This is a list of all Graduate College nondepartmental courses. For more information, see Graduate College.

GRAD:0006 SROP Scholars Program0 s.h.

GRAD:6000 Ph.D. Postcomprehensive Registration1 s.h.

GRAD:6001 Master's Final Registration1 s.h.

Requirements: master's degree candidate.

GRAD:6002 Doctoral Continuous Registration1 s.h.

Requirements: doctoral degree candidate who has passed comprehensive examinations.

GRAD:6003 Doctoral Final Registration1 s.h.

Requirements: doctoral degree candidate in final session of enrollment.

GRAD:6140 Introduction to Multicultural Education and Culturally Competent Practice3 s.h.

Introduction to foundations of multicultural education and cultural competence; numerous equal access movements that impact professional practice in education, social work, counseling, and the allied helping professions mobilized in the U.S. during the 20th century; issues of diversity and equity that continue to fuel current policy debates and impact professional practice; roots of equal access movements from Brown v. Board of Education to the present; social, political, and/or economic contexts for equal access policies concerning race/ethnicity, class, language, gender, ability, and sexual orientation.

GRAD:6217 Seminar in College Teaching1-3 s.h.

Preparation for college teaching; for graduate students planning to teach. Same as PSQF:6217.

GRAD:6300 Writing for Learned Journals1-4 s.h.

Seminar that supports graduate students in bringing written work to publishable form; analysis of target journals' audiences, interests, and citation politics; submission and the publication process; response to reader reports and criticism; best writing and research practices; discussion of knowledge cultures and discourses in disciplines and the contemporary academy. Same as RHET:6330.

GRAD:6313 Studio Summer Fellowship1 s.h.

Investigation of and reflection on digital scholarly collaboration, production, and promotion. Same as ULIB:6313.

GRAD:6590 Digital Humanities Capstone3 s.h.

Application and practice of classroom experience to a specific project under guidance from a faculty member and project team leader. Requirements: admission to public digital humanities certificate program, an approved certificate plan of study on file, completion of 12 s.h. of approved course work, and good standing in all required certificate course work. Same as SLIS:6590.

GRAD:6800 CIC Scholararr.

GRAD:6801 Regents Exchange Programarr.

GRAD:6997 Graduate/Professional Transferarr.

GRAD:6998 Undergraduate Transferarr.

GRAD:6999 Resident/Fellow/Post-Doctoral0 s.h.

GRAD:7280 Obermann Center for Advanced Studies Special Topics Seminars1-3 s.h.

Active participation and engagement in a major program, such as the annual Humanities Symposium; readings on interdisciplinary histories, contexts, and theoretical perspectives that frame featured events; work of artists, scholars, and researchers participating in the program. Requirements: admission to Graduate College.

GRAD:7285 Obermann Center Professional Development Seminar1 s.h.

Active participation and engagement in a series of classes dedicated to connecting public engagement, research, and teaching; readings and media viewings that frame course topics; production of a short film, marketing materials, grant, and syllabi relevant to public engagement project. Requirements: admission to Graduate College and completion of Obermann Graduate Institute on Engagement and the Academy.

GRAD:7290 Digital Humanities Theory and Practice3 s.h.

Overview of theories and use of technology to preserve, deploy, visualize, map, and analyze concepts; discussions with practicing digital public scholars; assignments consist of a digital portfolio tailored to student research; introductory course in public digital humanities certificate. Same as SLIS:7290.

GRAD:7385 Teaching and Learning in Higher Education3 s.h.

Current theoretical and empirical literature on teaching and learning in higher education; focus on development of effective teaching practice. Same as EDTL:7385, EPLS:7385, PSQF:7385, RCE:7385.

GRAD:7400 Practicum in College Teachingarr.

Supervised college teaching experience; teaching in collaboration with faculty, observation and critiques of teaching, participation in course planning and evaluation procedures; ethical and multicultural considerations. Requirements: admission to the graduate certificate in college teaching program.

GRAD:7601 Postdoctoral Research Scholar0 s.h.

Requirements: postdoctoral standing.

GRAD:7602 Postdoctoral Research Fellow0 s.h.

Requirements: postdoctoral standing.