This is a list of health and physical activity skills courses. For more information, see Health and Human Physiology.

HPAS:1001 Alcohol and Your College Experience1 s.h.

Patterns of alcohol, drug use focused on college years; strategies for monitoring use, behavioral change plans for implementing lower-risk drinking practices; for drinkers and non-drinkers.

HPAS:1002 Tobacco and Your College Experience1 s.h.

Current behavior change theories related to tobacco use, cessation; nicotine replacement therapies (NRT), non-NRT methods; triggers, relapse prevention, cognitive behavioral skills, support systems; for smokers and non-smokers.

HPAS:1003 Resiliency and Your College Experience1 s.h.

Resiliency and psychological hardiness theories relevant to college life; resiliency and ability to cope with challenges; components of psychological fitness; skills for personal growth and emotional well-being.

HPAS:1004 Food and Your College Experience1 s.h.

Sociocultural perspective on the forces that facilitate "junk" diets, particularly during young adulthood; basic components of nutrition; opportunity to develop skills in diet planning and healthy eating.

HPAS:1005 Indoor Group Cycling1 s.h.

Introduction to group cycling; bike setup, safety, proper technique, injury prevention, and utilization of interval training.

HPAS:1006 Intuitive Eating1 s.h.

How to create and sustain a healthy relationship with mind, body, food, and exercise using an evidence-based approach; introduction to 10 basic principles of intuitive eating, taking a critical look at dieting and a healthful approach to satisfying eating balanced with exercise.

HPAS:1007 Basic CPR1 s.h.

Basic, beginner-level information on CPR procedures; passing the course leads to certification in CPR; more advanced certifications may be sought for medical professionals.

HPAS:1008 Basic First Aid1 s.h.

Basic, beginner-level information on first aid procedures; leads to certification in first aid; more advanced certifications may be needed for medical professionals.

HPAS:1010 Personal Fitness1 s.h.

Introduction to personal workout programming and design; includes sections on cardiovascular fitness, muscular strength and endurance, and flexibility.

HPAS:1020 Core Strengthening1 s.h.

Introduction to developing strength, flexibility, and endurance through the core; students will learn what the core is, how to best develop the muscles of the core, and why core training is important.

HPAS:1030 Cardio Training1 s.h.

Beginner's guide to cardio fitness to develop and maintain levels of cardiovascular health and fitness.

HPAS:1040 Pilates I1 s.h.

Introduction to the study and practice of Pilates for beginners; topics include proper breathing techniques, flexibility, balance, relaxation, and Pilates exercises.

HPAS:1045 Pilates II: Intermediate Pilates1 s.h.

Study and practice of Pilates; intermediate and advanced Pilates moves; modifications and use of props based on current ability level; musculoskeletal anatomy and biomechanics as related to Pilates. Prerequisites: HPAS:1040.

HPAS:1055 Introduction to Triathlon Training1 s.h.

Introduction to the sport of triathlon; promote skill development to enable beginner level students to complete an indoor sprint triathlon; students will swim in an indoor pool, cycle on indoor bicycles and run inside and outside weather permitting; how to use basic periodization, improve technique, and nutritional guidelines for triathlon; beginning training for the outdoor triathlon season. Requirements: ability to swim 200 yards (4 laps) without stopping.

HPAS:1060 High Intensity Interval Resistance Training1 s.h.

Increased fitness levels through principles of resistance training using a high-intensity interval training (HIIT) method; various types of resistance (free weights, rubber bands, partner resistance, and body weight resistance); topics include muscular anatomy, principles of resistance training, various resistance training exercises, safety, motivation and goal setting, and personal program design. Recommendations: general understanding of resistance training.

HPAS:1070 Introduction to Weight Training1 s.h.

Introduction to basic principles of weight training using barbells and dumbbells as resistance; muscular anatomy, principles of weight training, muscular strength, muscular endurance, weight room safety, motivation and goal setting, personal program development; no prior weight training experience required.

HPAS:1075 Weight Training II1 s.h.

Builds on skills and concepts acquired in HPAS:1070; advanced weight training programs aimed at developing muscular strength and endurance. Prerequisites: HPAS:1070. Recommendations: knowledge of basic anatomy, ability to demonstrate proper lifting techniques, and understanding of weight training principles.

HPAS:1080 Olympic Weightlifting1 s.h.

Beginning-level introduction to classical Olympic weightlifting movements leading up to the snatch, clean and jerk, power snatch, and power clean. Recommendations: HPAS:1070 and/or an understanding of weight training fundamentals and basics.

HPAS:1090 Sports Skills and Drills1 s.h.

Develop and practice basic skills and game strategy for an array of team sports; participate in a variety of educational and competitive physical activities that may include flag football, soccer, basketball, tennis, pickleball, and racquetball.

HPAS:1100 Kettlebell Training1 s.h.

Introduction to basic principles and benefits of using kettlebells for strength, power, mobility, weight loss, and more; topics include history, mobility drills, foundational movements (e.g., deadlift, swing, clean, press, Turkish Get Up, high pull, snatch), safety, goal-setting, and personal program development.

HPAS:1110 Fitness Walking1 s.h.

Walking as a means to improve cardiovascular health and fitness; utilizes outdoor walking, weather permitting, or the indoor track.

HPAS:1130 Couch to 5K: Beginner Jogging1 s.h.

HPAS:1140 PE Games1 s.h.

Participation in and design of physical activity games and skills; students improve physical health through cardio endurance and resistance training during game play; games and variations of games may consist of basketball, dodgeball, tag, volleyball, and other physical activities; how to be physically active and healthy while having fun; physiological responses to physical activity.

HPAS:1150 Introduction to Health and Wellness1 s.h.

Optimal physical health and wellness in the college years; focus on behavioral change and goal setting, five components of fitness, dimensions of wellness, and stress management.

HPAS:1210 Relaxation Techniques1 s.h.

How to define the sources of underlying stress, learn to cope with everyday stressors, and become more proactive through life skill management.

HPAS:1220 Flexibility1 s.h.

Help students move through full range of motion, work to correct imbalances, and ultimately move better through activities of daily living.

HPAS:1230 Hatha Yoga1 s.h.

Introduction to the study and practice of yoga; geared towards beginners.

HPAS:1235 Hatha Yoga II: Intermediate Hatha Yoga1 s.h.

Study and practice of Hatha Yoga; topics may include history and philosophy of Hatha Yoga, props and modifications, and biomechanics and anatomy as it relates to yoga. Prerequisites: HPAS:1230.

HPAS:1240 Power Yoga1 s.h.

Build strength, flexibility, and balance while maintaining traditional yoga emphasis of breath and intention; breath and movement are linked as you flow in and out of a combination of vinyasas (yoga sequences) and balancing poses; topics include proper breathing techniques, sun salutations, arm balances, backbends, and inversions. Requirements: basic understanding and background in yoga; a 6-week yoga practice is recommended.

HPAS:1250 Tai Chi1 s.h.

Introduction to the practice of tai chi; basic structure, footwork, and breathing involved in execution of routines consisting of a variety of postures; application of this knowledge to a self-defense situation.

HPAS:1320 Lap Swimming I1 s.h.

Introduction to swim stroke development utilizing swimming as a form of exercise; this is not a learn-to-swim class and a basic prerequisite swimming test will be performed prior to instruction.

HPAS:1325 Lap Swimming II1 s.h.

Advanced technique refinement course geared towards students who have passed HPAS:1320 or can perform the prerequisite swim test. Prerequisites: HPAS:1320.

HPAS:1340 Water Workout1 s.h.

Basic principles and benefits of aquatic exercise; guidelines for creating safe and effective aquatic exercise programs; topics include fitness and conditioning, anatomy, safety, deep-water workouts, goal setting, and nutrition.

HPAS:1410 Badminton1 s.h.

Introduction to the game, rules, and skills involved in badminton.

HPAS:1430 Racquetball1 s.h.

Introduction to the game, rules, and skills involved in racquetball.

HPAS:1440 Table Tennis1 s.h.

Introduction to the game, rules, and skills involved in table tennis.

HPAS:1530 Volleyball I1 s.h.

Introduction to the game, rules, and skills involved in volleyball.

HPAS:1535 Volleyball II1 s.h.

Advanced skill refinement course geared towards students who have passed HPAS:1530 or are able to show mastery of the basic techniques. Prerequisites: HPAS:1530.

HPAS:1550 Slow-Pitch Softball1 s.h.

Introduction to the game, rules, and skills involved in softball; course will meet outside, weather permitting.

HPAS:1560 Ultimate Frisbee1 s.h.

Introduction to the game, rules, and skills involved in ultimate frisbee; course will meet outside, weather permitting.

HPAS:1610 Self Defense1 s.h.

Introduction to the practice of self-defense through upper and lower body strikes, joint manipulation, and other personal protection measures; this is a noncontact course.