This is a list of all medieval studies courses. For more information, see Medieval Studies.

MDVL:3226 Literature and Culture of the Middle Ages3 s.h.

English majors and English and Creative Writing majors may apply this course to the following area and/or period requirement. AREA: Medieval and Early Modern Literature and Culture. PERIOD: Early Literatures Through 17th Century. Same as ENGL:3226.

MDVL:3409 Medieval Civilization I3 s.h.

Europe from the decline of Roman empire to the eleventh century; cultural, political, economic, artistic and architectural foundations of Western civilization. Same as HIST:3409.

MDVL:3410 Medieval Civilization II3 s.h.

Europe from the eleventh century to the Italian Renaissance; cultural, political, economic, artistic, and architectural foundations of Western civilization. Same as HIST:3410.

MDVL:4411 Economic and Social History of Medieval Europe3 s.h.

Changes in western Europe from 300 to 1500 A.D.; feudalism, manorialism, revival of towns, heresy, women, monasticism, agricultural and commercial revolutions, Black Death. Same as HIST:4411.

MDVL:4412 History of the Medieval Church3 s.h.

Development of Christianity to end of great schism; rise of Roman primacy, development of monasticism, orthodox and heterodox groups. Same as HIST:4412.

MDVL:4417 Medieval Intellectual History 300-11503 s.h.

Philosophy, art, literature, religious culture of Europe from waning of classical intellectual modes of culture in late antiquity, to their recovery in 12th century. Same as HIST:4417.

MDVL:4418 Medieval Intellectual History 1150-15003 s.h.

European philosophy, religion, literature, art from 12th-century rise of scholasticism; their transformation in period of Copernicus, Luther. Same as HIST:4418.

MDVL:4419 Ancient and Medieval Science3 s.h.

Greeks' initiation of scientific inquiry; developments in astronomy, cosmology, optics, mathematics, physics, medicine, psychology in ancient and medieval societies of Middle East, Europe. Same as HIST:4419.

MDVL:4421 The Middle Ages in Film3 s.h.

How films that represent medieval events and literature may be analyzed to reveal the culture and times in which the films were made; Middle Ages and European nationalistic mythmaking as represented in film. Same as HIST:4421.

MDVL:4423 Ireland in the Early Middle Ages3 s.h.

Ireland and the northern British islands 400-1000 C.E., a region of small kingdoms and thin population, lacking natural resources, far from Rome and ancient centers of Mediterranean culture; development of civilization, including monastic, legal, theological, and scholarly traditions that had a major impact on continental Europe; early medieval Irish history; introduction to the world of historical scholarship. Same as HIST:4423.

MDVL:4426 Women, Power, and Society in Medieval Europe3 s.h.

Same as HIST:4426.