This is a list of all career center programs courses. For more information, see Career Center Programs.

CCP:1005 Internship in Liberal Arts and Sciences0 s.h.

Recognition of practical work experience and internships.

CCP:1006 Internship in Business0 s.h.

Recognition of practical work experience and internships.

CCP:1007 Internship in Education0 s.h.

Recognition of practical work experience and internships. Requirements: admission to Teacher Education Program for undergraduates.

CCP:1010 Internship in Nursing0 s.h.

Recognition of practical work experience and internships. Requirements: admission to College of Nursing.

CCP:1015 Internship0 s.h.

Recognition of practical work experience and internships.

CCP:1017 Winterim Externship0 s.h.

Recognition of practical work experience for career exploration; externships are shorter in duration and can include job shadowing, small projects, and informational meetings under the mentorship of a supervising professional; experiential education course that provides students with an opportunity to expand on their externship by reflecting on their experience through a self-assessment and evaluation; does not meet the Tippie RISE requirement for business students or CPT/Academic Training requirements for students on an F-1 or J-1 visa.

CCP:1069 Military-to-Civilian Career Explorationarr.

Increase service and veteran members' awareness of skills for employment and of personal qualities when hired; improve student’s ability to choose career that is right for them through self-discovery and research; focus on role of personal interest, skills, and aptitudes in attaining and succeeding in given career pursuits; use and interpretation of career-related assessment inventories, how this information can lead to job and career satisfaction.

CCP:1091 Internship in Law0 s.h.

Recognition of practical work experience and internships.

CCP:1170 Internship in Public Health0 s.h.

Recognition of practical work experience and internships. Requirements: admission to the College of Public Health.

CCP:1201 Academic Internship1-3 s.h.

Opportunity for students to expand on internship experiences by developing learning objectives and reflecting on experience; how internship experience relates to academic course work and future career goals. Prerequisites: a minimum g.p.a. of 2.00. Requirements: secured internship, cumulative g.p.a. of at least 2.00, and completion of 24 s.h. of UI course work (12 s.h. for transfer students).

CCP:1300 Major and Career Explorations1 s.h.

Helps students identify their interests, skills, and values relative to majors and careers; self-assessment, informational interviews, research on majors and careers.

CCP:1301 Communication for the Workplace1 s.h.

How effective verbal and written communication is utilized in the workplace; how email and social media communication is used at work; appropriate ways to utilize assertiveness skills; development of refined presentation skills necessary for the workplace; hands-on, skills-based learning environment. Requirements: sophomore or higher standing.

CCP:1302 Office Etiquette for the Workplace1 s.h.

How professionalism and work ethic is demonstrated in the workplace; time management and organization skills relevant to full-time employment; succeeding in multigenerational workplaces; hands-on, skills-based learning environment. Requirements: sophomore or higher standing.

CCP:1303 Successful Teamwork for the Workplace1 s.h.

Demonstration of problem solving and self-awareness skills relevant to the workplace; application of listening and critical thinking skills; how to perform with a global mindset in the workplace; hands-on, skills-based learning environment. Requirements: sophomore or higher standing.

CCP:1304 Job Search Essentials1 s.h.

Essential skills for finding full-time employment; creating and polishing a résumé, techniques for interviewing and networking, and developing a personal job search plan for students thinking about graduation and wanting to get serious about a job search. Requirements: junior or higher standing.

CCP:1305 Social Media for Your Job Search1 s.h.

Effective use of social media for networking as part of preparing for a job search; efficient identification and utilization of online tools (e.g., Linkedin, Twitter); building a professional online presence; creating a plan for utilizing social networks for an entry-level job search.

CCP:1306 UI STEP - Student to Employed Professional2 s.h.

Current employment trends, changes in employer recruitment, and career preparation procedures as undergraduate students; analysis of current employment and University experiences through self-assessment activities; development of a personal action plan to minimize experience gaps; expectations of entry-level employees in résumé, interview, and on-the-job performance; small-group discussion, online discussion boards, assigned readings, education workshops, and action activities. Requirements: student hourly or work-study employment. Recommendations: sophomore or junior standing.

CCP:2001 Graduate Admissions 1011 s.h.

Preparation for graduate school application and admissions process; graduate entrance examinations, how to select a graduate program, graduate school applications and personal statements, securing a graduate assistantship, and graduate school interviews. Recommendations: junior standing or one-to-two years before start of graduate school for an intentional and less stressful application process.

CCP:2002 International Job Search: Working Abroad1 s.h.

Beginner's guide to international employment: how to conduct an international job search, applying and interviewing for work abroad, using the internet to your advantage, networking domestically, using United States resources in seeking foreign employment, what to expect in the foreign workplace.

CCP:2003 Preparation for Success in the Workplace3 s.h.

Communication, office etiquette, and successful teamwork combined in one course; crucial professional development topics for all majors and disciplines before entering workplace. Requirements: sophomore or higher standing.

CCP:2004 Internships: Search, Secure, and Succeed1 s.h.

Types of internships; how to find and succeed at an internship; identifying internship priorities; creating résumés; interviewing skills; successful networking; tips for professionalism.

CCP:2020 Washington Center Internship Programarr.

Internship placements for all UI majors; sample internships include United Way Worldwide, U.S. Department of Education, Federal Trade Commission, Financial Services Roundtable, Congressional offices, Urban Institute, Pan American Health Organization, U.S. Department of the Interior, Peace Corps, C-SPAN, Voice of America, U.S. Marshals Service, Federal courts, and law offices; in addition to the internship, program includes the LEAD Colloquium (Leadership, Civic Engagement, Achievement, and Career Development), an academic course with professional networking, participation in Presidential Lecture Series, and Congressional Breakfast Series.

CCP:2021 Washington Center Seminararr.

Combined classroom instruction, faculty-led discussions, and experiential work opportunities; usually offered in Washington, D.C., occasionally at other locations tied to an event (e.g., political convention); one or two weeks.

CCP:2202 International Student Full-Time Academic Internship9 s.h.

Academic credit for full time internship (minimum of 40 hours per week) that relates to student's major field. Requirements: occupies an academic term (fall or spring) and must participate in the internship and the course during the same semester, F-1 or J-1 visa international student, undergraduate standing in the Tippie College of Business, minimum 3.00 g.p.a., must be approved by International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS) for F-1 Curricular Practical Training (CPT) or J-1 Academic Training (AT), and concurrent registration in approved singular 3 s.h. distance education course to reach full-time (12 s.h.) student standing.

CCP:3101 Advanced Job Search Skills2 s.h.

Independent online study with required face-to-face meetings with career coaches to discuss plans and improve skills; seminars with employer panels and opportunities to network; students will develop targeted job search plan and strategies to succeed. Requirements: junior (60 s.h. minimum) or higher standing.

CCP:3102 Job Search Strategies2-3 s.h.

How to conduct a successful job search; résumé development, interviewing, branding, and job search strategies; how to get ahead in your job. Requirements: junior, senior, or graduate standing.

CCP:3103 MoneyWise1-2 s.h.

Basics of personal finance for success at work and in life; savings, debt, mortgages, loans, employer benefits, insurance and student loans; may include investment basics (e.g., stocks, bonds, mutual funds, 401Ks, IRAs).

CCP:3104 Defining Your Career Path2 s.h.

Transitioning between career fields; understanding personal interests, values, and abilities; methods of researching information on careers; career development models and student preferences in making career-related decisions; preparation for making career-related decisions through participation in class and individual activities; balancing current responsibilities such as finances and family during a career transition. Requirements: 60 s.h. completed.

CCP:3169 Internship in Graduate Studies0 s.h.

Recognition of practical work experience and internships. Requirements: admission to Graduate College.

CCP:3203 Investment Wise: Personal Investment Basics2 s.h.

Basic understanding of general principles of personal investing; topics may include compounding, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, 401K/403B, IRAs, diversification, and asset allocation.