This is a list of all intermedia courses. For more information, see Art and Art History.

INTM:2710 Introduction to Intermedia3 s.h.

Interdisciplinary focus; emphasis on conceptual, installation, video, time-based media, performance art. Prerequisites: (ARTS:1510 and ARTS:1520) or CINE:1834. Requirements: for CINE:2869—grade of C or higher in CINE:1834. Same as CINE:2869.

INTM:2720 Concepts in Contemporary Art Practice3 s.h.

Interdisciplinary investigation of materials and concepts in relation to time-based media, performance, video, installation; individual and collaborative projects. Prerequisites: INTM:2710.

INTM:2864 Film/Video Production: Alternative Forms3 s.h.

Alternative or innovative video/film practices and technologies; varied topics. Prerequisites: INTM:2710 with a minimum grade of C or CINE:1834 with a minimum grade of C. Same as CINE:2864.

INTM:3050 Body/Image: Dance and Media in Discourse and Practice3 s.h.

Intersection of body, image, and sound in analog and digital media; relationship to critical and practical texts; written and performative assignments that address fundamental concepts of corporeality in related fields including dance for camera, stage and film performance, and artistic, documentary, and publicity filmmaking and photography. Same as DANC:3050.

INTM:3720 Media Art Lab4 s.h.

Study and production in the media arts—digital video, sound, installation/performance, internet, new media art; conceptual development through readings, screenings; hands-on workshops using a range of media production equipment and platforms; in-class, short-term projects. Requirements: INTM:2710 or CINE:1834 or graduate standing. Recommendations: experience with media technologies.

INTM:3730 Advanced Intermedia Topics3 s.h.

Areas of intermedia practice, including installation, video, internet-based production, sound design, image and text, new media. Prerequisites: INTM:2710.

INTM:3750 Art and Ecology4 s.h.

Collaborative, creative research group; artistic responses to environmental sustainability and related social issues; critical approaches rooted in humanities, other disciplines. Prerequisites: INTM:2710.

INTM:3799 Undergraduate Individual Instruction1-3 s.h.

Individual instruction in intermedia for advanced students.

INTM:3876 Video for Performance3 s.h.

Introduction to aesthetics and practical applications of digital media and video design for live performance including content creation, system design, and content optimization for media servers; students create digital video and animations and integrate them into live performance and entertainment events via projections, media servers, and digital displays using QLab Media Server and Adobe Creative Cloud (e.g., Illustrator, Photoshop, Premiere Pro, Audition, After Effects); for those with an interest in designing, creating, and displaying digital media for theatre, dance, concerts, corporate events, gallery installations, VJ sets, and architectural projections. Prerequisites: THTR:3890 or CINE:1834 or CINE:1834. GE: Engineering Be Creative. Same as CINE:3876, DANC:3876, THTR:3876.

INTM:3880 Installations and Interactive Performance3 s.h.

Introduction to aesthetics, techniques, and practical possibilities of fusing together theatre, dance, music/sound, art, design, cinema, gaming, human computer interaction, and engineering; foundations of creating interactive experiences that use digital photos, video, text, real-world objects, sensor data, live bodies moving in space, Kinect 2 sensors, cameras, and multiple video outputs (e.g., projectors, LED displays); use of Isadora, an interactive, node-based programming software, to create immersive mediated performances, interactive installations, embodied user-based experiences, and user-manipulated virtual environments. GE: Engineering Be Creative. Same as DANC:3880, THTR:3880.

INTM:3890 Producing and Directing Digital Video3 s.h.

Introduction to the basic concepts, theories, and practical applications of digital video production for multiple distribution streams, with a focus on aesthetic and technical principles; focus on developing proficiency in contemporary approaches to digital media production by understanding the production pipeline, from ideation to preproduction, production, postproduction, and through to distribution. GE: Engineering Be Creative. Same as DANC:3890, THTR:3890.

INTM:3895 Performance, Art, and New Technologies in Society3 s.h.

Survey of major technological innovations that have deeply impacted society and live performance in the late 20th and early 21st century, and the future of the rapidly evolving technological world; students examine theoretical texts and performances that address the impact of technology on the human condition, as well as create original applied live performances and installations; a variety of technologies are explored and adapted for live performance as they relate to the following five categories of original human experience—telepresence, liveness, artificial intelligence, augmented and virtual reality, and transhumanism. Same as DANC:3895, DIGA:3895, THTR:3895.

INTM:4210 Museum Without Walls: Museum, Art Education, and Community Engagement in the Digital Age3 s.h.

Collaborative work to recreate one exhibition from the University of Iowa Museum of Art that took place before the flood of 2008; creation of content that contributes to a virtual museum experience; introduction to digital tools commonly used in design of exhibitions; recreation of historical exhibitions based on documentary photographs in museum and University archives and research on the premise of the exhibition and objects on view; how digital artifacts might be used in different contexts; use of museum and digital environments as labs for lifelong and distance learning. Same as EDTL:4210, MUSM:4210.

INTM:4775 Intermedia Workshop3-4 s.h.

Visual practice/visual theory; projects, critiques, visiting artists and scholars. Requirements: INTM:2720 or graduate standing in intermedia.

INTM:4780 Women's Lives in Alternative Texts3 s.h.

Work of contemporary comics creators; how they craft memoir-based texts that explore intersections of aging, sexuality, race, gender, and relationships. Same as GWSS:4180.

INTM:6780 Art, Engagement, and Activism4 s.h.

Role of artists in our communities; how to build a rewarding studio practice and influence social, political, and cultural decisions within the community; work of artists, designers, creative scholars, performers, and writers whose work is socially engaged, collaborative, labeled as radical or activist in nature; students produce a small body of written, visual, and performed work influenced by events and needs within their communities; examination and discussion of various theories of art, activism, performance, and engagement.

INTM:6799 Individual Instruction in Intermedia and Video Artarr.