self-advocacy and awareness of individual strengths as empowerment for leadership roles in the community; qualities of a leader, value of mentors, importance of community service; elements of work-life balance; opportunities to participate in life-long service learning and leadership.

REA:0090 Current Events1-2 s.h.

Forum to increase knowledge and ability to comment on current events; voting and political process, civic responsibilities in the local and federal elections process, how students can participate; use of various forms of media (i.e., print, broadcast, internet) to develop critical thinking skills related to awareness of current events and their impact; personal safety issues; effective communication skills for interacting with peers and college personnel.

REA:0091 Psychology1 s.h.

Basic concepts of psychology, with focus on daily life and understanding behavior; situations encountered as persons with an intellectual disability; differences between a psychologist, psychiatrist, and counselor; role of professionals; individual differences and social influences on behavior; introduction to scientific method, conducting basic experiments.

REA:0100 Career Exploration4 s.h.

Opportunity to explore, enhance, or broaden work interests, skills, and potential career opportunities; interest inventories, review of vocational experiences, interactive employer presentations, informational interviews, job site experiences; focus on self-assessment of one's individual vocational strengths.

REA:0101 Job Search Strategies2 s.h.

Fundamental tools and techniques for getting a job; students create a résumé, including references and updated work history; interview techniques, information gathering, thank-you letters, work-related vocabulary, appropriate behaviors and attitudes for a successful job search; role playing, demonstrations, real-world practice.

REA:0102 Entrepreneurism2 s.h.

Characteristics, advantages, and disadvantages of self-employment; legal aspects of forming a business, marketing, acquiring start-up funding and other resources; financial obligations and monitoring of funds required for a successful business; students write a business plan.

REA:0103 Job Search Strategies II2 s.h.

Continuation of REA:0101; update résumés, references, and cover pages; appropriate behaviors and attitudes for successful job search; seek and apply for jobs with assistance from instructor.

REA:0200 Business Support Seminar1 s.h.

Aspects of careers in business support; office procedures, word processing skills, oral and written communication, records management, business terminology.

REA:0202 Education Career Seminar1 s.h.

Aspects of careers in education; additional training typically required for careers in education, child/student needs, lesson planning.

REA:0203 Health Services Seminar1 s.h.

Aspects of careers in health services; office procedures and equipment, customer service skills, terminology used in health care environments.

REA:0204 Hospitality Seminar1 s.h.

Aspects of careers in hospitality; customer service skills, phone and counter etiquette, vocabulary used in the hospitality industry.

REA:0205 Human Services Seminar1 s.h.

Aspects of careers in human services; types of human services environments, interpersonal relationships and boundaries, paperwork requirements, terminology commonly used in human services environments.

REA:0207 Marketing/Sales Seminar1 s.h.

Aspects of careers in marketing and sales; customer service skills, use of retail equipment, marketing techniques and the importance of product appearance, pricing and advertising, vocabulary used in a retail sales environment.

REA:0208 Parks and Natural Resources Seminar1 s.h.

Aspects of careers in parks and natural resources management; operation and maintenance of equipment, safety procedures, customer service skills, typical vocabulary for positions involving care and management of shrubs, trees, flowers, and turf.

REA:0209 Skilled Trades Seminar1 s.h.

Aspects of careers in the skilled trades; occupational skill standards in specific skilled trades, apprenticeships or advanced training required, safety in the workplace, vocabulary typical for specific skilled-trade work environments.

REA:0210 Information/Technology Seminar1 s.h.

Aspects of careers in information technology; occupational skill requirements and standards, knowledge of typical equipment employees must operate, safety in the workplace, typical vocabulary for information technology work environments.

REA:0211 Culinary Arts Seminar1 s.h.

Different types of careers in the food industry; workplace skills and tasks; continuing training and education options; equipment and food safety; basic preparation steps, food presentation, place settings; field trips. Requirements: enrollment in UI REACH program.

REA:0213 Recreation Seminar1 s.h.

Aspects of careers in recreation, training and education requirements, tasks at work, and job prospects.

REA:0250 Academics and Life Skills Exploration I1-3 s.h.

Expand basic academic and/or life skills with discovery, experiential learning, progress monitoring, and self-reflection; focus on strengthening foundational skills in practical academics and life skills; first of a two-part series.

REA:0251 Academics and Life Skills Exploration II1-2 s.h.

Builds on basic academic and/or life skills explored in REA:0250; UI REACH instructors and university faculty work together to enhance learning opportunities while providing explicit, interactive learning opportunities; progress monitoring, reflection, and focus on maintenance of basic academic and life skills; second of a two-part series.

REA:0252 Academics and Life Skills Enrichment I1-3 s.h.

Broaden and diversify academic and student life experiences; address specific interest areas of students; focus on communication, relationships, academics, and independent life; individualize, extend, and provide depth to student's current level of knowledge and skills.

REA:0253 Academics and Life Skills Enrichment II1-2 s.h.

Builds on extended and diversified learning opportunities provided in REA:0252; transfer of skills and knowledge to new situations and environments encountered as students transition to workplace and home communities.

REA:0300 Internship I - Preparr.

Introduction to functional skills, job expectations, environments of the workplace; students venture out into the community and see first-hand what a specific career or job entails; role of the influencer; small groups, job shadowing, tryouts—depending on individual needs and abilities; create a résumé; summer job searching skills; preparation for Internship II—applications, interviews, contacting employers.

REA:0301 Internship IIarr.

Internship experience leading to increased independence in the workplace (e.g., more independent operation of equipment, socialization, workplace safety, problem solving, conflict management); opportunity to acquire additional workplace skills in the student's career emphasis area; employers and mentors guide students in fulfilling their job responsibilities; students maintain a journal and discuss their experience with their advisor or instructor; second of three consecutive internships.

REA:0302 Internship IIIarr.

Internship experience with opportunities to develop more advanced skills for independent communication, problem solving, and workplace performance in the student's career emphasis area; employers and mentors observe the student in the workplace; students maintain a journal and discuss their experience with their advisor or instructor; third of three consecutive internships.

REA:0303 Internship IVarr.

Individualized community work experiences with periodic classroom seminars;  building independent work skills, such as researching bus routes and emailing weekly journals; students, instructors, and employers evaluate student's work performance.

REA:0304 Internship Varr.

Continuation of REA:0303; community work experiences with periodic classroom seminars; emphasis on work skills in student's career area of choice; soft skills needed to be an independent worker.

REA:0305 Advanced Internshiparr.

Development of advanced workplace skills in time management, communication, problem solving, and performance; one or more internships individualized to meet needs for further workplace soft skill development; observation in workplace by instructors, employers and mentors; journaling and discussion of experience with UI REACH staff; tracking time via method that works for individual needs; internship experiences and classroom seminars; emphasis on work skills in any career area and soft skills needed to be an independent worker. Requirements: UI REACH fourth year enrollment.

REA:0325 Computer and Technology Literacy I2 s.h.

Self-paced course to improve personal, academic, and career computer literacy and skills; online learning modules and computer-based programs to increase computer skills; email and internet searching, online learning options, online banking and purchasing, Microsoft Office programs, and online career resources.

REA:0326 Computer and Technology Literacy II2 s.h.

Self-paced course builds on skills learned in REA:0325; extends and provides depth to student's current level of skill; course work focuses on enhancing personal, academic, and career computer literacy; group discussion, demonstration, independent exploration, and practice to further develop computer skills; email, online career resources, Google Drive, social networking, and budgeting.

REA:0400 Independent Studyarr.

Independent study coordinated with the student's UI REACH advisor.

REA:0501 Special Topicsarr.

Topics include leisure resources, current events, science, family life, consumerism, community involvement, self-determination, self-advocacy, leadership, assistive technology, mentoring; course assignments, instruction, and student assessment in classroom and/or community settings; may be required or elective course.