This is a list of all criminology, law and justice courses. For more information, see Sociology.

CRIM:1410 Introduction to Criminology3 s.h.

Nature and causes of crime; the criminal justice process, correctional treatment, crime prevention. GE: Social Sciences.

CRIM:1447 Introduction to the Criminal Justice System3 s.h.

Organization and function of criminal justice system in the United States; history, organization, and current practices of policing, criminal courts, and correctional system; sociological and criminological research on major subsystems comprising criminal justice systems.

CRIM:2430 Comparative Criminal Justice Systems3 s.h.

Criminal justice systems around the world; similarities and differences in how justice is defined and operationalized in contemporary legal traditions in terms of police, courts, and corrections examined in light of cultural norms and values; emphasis on link between societal characteristics and legal traditions; differences in defendant rights guaranteed under various legal traditions.

CRIM:2460 Policing in Modern Society3 s.h.

History, theory, and practice of policing; exploring the link between officer decision making and department expectations; policing subculture; ethical considerations officers face; policing administration; policing/community interaction; legal issues affecting policing practice; contemporary developments in policing emergent crime types.

CRIM:2470 Research Methods in Criminology and Criminal Justice3 s.h.

Introduction to social science research methods in the fields of criminology and criminal justice; techniques necessary for systematic analysis of research questions and program effectiveness; critical evaluation of existing empirical research and sources of criminal justice data; assessment of data quality. Prerequisites: (STAT:1020 or STAT:1030 or ECON:2800 or SOC:2160 or STAT:2010 or STAT:3510 or PSQF:4143) and SOC:1010. Requirements: sociology major.

CRIM:2901 Special Topics in Criminology, Law, and Justice3 s.h.

Varied topics in criminology, criminal legal system, gender and violence, global criminology.

CRIM:3415 Global Criminology3 s.h.

Crime and the control of crime at the transnational and sub-national levels of analysis; focus on non-U.S. societies; consequences of economic, political, and cultural globalization.

CRIM:3416 Race, Crime, and Justice3 s.h.

Extent and nature of racial disparities in offending and victimization; interpretation of patterns using various theoretical approaches; examination of race inequalities across many stages of criminal justice process.

CRIM:3417 Community Corrections3 s.h.

Community corrections; probation, parole, intermediate sanctions (boot camps, intensive supervision, electronic monitoring); contemporary issues in community supervision of offenders.

CRIM:3420 Juvenile Delinquency3 s.h.

Theories of juvenile delinquency; individual, neighborhood, and societal explanations of delinquency; research on families, schools, peers, neighborhoods, gangs, and delinquency.

CRIM:3425 Women, Crime, and Justice3 s.h.

Overview of women's experiences with crime and criminal justice system, with reference to experiences of men for purposes of comparison; role of race, ethnicity, and poverty in women's experiences; causes of crime, inequalities in police-citizen interactions, imprisonment, and other aspects of criminal justice system experience. Same as GWSS:3425.

CRIM:3437 American Crime3 s.h.

Prevailing issues in criminology; extent and nature of disparities in offending and victimization, interpretation of patterns using various theoretical approaches; evaluation of crime-control policies.

CRIM:3450 Criminal Legal System3 s.h.

Discretionary decision making in U.S. criminal courts from arrest through sentencing; legal and sociolegal issues relevant to each stage of felony adjudication; sociological and social-psychological theories of decision making in adjudication, empirical research testing these theories.

CRIM:4400 Internship in Criminal Justice and Corrections1-5 s.h.

Supervised field work in a criminal justice or correctional agency. Prerequisites: SOC:4430 or SOC:4450 or SOC:3450 or SOC:3420 or SOC:1410 or SOC:4420 or SOC:4460. Requirements: sociology major and junior standing.

CRIM:4420 Criminal Punishment3 s.h.

Sociological theories and research on criminal punishment; classical and contemporary theories; research on imprisonment and capital punishment.

CRIM:4430 Interpersonal Violence in Society3 s.h.

Extent and nature of interpersonal violence in societies, in general and for specific population subgroups; theoretical explanations for the phenomenon; alternative ways of defining and responding to violence across various social contexts; application of scientific method; relevant literatures from multiple disciplines including sociology, anthropology, criminology, psychology, and behavioral economics; types of violence defined as illegal and those which are deviant but not illegal. Prerequisites: SOC:1410. Recommendations: SOC:2170 strongly recommended before enrollment in SOC:1410.

CRIM:4440 Sociology of White-Collar Crime3 s.h.

Critical perspectives on causes and consequences of white-collar crime; definitions and types; criminological, social-psychological, and rational-choice theories; political and economic causes of white-collar crime under capitalism and socialism; rates and patterns of white-collar criminality across different social groups (defined by racial, ethnic, class, and gender attributes); control, prevention, and criminal justice response.

CRIM:4450 Juvenile Justice: A Sociolegal Perspective3 s.h.

Examination of social, historical, and legal foundations of juvenile justice system in the United States; adjudication processes in juvenile justice, transfer of juveniles to criminal court, contemporary juvenile court, community-based corrections programs, legalities of juvenile system; current and future directions in juvenile justice.

CRIM:4460 Sociology of Law3 s.h.

Conceptual, historical, and theoretical issues of law and operation of the criminal justice system; theory and research on law and the criminal justice system.

CRIM:4901 Advanced Topics in Criminology, Law, and Justice3 s.h.

Varied advanced topics in criminology, criminal legal system, gender and violence, global criminology.